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Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G S iPhone Browser Head to Head 99

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Jun 2009 11:54 am EDT

We're going to kick off the Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G S excitement with a simple browser smackdown.  The short version: the iPhone 3G S is faster in our video above, but the Pre is close and actually is edging out the iPhone after the just-applied 1.03 webOS update.  The part you actually should pay attention to is "time to content," i.e. how long it takes to load up the stuff you actually want to read as opposed to the javascripty-bits. Bottom line: speed-wise there's a hair's-breadth between the two browsers, it's so close that you really ought not be making your purchase decision based on it -- or bragging about it either way.

Feature-wise, we give the edge to the iPhone 3G S -- they are on version 3.0 while the Pre is just getting started at 1.02 / 1.03.  The ability to pop up a link in a new browser window is quite nice -- not to mention Autofill.  I myself prefer the Pre's Card metaphor to the in-app tabs of Safari, but that 's a matter of taste.

Stay tuned for more as we pit these devices against each other!

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Update: As noted in the comments and in a raft of emails, you can open links in a new card on the Pre with Opt + Space + Tap.  It works, but Palm, really, Opt + Tap isn't really doing anything here.  Just saying. Thanks everybody!



Pre would win with equal sprint coverage

Why will they even do a test in an area that AT&T signal was stronger than Sprint. I believe there was baised due to them knowingly that AT&T signal in that particular area was stronger. If they want me to believe it, perform this test again in an area that you can get almost equal signal for both service. Play fair people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough guys, enough already.

Dieter is not biased. If he were biased, the Palm would have had a single bar, seven active cards loaded and a battery in reserve. He's not biased, he's unfamiliar with the scientic process and he's technically inept, but he's not biased.

So, what have we learned?:

1) Faced with several handicaps, the Pre is competitive with the 'fast' iPhone.
2) Don't let Dieter set up your wifi.
3) The number of ad dollars that ATT/Apple brings in compared to Sprint/Palm is SIGNIFICANT.
4) Consider precentral's reports as information, not facts. 5) In the end, a reasonable phone enthusiast would have apologized for such a sloppy comparison and allowing it to remain posted. They've said much worse things about other sites for far lesser crimes. Someone above Dieter wanted a particular result, Dieter delivered.

REVISED,: Excuse me, after further review the Pre is in reserve on a flat battery, the iPhone nearly fully charged.

lol not a very fair test when you consider they were running on "bad" sprint coverage, the older version of webOS (and still version 1.0 I might add), and have other apps running in the background (he kept getting notifications throughout the test.)

Overall though, nice to see the Pre still put up a fight against the "latest and greatest" iPhone :D

I think the speed tests were great, and pretty much in line with what I expected, the iPhone barely beating out the Pre (with all things the same).

That being said, after using the Pre, I don't see how anyone could go to the interface of the iPhone web browser. There's just too much wasted space so you can't see as much of the page. The Pre does that much better.

Do you notice how he always press load on iphone first before Pre ?

ya, why can't he press "go" at the same time. There's a few seconds difference, oddly about the same difference in load up time. hmmmm.

since sprint coverage was bad and AT&T coverage good, the first part of the test was useless. Cnet did a similar test, in which the pre was a clear winner by far ( But again, 3g speeds don't really matter, since it totally depends on coverage.

then they started the wifi test. loads lightning fast on the pre, while the iPhone actually just stops working. So that's a clear win for the pre. in the second wifi test the pre loses by less then a second.

Also notice that the pre is much quicker to navigate. especially the settings are easier to reach.

So overall, I think there isn't a clear winnner, but if there was, it would be the Pre.

Sorry. I'm a fan of the Pre but that cnet test was just stupid.

The pre does take a very long time to startup. But at 2:05 into the vid he say "ok, I have an emergency, I need to call someone and my phone takes long to startup." Really? The majority of us walk around with our cellphones turned OFF? So we only turn it one to make calls then turn it back off? Stupid.

Then in one of the test where the pre "wins" if you look closely, they pre is actually still loading when the video zooms out. Look at the vid from 3:19 - 3:41. The pre never actually finished loading the page.

It was just a stupid test regardless of who wins.

I agree he started the Iphone first and the delay time was equal to the load speed.

yea.. it only take that half millisecond to load 50% of the page

well, honestly its not 50 ms that count. Pre loads everything faster and indeed he pressed iphone button first in all tests...

