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Palm Profile Manager gets an update: Download your webOS Doctor 10

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 13 Jun 2011 4:49 pm EDT

Just like with the last update to the Palm Profile Manager that came in April, HP has added a small feature that will make using your webOS device a bit simpler than before. Now, if you happen into a problem with your device and it needs a full reset at the operating system level, you can just log into your profile at and download the webOS Doctor for your device straight from there (select "Device Options" on the right to see the download button).

If you're using a FrankenPre device of some sort, it's probably a good idea to stay away from this download (don't want to mess up your device, after all). For the rest of you, though, enjoy the download link and say goodbye to all of the clicks and page loads and serial number entering you had to go through before just to download the Doctor.

Source: Palm Profile; Via: webOSroundup


First - :) Great stuff!

Is this also for Pre- at 1.4.5?

Yep, just tried it and it offers me the 1.4.5 doctor to download. This despite the fact that the profile records my OS as 2.1.

Obviously I won't be using that any time soon but at least it looks like it works.

Any news on when we'll be able to download the Verizon Pre 2 2.1.0/2.1.2/2.2 update??? HMMMM??

Next stage webOS 2.0 download ;)

Actually if you have a FrankenPre Plus, it's OK to use that doctor. After all the last step to the conversion is to use the factory doctor to restore.

My Bell Pre Plus happily uses a Bell doctor.

Love it

This wold be a great way to update your tablet and phones esp if the carriers are not letting you. Likemake a mistake and post a webOS doctor.

Interesting.. I just tried this on the palm profile that I have on my sprint franken pre2. The profile says that I have a "Palm Pre CDMA (SPRINT)" but when I try to get the doctor, it gives me "webOS® Doctor™ for Palm® Pre 2 for Verizon. Build Verizon.99.100, webOS 2.0.1"

Now if they allowed you to track your phone if you lost it by logging into your Palm Profile that would be revolutionary......oh wait, you can do that on iOS and Motoblur and others...