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Palm's NYC Developer Day Signup Starts Tomorrow--Get Ready! 27

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 13 Oct 2010 7:16 pm EDT

We've already written about Palm's planned Developer Day (actually two days) in New York City, being held on November 19th and 20th at 82 Mercer St. in Manhattan. We are posting this again because tomorrow (Thursday, October 14th) is the start of the registration period.

Here's what Palm says about the schedule:

We're coming to New York City for two in-depth days of webOS™ training and education. A special preconference tutorial will be held on Friday, November 19, for developers who are new to the webOS platform. On Saturday, November 20, Developer Day kicks off with a keynote by HP Personal Systems Group CTO Phil McKinney on the future of webOS, followed by technical sessions and panel discussions designed to enhance your webOS skills. 


Sessions include:

webOS 2.0
The next generation of Palm's powerful, web-based operating system is here. Come learn about how to use the new and updated features to make your apps more powerful and flexible.

Cross-platform development tools and strategy
Developing for multiple platforms and form factors is labor intensive, forcing many developers to bear the cost of supporting multiple platforms or leave large market segments untapped. Learn to leverage your investment using standard web technologies to develop cross-platform apps that can be deployed to many major platforms without significant duplication of work.

Partner panel discussions
We have invited chief technologists and industry experts from, PhoneGap, Strobe, Airplay and others to share how they found success integrating with webOS.

You can also stop by the App Lab any time for personal help from a Palm expert. The learning and sharing continues over catered meals, lightning rounds, and cool giveaways. We’ll cap off Saturday’s program with a great offsite party that you won’t want to miss!

Given how popular this event is likely to be (personal help! catered meals! giveaways! party!), it will probably fill up very quickly, so be sure to set your Pre's alarm and head to the registration page as soon as you can tomorrow.

We hope to see you there!



"The next generation of Palm's powerful, web-based operating system is here."
Here's hoping 2.0 will drop by then! (and that they don't just mean the pdk)

that suck another month till 2.0 maybe comes out to public who knows when to phones

I am still sticking with my prediction, no phones in the US this year.

Dear Palm:

I think it's awesome how much work and planning and publicity you're putting into WebOS which is the primary differentiator here, but if you don't do something about the lack of interesting hardware soon, your OS efforts are going to be worthless.

Seriously nobody is going to be excited about WebOS running on millions of printers or the couple hundred tablets you end up selling. Phones (you know, the personal computers of today) are where WebOS needs to make its presence felt.

AMEN brotha

Hmm - how can I convince someone to pay for a flight from Australia ...

-- Rod

I just looked up the cost for this. No way I would be able to get you there by myself. Not if they are actually that expensive.

They are that expensive.

-- Rod


Here's one possibility, courtesy of my Twitter account:

Hopefully, the message will get to the right people, especially if it's retweeted loudly and often enough. {Jonathan}

I tweeted this on mine as well... I will slap something on FB as well.. Perhaps I can post this on Palm FB profile and some other places

EDIT---Palm Profile tagged

I live in NY and would try to go there, but not a developer, wonder if it will still be useful

I'm plan to go. I'm not a developer with an active app or project, but I have been learning some web languages so far and really want to try and do something productive for my job.

I will be there as it is in my backyard.. Finally

yeah im in jersey and im would consider going just for the presentations and party aspects.

Dear Palm,
Have you thought about a Michigan Developer Day? You would get a ton of people from the midwest that are interested.

I second the Michigan Developer Day, Ann Arbor would be a good spot.

I think something new might be unveiled, hopefully...

Milwaukee or Madison Wisconsin would be better =P

Any guesses as to the giveaways? Palm Pre 2's??

How about you learn not to triple post. And how about you try waiting until dev day happens. Guesses are useless.

Any guesses as to the giveaways? Palm Pre 2's??

Any guesses as to the giveaways? Palm Pre 2's??

Glad to see as of this moment palm has opened up the registration webpage.... Still says it will open Oct 14th. Hmm. Next year maybe? Lol.

I'm sure it will eventually. What do these things cost for registration?

First, remember that Palm is on Pacific (US) time, so it may wait until open of business in California. Second, the Sunnyvale Dev Day earlier this year cost $25. {Jonathan}


It would be great, if there is a developer conf. arranged at Michigan - Ann Arbor or Detroit. We just had one for Windows Phone 7 at Detroit.