I did not like this test for a few reasons.

1) AT&T had better coverage in that area
2) The iPhone was given a head start on every single test

The Wifi comparison was cool. I'm amusing the they used the same router or did they use separate routers?If they used the same router then iphone just crapped out on the first wifi test.

overall they are both very fast phones though. not a big enough difference to matter. in other people's videos the pre wins out so it seems to go back and forth.

Stupid test, looks like Iphone lovers will result to anything to prove they have the faster phone. Why double handicap the Pre? Bad coverage and a distinct love of giving the iphone a head start on every test. Cnet did the better test and got the right results. My CO-workers and I did the same test with equal crappy connection and the result were the same as Cnets... Try again please..

I just did the OTA update and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. Everything responds quicker and I'm testing out to see if the AIM bug has been taken care off. I started with 100% so I'm going to see how long it takes to drain the battery.

This test is so biased towards the iPhone...

At the end of the day you don't judge a phone because it can technically load a webpage 1/10 of a second faster here and there...

Its the overall feature you have to look at... Like true multitasking...

Unbelievable. "So we are going to have a speed test... Go Iphone... aaaannnnddddd... Go Pre". Sheesh. Why did this even get posted? Is the Ayatollah running this test? Who would watch an Olympic race where the homer starting guy said, "This race, you know, isn't exactly scientific since the Russian is running on a new and smooth track, and the American is running in pudding, but let's have a test to see who is faster. Ok... Go Russia... aaaaannnnddd... Go USA. Look at that, Russia won by a split second. Russia wins Gold!"

Sheesh. I thought this was a SNL skit.

Salty Off-Grid

" Is the Ayatollah running this test?"


yeah, for one, it was bad coverage for sprint. not even a evdo area. i didnt see a EV at the top right corner. it would dominate that iphone if that test was in a EVDO area for sprint.

You can open a link in a new card with Orange + Sym + tap the link. It's cumbersome, but the ability IS there.

Nice! I didn't know about that. Thanks.

The iPhone beats the Pre by like half a second over wifi, for that one site. Over the networks, with both with full signal strength, Pre crushes the iPhone 3GS!


THANK YOU!!!! haha wow great to finally know that. it is a bit cumbersome your right but it works great haven't read that before on the forums

I put my pre with 1.0.3 up against his Iphone while watching the video the pre beat the iphone in every test.

It would have really helped to start the pre at the same time as the iphone in the video...

Yep, my Pre (with 1.0.3) significantly beat his iPhone in every test as well, although I would like to point out that they are both great devices.

How stupid do you think we are?

AT&T - "very good in my area"
Sprint - "very bad in my area"

"Go (iFauxn).......go (Pre)" - iFauxn wins
"Go (iFauxn)..go (Pre)" - Pre wins
"Go (iFauxn).....go (Pre)" - iFauxn wins
"Go (iFauxn)....go (Pre)" - iFauxn falls on its face and FAILS ("I'm blaming that on the router, not the iFauxn." Curious, the Pre did not have any problems with the same router.)

Nice try to hide your bias.

why not just use bookmark links instead of typing in the url?

Every speed test he hit "enter" on the 3Gs before the Pre

Honestly? Like everyone is saying, this video is soooo biased towards the iPhone.

Bad service where you are using Pre, and good with AT&T...not fair there. Pressing the iPhone's 'go' before the Pre's? HAHA wow. Also, you never closed any of the cards...which may also play a factor. Pre's cards are live. From a video I saw of the last gen iPhon (dunno if they changed it or not), the iPhone needs to reload each card to view them.

You should take this down, and do a new, FAIR rematch.

I think of you ( a lot less positively now.



Sounds like this was Dieter running the test. He is NOT biased towards the iPhone. I actually like how fair his approach usually is. So he started the iPhone a sec before the Pre. Big deal. The lesser point is that the iPhone loaded the page a bit faster. The huge point is that here is a product that's been refined for 3 years and it seems only a bit faster than the new kid on the block.

In reality, the iPhone should have crushed the pre, but it didn't. It's so close that in some cases it wins by a tiny bit and in some cases it looses by a tiny bit. For me, it speaks volumes on how good the pre is.

