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Palm Pre Video'd in a Sprint Store 27

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 31 May 2009 11:20 pm EDT

We already knew that the Palm Pre has been sitting in Sprint Stores for a little while now.  We assumed that we knew that Sprint employees wouldn't be able to help giving us some hands-on video and photos of the little guy.  True to form, we have the above from skrilla1987.  We'll forgive you for calling it a "Treo Pre" - but mainly because we're glad to see the camera in action there at the end of the video.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



Clever.... Pinch to minimize a card within a full app...

Damn I just need it to be like 630am on the 6th right about now...

Very responsive!

pinch to minimize to card view? hmm...or did he (or rather his buddy) pinch with his thumb from the gesture area i.e. triggering the 'swipe up from gesture area to minimize' gesture.

Doesn't swiping up from the gesture area bring up the launcher...

Just seemed to pinch and minimize... cool if thats what it was...

uhh.. he showed the ringer switch and called it volume control... heh. oh well, at least he put a video up

Glad to see the Pr? in wild once again. It keeps the excitement level high. I only have one question... Does this dude have ADHD or something?

Actually, I do. lol.

fuck it, im getting this phone. Bye bye Sero.


So customers' new Pres are being taken out of their boxes and being played with by Sprint employees everywhere?

Good to hear.

And the best thing is I heard him say "probably shouldn't shoot department store..." :D

I think he said "probably shouldn't shoot the front of the store." No doubt he was concerned about giving away his identity.

Yeah that seems what he said - I really couldn't decipher completely what he said. Thanks!

Nope, it's a demo, not a unit that is for sale to customers.

If you were recording the noises I was making after every gesture it would be deemed NSFW. Its like O-O-O-Palm PRE! I am waaaay too excited for this. I need a cigarette. I feel kinda funny inside.

Okay this video was raw and from someone perhaps not so knowledgeable in the Palm universe. But it has me sold. This device is responsive!
Umm, and it truly makes the iPhone look like some old fruit brought to a gun fight.

What's holding me back from getting this phone are two applications: Olive Tree Bible reader and PDANet. I would love to have a Pre version of the bible reader that can read the current Palm bibles.

I would also like to have Mobipocket on the Pre, but this is not a deal breaker.

you do know there is a "classic" emulator for the pre in which they've said MOST of the current palm os apps will work don't you? This will be my first time using a palm device but I am sure there will be a Bible Reader/App for the pre as I'm wanting one as well. Also, on skrilla's (sprint employee that posted the video) youtube page, someone asks about the pinch to go into card view and he confirms that it does in fact go to card view from a pinch gesture...saweet!!

I'm also trying to hold back so I could get a good bible app. I would prefer Laridian so I can keep all my bookmarks & highlights consistent.

I'm really in love with this phone but I don't want to lose my current plan (SERO). I read in numerous sites that Pre cost about $550.00 - $600.00(Bestbuy=$850.00)without contract (Bestbuy=$850.00). Does this mean you can buy the phone by itself and use it with your current palm?

I would rather pay the "regular price" than lose me plan.

re: "Does this mean you can buy the phone by itself and use it with your current palm?"

I think you meant to type "plan" instead of "palm." If so, I'm afraid the answer to your question is "no."

The discounted price applies to people who are signing up for new/renewed service contracts with Sprint. If you don't or can't sign up for a new/renewed service contract, then you'll pay the full, undiscounted price.

Regardless of how much you pay, the same Sprint plans are required - meaning no SERO. Sprint has plans with "Everything" in the names. One of them will be required to use a Pre on their network.

That's my understanding of the rules, anyway.

You won't have a Pre and SERO that's the bottom line. I'll have to "upgrade" my SERO plan to the EPRP just like every other person that wants the Pre and currently has a SERO plan. Sorry but that's how it goes.

There should also be a new software update upon the general release of this handset.

to shrink to the card format I believe you just hit the hard key at the bottom of the phone.

Am I the only one who is irritated by how little this guy knows about the Pre? He seemed to just be flicking around with no real place to go. He seemed to not even be aware of the gesture area.

Now don't get me wrong, this is definitely some good eye candy. I will use this and whatever else becomes available over the next few days to get me through this last week before I get my Pre.

I just wonder why the guys/gals like me (you know, the ones who have already downloaded and read the entire user guide and supplemental material) don't get a chance to "stumble upon" the Pre and "play" with it for a while. Maybe it's because I probably wouldn't let the poor sap that let me "play" with it have it back. He/she'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands....LMAO.

Thanks skrilla1987 for the post. It really was nice to see the Pre in the "Wild".

I'll be the first to admit that I'm completely ignorant of how to use the Pre. I just figured I would get some video while I could...But I am mainly a Windows Mobile geek, however, I will be reading up more on the Pre.

Please let me be clear in how much I do appreciate the video. I find it funny how the Pre fanatics haven't had the joy of an early peek.

Again, thanks for posting the video.