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Palm Pre's Processor is Fast! 16

by Jennifer Chappell Fri, 16 Jan 2009 5:17 pm EST


Nigel over at The Red Ferret Journal has reported some very interesting information about the Palm Pre's processor.  Nigel asked the chip maker Texas Instruments (TI) what is so special about the processor, which is the OMAP3430.

TI said that the ARM Cortex A8-based OMAP 3 processor in the Palm Pre is 3 times faster than the ARM11 core. So the Palm Pre's processor has the following features:

  • Boots in as little as 4 seconds
  • Up to 4x graphical performance
  • Up to 2x camera performance improvements
  • Up to 4x video performance
  • The chip in the Palm Pre supports up to a 12 megapixel camera and offers support for 720p HD video.  

So no wonder the Palm Pre can handle all that sweet multi-tasking! I remember Palm saying that you can have up to 15 cards open at a time on the Pre. And even though we did see a little lag during some of the demonstrations at CES, Palm has said that they're still working on the speed.

According to The Red Ferret Journal, TI has said that the OMAP3430 is a "laptop type processing" and will be standard in a new level of handset design. Looks like we'll be seeing many more smartphones with the OMAP3430 processor.

I'm sure glad that the Palm Pre has this great and speedy processor. I can't wait to get a Pre and experience the speed and all the multi-tasking.





Actually this information just makes me mad.

1. "The chip in the Palm Pre supports up to a 12 megapixel camera "
So why am i hampered with a 3MP camera? how hard would it be to give me an 8 MP? Masybe offer 2 models a 3MP model and an 8MP model for $50 more?

2. "Up to 4x graphical performance"
Lot of good that's going to do me if they dont let developers have access to it.

3. "Up to 4x video performance and offers support for 720p HD video"
WOW! That would look great on a VGA or WVGA screen. Would also be nice to have an SD slot to store video for this wonder chip to play with.

I'm still getting a PRE unless an Android device blows this away before release.

For number 1 at least, the megapixels are NOT the issue on cameraphones. The issue is the small size and the lenses are horrible. There's no way to get a great image out of something so small, and in fact more megapixels would probably only make it worse.

yeah...don't whine so much about megapixels...I've seen some amazing stuff shot with 3.2 mp's all about the lenses mein...

Doesn't it have an SD slot?

No it has 8GB of on board memory.

I am so happy to hear that Palm actually put a more capable processor in the Pre. I hope that it truely speeds up the device and enables for a great user experience.

Come on people. It's fun to complain

I'd like to see a more objective source. Of course TI is going to tout it as better than its competition.

I'd also like to know how the extra performance affects battery life.

I mean how did they manage to get x amount of performance over the ARM and keep a similar power footprint?

My guess is the processor automatically underclocks itself whenever possible -- so you have the increased performance when you need it, but at the cost of battery life if you push it too hard for too long.

I wish it had a microsd slot (and support for protected WMA), but the more I read about this phone, the more I want it.

Just because the chipset is "capable" of those things, doesn't mean the Palm Pre will feature every little thing that is touted by the CPU's manufacturer.


Keep reading and investigating, you'll never catch up with technology. I'd rather read a little, buy and enjoy. Life's too short. :-)

The iphone is still better

Well, as long as you can back it up. Thanks.

That just makes no sense to have a phone without a SD slot!!!!! the ram is also very small 256 mb.. i think other devices are gonna blow this off the water if they dont fix those 2 things

Boots in as little as 4 seconds?

I wish