Put it this way. If I entered the ring with the current heavyweight champ of the world and I lasted 12 rounds with him and only loose by a split decision, I would feel pretty dayum good. And the rematch would be sweet!

Also, in the initial tests against the iphone when he did the massive review of the pre, he also started both phones before the pre. No one complained then because the pre won.

I like the pre because of how useful it is for me. The fact that the iPhone did slightly better in a quick short test really does not matter to me in the long run.

word ^^

Of course Dieter is not biased, but he did not come close to running a fair test. I think that is obvious, and particularly why people, who don't know that it is Dieter, are saying that the tester is biased towards the iPhone. I mean, how hard would it be to hit the go buttons simultaneously? Nonetheless, over WIFI, I actually believe the 3GS may be a second faster. Safari has had years to mature, so the graphics rendering is probably a little more refined. Either way, a second differential is really negligible, and yes, does speak to how excellent a first generation device the Pre is!
CNet ran a similar test using only the 3G signals, where both had full signal, and the Pre crushed the 3GS!

Either way, a second differential is really negligible, and yes, does speak to how excellent a first generation device the Pre is!

That's my point exactly.

As for perceived bias: He "announced" that the pre would be at a disadvantage, mentioned that when he did this off camera the pre edged out the iPhone and in the end, he said "no real edge, but if there is one, it's for the iPhone."

To me bias would have hidden the fact that it was an unfair test. In fact, it wasn't a test at all. It was just a demo of the two devices side-by-side. An actual test would be WAY more involved.

And sorry, but that cnet vid was a joke.

In the end, it doesn't matter to me anyway. I upgraded my family to the Pre, not because it is "slightly" faster/slower than the iPhone or whatever other phone, but because it does what we need from a device. It's a trip how people think one device must be better than the other for everyone.

He called it a "test" and a "head to head". Really. Absurd.

"So he started the iPhone a sec before the Pre. Big deal."

Honestly, that's just a silly and ridiculous thing to say. Big Deal? Honestly? Why even call it a test? Why pretend we are comparing two phones? Really, so Dieter never even considered that since he had two hands he could start both phones at the same time? Really? Why not start the Pre off underwater in the toilet then claim it is a test? When 95% of the comments claim that this is a BS test, do we really need to defend it?

C'mon, so we suspend disbelief and we say 'ol Dieter just never thought of starting the phones at the same time, or alternating them each test. Is PreCentral really going to just ignore the fact that EVERY element of the test was skewed and therefore the test is a huge waste of bandwidth.

I seriously have problems with the whole argument that the Pre ought to be happy with second on a BS test because this is their 1.0 version. They didn't create the Pre in a vacuum. They had Iphones and Iphone management folks and Iphone techs and a couple of years of someone else doing all the heavy lifting. The Pre is a great phone, but arguments like this will not convince people to buy a Pre. Do a fair test and quit defending this nonsense because I love my Pre and I'm embarrassed that anyone would even begin to call this a "test" or a "smackdown" or some type of honest competition. Apple couldn't have done a better advertisement if they planned this in their marketing powwow.

Please, just don't insult everyone's intelligence PreCentral, there are thousands of people making decisions right now between these two phones.



Interesting how things seem when taken out of context. The rest of that quote reads

"The lesser point is that the iPhone loaded the page a bit faster. The huge point is that here is a product that's been refined for 3 years and it seems only a bit faster than the new kid on the block."

You quoted the least significant part of the post. But oh well, I guess the point is lost.

Nothing was taken out of context. The quoted section was both stupid and ridiculous. The "lesser point" you mention was handled later in my post...

It is not a selling point or some type of benefit to mention that the iphone has had 3 years of refinement. As I mentioned, Palm had access to the "refinements", hired iphone techs and engineers, and knew they had to compete against the newest iteration of the iphone. It is equally ridiculous to imply that the Pre is competing against the old iphone of two years ago. The fact is the Pre stands well against the just released iphone and it is stupid and slanted "tests" like this one, and the people who defend them that do the Pre a disservice.

Calling anyone (in fact 99%) of the people who watched this retarded farce a "fanboy" doesn't change the facts. This was a bonehead video and it made PreCentral look like crap to feature it. Then for people to defend it with arguments that are even mre ridiculous... well, as I said, it invites ridicule, which is what ridiculous means.

