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Palm Pre To Sync with iTunes Directly? 16

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 28 May 2009 9:44 am EDT

A report surfaced overnight at Fortune claiming that -- on a Mac at least -- the Palm Pre will sync with iTunes directly.  Unlike BlackBerry Media sync (which is PC-only), Fortune claims that the Pre has firmware on the device itself and doesn't require third party software to work. Of course, it won't sync over DRM content.

If the Pre does indeed just show up as a standard device on iTunes, it would be big news -- but it wouldn't be unprecedented.  Apple has allowed other OEMs to license the necessary APIs to talk directly to iTunes so they can show up as a device.  If you take a gander at the list of compatible players on Apple's support site, you'll see that Rio players, Nomad Players, and others will all work with iTunes directly (not to mention various Motorola phones).

If true, the rumor raises a few questions: Will it work on PCs?  Did Apple seriously license APIs for iTunes to a company that's releasing what many consider the best challenge yet to the iPhone?  We're seriously doubting that latter option, which means we're seriously curious about how exactly Palm is pulling this particular trick off.



That would be utterly amazing my girlfriend has a Mac so it works out very well for me =]

Even more amazing if the announcement today is that the Pre can run any of iphone apps. haha

it will sync with itunes. Yet, it can't sync with outlook. not cool. please spare the comments about the cloud. anyone that uses productivity software like outlook, needs to sync with it. why would i want to put my data in three different places (phone, laptop, and cloud), when i only need it in two places (phone and laptop). again, please spare the arrogant cloud comments... like we are not sophisticated enough if we don't want to dump everything into google.

You are not sophisticated enough...

"why would i want to put my data in three different places (phone, laptop, and cloud), when i only need it in two places (phone and laptop)."

But your data is really only in 1 place: the cloud. You are viewing/editing that data from other locations (pc, phone, etc) but the "source of truth" is the server. That, my friend, is the beauty of it.

But more importantly, who in the world are you replying to? I didn't see anything in the article about cloud-based whatever, or any comments prior to yours for that matter...

Will it work on PCs? Did Apple seriously license APIs for iTunes to a company that's releasing what many consider the best challenge yet to the iPhone?

And how long will it take Apple to release an iTunes "update" that will "accidentally" brick the pre?

If I wanted to use iTunes I'd get an iPhone.

If the Pre is a 10-trick-pony, I hope one of the tricks wasn't wasted on this. To get iTunes working on a Palm device competing with the iPhone---it would require much time or much licensing $$ to Apple. Neither of these possibilities bode well for a resource poor Palm.

How about the many iPod users who didn't want the iPhone cause of AT&T? I'm one of them.

I'm very pessimistic. I guess iPod users are a big base, and whatever gets them on Pre gets more developers on webOS, which is good for me in the long-run.

Is this feature listed in the Pre owner's manual that go leaked? I guess the leak could be out-dated. Or even more devious, maybe it was purposely leaked with omitted information.

Propaganda is such a dirty girl.

Yeah I mentioned this in the forum. I hope it's true cause I looked up iTunes in the User Guide and it's not mentioned at all.

>Yet, it can't sync with outlook. not cool.

Agreed. Doesn't make much sense I don't believe palm can win the "media phone" war.I really hope this doesn't mean you HAVE to use the godforsaken iTunes to get album art.

Give it the smell test:
- Possible: Yes
- Plausible: No

Why would Apple allow the first real competitor to the iPhone to have access to the iTunes ecosystem?

No way Apple would approve this. If it is true that it's built into the Pre at launch, prepare to not be able to buy a Pre on the 6th because I'm sure Apple and it's lawyers will have all sales blocked and already released phones recalled. They were already wanting to block the Pre just because it used a touch screen!

It makes a little bit of sense for Apple. Where do they make the most profit margin, off iPods and iPhones or off iTunes? If this means people would buy music from Apple, they still win (a little). I wonder, though, would Amazon like this? They are being trumpeted as a partner, and the User Manual shows you how to use the Amazon MP3 store. However, if most Amazon downloaders still use iTunes, then it would still benefit Amazon.

If only the Pre could have ALAC codec. The iTunes syncing and ALAC could put me over the fence toward the Pre. I'm still on the fence until I see both the next gen iPhone and Pre in person.

the Chicago Tribune just posted this story,0,2265080.s...

They put the release date as June 7, which is fine for me, that will mean less people there on the 6th when I show up for mine.