As for the guy who says that "if the Pre had been started first, no one would have complained", a few things - and I'll speak type slowly so you can understand...

First, Yes - every brainwashed Apple autobot would have been screaming at the top of their lungs, including you - and well they should.

Second, to assert that everyone else would embrace dishonesty as you have is called "projecting". Its like people who rob banks or rape people who truly believe everyone else would have done what they did if the opportunity was there. No. Not me. I actually wanted a fair test. Frankly, I watched the video with interest because I honestly wanted to see which unit was faster. I still don't know. Hundreds of thousands of people are making decisions with real money in a real world, and dishonesty and a lack of integrity like that portrayed in this video is wrong no matter who it favored. You believe everyone is as crooked as you, because you obviously don't have the ability to see clearly. Check yourself first.

Again, PreCentral has done itself a disservice with this farce and ought to apologize and remove the video.

But that's just what I think,


Wow talk about taking things way too far. My point was simply that this was not presented as a fully accurate test and therefore should not be treated as one. However, it does at least give people, at least before any better tests are done, a half decent video showing the differences in the Pre and the iPhone 3G S browsing speeds.

Oh and since you mentioned it, I have never owned an Apple product in my life nor do I particularly intend to.

Amen to that.

I know this is a pre website, but the fanboys here are just ridiculous. It is clear on this (even on the wifi) that the iPhone is slightly faster than the pre. If the pre had won and he had pressed the pre button first nobody would have complained. True, if we wanted to make a final judgment on which is faster then you couldn't really use this, but it is definitely a fair preliminary. Give it a rest.

Oh and before anybody asks I am definitely getting a pre as soon as it comes to the UK.

I loved the part when the Pre had no problem switching to the Wi-Fi and the iPhone can't... and then he blames the router not the phone... What a goof...

Actually, the fact that he starts the iPhone before the Pre shows that the Pre may be slightly faster than the iPhone because even though the Pre lost the race (with poor coverage and a starting handicap) it still was very close.

If all things had been equal (starting both phones at the same time and both on equal network strength), my bet is that the Pre would have rendered those pages faster.

The other factor is all of the activity going on in the background on the Pre (alerts for incoming e-mail, chat, and live webpages on other cards). The Pre managed to have all of that going on and still ran a good race (in a poor coverage area!)

Not a scientific test, but I think it makes the point (for those willing to be objective).


Like I mentioned earlier, the Palm Pre Browser is a version 1 browser and is only on average 11% slower, which is pretty much negligible considering how fast they both load (iPhone loads in 10secs, Pre takes 11secs, on average). Safari has had years to mature, while with OTA updates Pre's browser can be just as faster or faster than iPhones. We have to remember, iPhone and Pre both have the same speed processor and amount of RAM, however Pre's TI-OMAP processor is actually more capable, hence the multi-tasking capabilities.

Also, a new card was open for each test, without closing the previous card. So, all of this was happening while multiple live Web cards were open--a nice testament to the Pre's multitasking capabilities.

Not only that, every card that was active was probably updating the advertisements on each site. Which would have an effect on performance. IOW it probably slowed the pre down some on the rendering tests performed. Granted probably only fractions of a second.

I don't like these videos. It's so obvious the audio is added after the fact. And it sounds like whomever is doing the video is mumbling.

Check out the comments on the iPhone blog, they really think they're superior. Why do people have to hate devices they don't have? I LOVE the Pre, but I'm only halfway through my contract with my iPhone 3G. Is it wrong to want success for both phones/companies?

Of course they think they are superior. Same way many of the commenters here reacted in the initial 3-way browser test when the pre won. It's what fans do.

Why did he click the iphone one before the pre everytime?

is it just me, or are you suppose to start them at the same time?

I just ran a 1 MB speedtest on and got 783 Kbps. Ran a 512 Kb test beforehand and got 1076 Kbps. I had 4 bars of EvDoRevA signal both times. What are you guys getting?

-Funny how Safary crashed at first use on Wifi and he blaims it on the "router" !!!

how the fuck is that a fair fight?!
first of all do it over wifi so that they are both getting the same speed or go to an area where they both have the same about of ev/3g bars! your fucking dumb.. that was not a fair comparison at all.

I am not sure, but was he opening up new cards for each website on the Pre? With multitasking, wouldn't this slow things down as the test progressed?

So let me get this straight...the Apple juggernaught 60x's larger than Palm and they pull off a "splitting hairs" 2nd place with a 1st rev device vs a 3rd rev device....

Again, Palm does not need 3G S sales numbers to be a success @ 60x's market cap of Apple. Playing 2nd fiddle to the Phone is still a good place to be.

Amen! to that !!! After a 2 years head start iphone still can't pull off a "flawless" win!!! Pre is like right behind in a lot of features and also the winner in some "useful" ones.

Watch the video again, you'll see the whole process he spent much more time on iPhone.

A good productivity competition :)

Here let me echo, that didn't seem like a fair trial on the video. And you had multiple cards open at times. And I don't think it was just a router reset that was needed on the wifi test since the pre was able to connect with out issue.

I usually beat iphones and touches in browser over air or wifi and it seems to have more to do with having a keyboard. The update is pretty good right now, since I updated at 6 until 1 am I have only used 13 percent of the battery where as before under the same condition I could have use 40-50% of the battery. And the wifi update works.

I just ran the update and did the same things I had done before the update and it was all much better, I'm just now finding out what was in the update and it backs up my impressions. Takein it blind.

L2do a fair comparison

I guess it's too bad the Pre won't make it to version 3.0. The current version was DOA by the Monday after it's launch, and we're still months (if not years) away from a decent selection of apps. On the upside, I actually saw one today, for the first time. It only took 13 days!

You have declared the Pre "DOA by the Monday after it's [sic] launch" before you ever saw one? Maybe you should have one before you try and judge it?

Although I am a PROUD!! Palm Pre owner, I would be dumb to neglect the fact that the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone atmosphere. With that being said I am rather disappointed with this speed test. Apple has had at least three years to fine tune their iPhone software and as of right now there has been one area that the iPhone has beaten the Pre, and that is this very test. And I should note that this test is not only in a weak Sprint coverage area but the user was pressing the go button a tad bit late on the Pre. I definitely am not a Palm fanboy considering the fact the only Palm device I have ever owned before my Pre, is a Centro. And just for your information I traded that Centro in for an HTC Touch Pro. (Before the Centro I was Windows Mobile all the way. Sprint PPC6700 was my first true love HAHA). So with this in mind I get a slight hint of Apple bias in this test, just my opinion though. Along with this I would be pleased to know whether or not this person was an editor of or , my money is on the

Yes, the iPhone did revolutionise the smartphone atmosphere. It quite greatly lowered what people expect of a smartphone in terms of features / capabilities...

As to the comparison... after mentioning the signal quality differences I stopped careing about it.

Yes, the iPhone did revolutionise the smartphone atmosphere. It quite greatly lowered what people expect of a smartphone in terms of features / capabilities...

As to the comparison... after mentioning the signal quality differences I stopped careing about it.

Curious, but the iFauxnies I know keep telling me, "The iFauxn isn't a smartphone. That's why it can't do [whatever]."

This may be the worst comparison that I ever saw. You put a Palm Pre up against an Iphone in a AT&T area, then when he start browsing he hits go on the Iphone first. This is like having a car race and one car having a full tank of gas, but the other one only has 1/4 tank of gas. The race is suppose to be 50 miles, but the car with the 1/4 tank is suppose to beat a car with a full take. If you are going to compare something next time make sure you compare them in the same environment!

I guess the Iphone 3GS would be fast on AT&T's network, just like I would be a millionaire if I had the winning lottery ticket.

I'd take the pre simply for the wifi popup menu in the browser!

And it's many more conveniences and features!

I have dl the update and found the calendar daily to not freeze. has anyone else found the calendar to freeze on the day, but not week or month? update dl and installed quickly within 6-7 minutes. i am still hanging in there, although the calendar not working is a big problem. i like this pre and want to love it.

Ouch! Precentral and TIPB take a big chunk out of their credibility presenting this as a head-to-head. I say this as a reader who typically appreciates the forthright style here.

Why did this get published Dieter? A more 'apples to apples' test should update this poorly executed benchmark. You're summation that the devices are close may still stand, but that only highlights the fact that one shouldn't consistently be given a head start. And can you find an area of equal coverage?

Ouch! Precentral and TIPB take a big chunk out of their credibility presenting this as a head-to-head. I say this as a reader who typically appreciates the forthright style here.

Why did this get published Dieter? A more 'apples to apples' test should update this poorly executed benchmark. You're summation that the devices are close may still stand, but that only highlights the fact that one shouldn't consistently be given a head start. And can you find an area of equal coverage?


I thought it was kinda fair. I got the opposite results wen doing the same tests.
Safe to say there about even on wifi but on network the pre won most of the time

CNET did this same test on youtube also, and the Pre won.

Why did the dude on this one hit send on the iphone every time before the pre? Why can't you hit send at the same time? Lame.

Check out CNET video, it was done in SF.

Actually Dieter, you CAN open browser links in a new card on the pre since day 1. Just press Orange Key + Spacebar + link. Can you update that video? Thx

OK, first off I have to say I agree with pretty much every other comment on this post. This guys seems like he would/should give a pretty good, and knowledgeable test between the two phones, but then he becomes a complete tool. First, as mentioned in others posts, he always gave the iPhone an early lead on starting the browser, then goes ahead with a comment like "Oh, look the iPhone is off to an early lead!"....WHAT?! Even it out friend! Second, also as mentioned in others comments, when it came to the WiFi, why in the world would he blame it on the router?!?!?!? The Pre got to the page without issues, and crazy fast too. I would have to say that the iphone just crapped out. I think the iPhone and the Pre are great phones, they both have their own weaknesses, but come on....if you're going to take the time to make a video and label it "Head to Head", then make it that, not a bias give a lead here, and blame other things test. As far as I'm concerned, this was a lame "Head to Head" post, and just made for wasted space on a good web page.

I agree; where does this moron get off with his analysis? He is so clearly biased towards the iPhone. The differences in performance seem mostly miniscule, except the time that the iphone did NOTHING and suddenly the router went bad (didn't go bad for the pre)?? Heck, the way my wife has been going on about the iphone she would have one already; except it is on AT&T. We have been on Sprints network for YEARS; and we never leave because we just don't notice any problems. I would be afraid to switch over to AT&T just to get an iphone. My biggest complaint right now with the pre, i think, is that they don't have document write capability in place for it; but I am holding on because I hear and am confident that Dataviz will be rectifying this. I am a little annoyed that I will have to pay even more now to get the ability to do what everyone used to be able to do for free with their earlier Palm phones.

This is not a good test. He clearly had his email running in the background pulling emails. So his bandwidth was not limited to web browsing. A better test would be to change the email setting to get email after he is done with this test. Also, he needs to press on "Go" on both browsers at the same time. Not "Go" on the iphone first, then on the Pre.


Give us a fair test, people on theiphoneblog are talking about how the iphone smashes the PRe. I think they will be equal with a fair test

Update: As noted in the comments and in a raft of emails, you can open links in a new card on the Pre with Opt + Space + Tap. It works, but Palm, really, Opt + Tap isn't really doing anything here. Just saying. Thanks everybody!

Or just [Gesture Area] + [Tap]. Why force me to slide open the keyboard just to pop a link into a new card?

"Or just [Gesture Area] + [Tap]. Why force me to slide open the keyboard just to pop a link into a new card?"

I don't think that really works. Never heard of that, just tried it twice. Doesn't work. Would be nice though.

It's not a current feature. It's a suggestion to go one step further than the [Orange] + [Tap] suggested by Dieter.

Currently you can do the complicated [Orange]+[Space]+[Tap]

Dieter suggests the shorter [Orange]+[Tap]

I suggest bypassing the keyboard all together and simply do [Gesture Area] + [Tap]

If it were done this way, it would work in both landscape and portrait mode without fiddling with the keyboard.

In fact, Palm should stop depending so much on the keyboard. It's like a blinder for them. Let me use it for data entry yes, but what's up with requiring it for everything except basic gestures? You've got a gesture area now, let's do more with it.

How about some of the following?

[Gesture Area] + [Single touch swipe] to move the cursor
[Gesture Area] + [Double touch swipe] to select text
[Gesture Area pinch on one side] to copy
[Gesture Area pinch on both sides] to cut
[Gesture Area reverse pinch] to paste

I'm just saying, there are some very nice possibilities if they would just pretend there is no keyboard when thinking about implementing common functions. I love the keyboard, but let it provide secondary approaches to these types of features. I was happy to see the "turn on advanced gestures" feature and then quickly saddened to see just ONE advance gesture.

Agreed. Those are good ideas. They need to focus more on letting the gesture area enable alternate functionality.

Stay tuned for more as we pit these devices against each other!

NO THANKS! I have already seen enough with this sham of a "smackdown"...

IMO you should remake the video to include the orange + space + click for a page in a new browser feature. Also, rerun the tests, this time with equal coverage and equal start time.

This video is just frustrating and not worthy to be on this usually high quality site.

As we all know apple has been known comes out and normally shuts the market down. In our current situation we have with the famed Palm Pre I'm not sure if i agree that apple has indeed "shut the market down". The Palm has been shown to hold it's own against the beloved iPhone, given that apple and their 3rd gen product versus Palm and their webOS that is first gen. Palm has definitely given apple somethings to consider when going for their 4th gen device or 3GS V or whatever they wanna go with. As far as being stuck with an apple product, how long does everyone consider sticking with apple? It's going to be like how lots of peoples grandfathers still purchase the same Buick, Cadillac, Ford etc. I Have been a BlackBerry user since '07 and have found that no phone truly trumps my BB, now that this Palm is out I'm actually on the brink of leaving my BB roots and jumping on the Palm ship. My point is that yes apple proven to be great over pretty much all American phones, but once your at the top where do you go? For me I like to change phones on a minimum twice a year, with apple you can't do that since there is only one iPhone. Other carriers (Sprint via Palm Pre) are now forcing apple to view other options to monopolize the phone market.

I'm surprised about the one thing that nobody has mentioned:
Have you noticed how long it takes to enter a URL into the iPhone vs entering it on the Pre in the videos where he picks up the Pre? even IF the Palm keyboard isn't that great (and I don't know yet because I haven't tried one) it's still faster than a virtual keyboard - and you make fewer mistakes. So I am willing to concede a second of a delay to 3Gs, but I gain back like 30 seconds in terms of "actual" time that it takes to navigate somewhere.

i give that a big palm pre, webos, xapple employee booyah!

I have both the Pre and iPhone 3Gs and did my own tests (both on 3G and WiFi) and found that the iPhone did have slight edge over the Pre. However, in my tests, the Pre did beat the iPhone on some websites. Now, the iPhone has some websites that were built strictly for it (ie CNN, CNET and so on) on those the iPhone blew away the Pre. Now, does this make the Pre inferior-absolutely NOT!!! The Pre is a cutting edge gagdet as the first iPhone was. Plus, the Pre is the first smart phone that simulates the web and a computer, which might be why it is slightly slower than the iPhone. The iPhone only does one function at a time while the Pre does multiple functions even if one App is open. Now, in my opinion, Apple brought this version of iPhone out of fear. They know the potential of the Pre and they didn't want to lose sales. When Palm presented the Pre in January that wasn't enough time for Apple to come out with a whole new iPhone, so what they did was to update the OS and processor. I'm sure by next year, Apple will bring out a new iPhone that is compeletely redesigned inside and out. Of course, Palm will do the same with the Pre. One thing that Palm is doing is listening to the comments of their customers and implementing them quickly. Something that Apple has not done nor do I believe they will do. It's all about sales to them. Now, what Palm definitely needs to do is keep on updating the Pre and fixing the bugs it has and maybe even add couple of others things (ie video). Keep it up Palm! One more thing Palm, on the next Pre up the processor to at least 1Ghz or more.

BTW, He left each card open on the pre, which occupies a little more memory. I wasn't sure if he closed each page on the iphone or started a new one.

PRE For the win baby!!!

Funny the guy hits enter on the iPhone first than the Pre. so of course the iPhone should load faster LMAO.
Now hit enter on the Pre first and of course it will go faster on that.

LOL!!! thank you for showing that the iPhone has to cheat to win... ROFLMAO!!!



I think palmpre is better

hey i got a question can u take pictures o web pages with the pre like u can on the iphone?

oh come on it's all just a matter of preference if you ask me. tests like this one it's an opinion of one person who ever wants to believe it will. bottom line is I'm very happy how my Pre performs :)