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Palm shows tablet outline in one more tease 84

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 02 Feb 2011 11:16 pm EST

The teaser video from HP that appeared a few hours ago is certainly worthy of analysis - and analyze we have. That wasn't enough, though, as HP and Palm have also put up a countdown site where they're hosting that teaser video featuring the camera we spotted earlier. That video gets played in the frame you see above, a frame that looks more than a little tablet-like to our eyes. It's a silhouette of a Palm Tablet - what more can we say?

Ok, we can say a bit more. The tagline has changed also, if you hadn't noticed from our earlier post. Where as before we were exhorted to "Think big, think small, think beyond," now we're told to "Think big, think small, think ahead, think beyond." We've speculated that we'd see at least three different big announcements on the 9th, now we're wondering if we'll see four. That extra announcement might just relate to a phone that's more than just a "Teen Phone", if you ask us. Perhaps that March announcement that HP CEO Leo Apotheker hinted at before has been moved up to the Think Beyond event? Time will tell.

Source: Palm Countdown




I like silence.
I like secrecy.
I like sensual arousal.
I like seductive teasing.

I like a good climax, too.

Hope I can hold out for the 9th!!!

very poetic. i would give u a +1 if i knew how to haha

these should all be on TV - not just youtube. It's about time they're hyping things up. Just need to do it PUBLICLY, like TV.

Especially when Apotheker declared war on Apple with his last comments. Should be saying that to the mass and hyping them up to see what's coming.

I just sure hope it's big and not an "on par" device again with iphone/ipad, else they lost again.

If they're going to do that (TV ads), there's this little thing coming up on Sunday... Super something-or-other...

I have no idea whether they'll go for that or not. If so, though, it would be a way to get the most eyeballs--a "check this out on Wednesday" message...

Not going to happen. Sold out all spots a while ago.

But did HP grab one(or more) of those spots?

id bet my palm pre that they did. seems like good timing to me.

id bet my palm pre that they did. seems like good timing to me.

There's still a lot of opportunities for that this weekend...

I agree with you but I wouldn't say he declared war on apple I would say he showed admiration for apple and wants to be more like them.

am gonna pee my pants cant wait to see it

Think Small,
Think Big,
Think Ahead,
Think Behind,
Think Burritos,
Think Kittens,
Think Beyond.

I love Burritos!

please, no more pre-like phones.

Some of us like the Pre form factor just fine. There are many Androids and iThings you can select..

I want a pre-like phone. I have a Pre 2 for development, and there's nothing I would love more than to use it as my everyday phone, but I'm tied down to my Sprint contract. If I could get a pre-like phone on Sprint, I would be very happy.


I couldn't imagine a more usable phone than a Pre 2.

I wouldn't mind if HP proved me wrong, tho. ;)

If you don't want a Pre-like phone - go get an iPhone. I love the Pre form factor.

If you don't want a Pre-like phone - go get an iPhone. I love the Pre form factor.

If you don't want a Pre-like phone - go get an iPhone. I love the Pre form factor.

That tone isn't really necessary. A lot of people love Palm for the software. We just want some variety offered from the hardware.

With the Super Bowl 3 days before, I'm hoping/expecting them to use the biggest advertising stage of them all to spark popular awareness and curiosity in a big way...

All spots sold out a while ago. Not going to happen.

But did HP grab one(or more) of those spots?

Mmmmm... WebOS burritos...

mmmmm, webos so mouthwatering...

HP Palm, thank you for making my night in class exciting!

...yes. MAJOR, slick, attention getting teaser spots on the most viewed, biggest advertizing stage in the WORLD, three days before the "big event".

I'm thinking, perhaps, that's a large reason why they picked the 9th in the first place!

"the most viewed, biggest advertizing stage in the WORLD"

The World Cup would like a word with you. But I agree, the most viewed, biggest advertising stage in the U.S. would be a good place to start some buzz.

Got to give you a +1 somewhere, since I can't do it on the side of your comment...

I think the "Think ahead" is a WebOS hat. :D

The video on the countdown page does not show any cameras. Not sure why you wrote that it does.

hunh. I've watched both videos so many times I guess I got them mixed up. updated post.

"Think 2.1 news for the pixi"

2.0+ on the Pixi? They can't even get 2.0+ out to the Pre/Pre+.

Not that they can't, they aren't. 2.0+ could very well possibly be way more stable and full of features that we've been asking for. I'd rather wait for a newer release than get thrown a half baked version of exhibition.

I knew this was a pad and not the phone, but it be cool if both units look a like.

Nothing says that the image shown is the same device as the images in the video. If you look at the pictures, and think of a 10" device, it would make the buttons enormous. I still think the video is of a phone device.

What you guys think should the pad have a flash?

What does it matter? It's gonna have flash.

ok so i think a pad device is kinda what they're hinting at here, but couldnt it also be an ultra thin slab smartphone, the top line doesnt extend into a longer rectangular patern, it stops at a point where if it jetted down, it could be a slab device... i guess u could say im thinking BEYOND the obvious haha

The whole concept of carrying your OS, apps and files with you, wherever you are, seems to be HP's differentiating factor. "Think Ahead", to me, means they're not gonna just dump their entire ecosystem on us in one fell swoop.

Folks keep hating on the WebOS toaster.. but using that as an example, how cool would it be for you to be lazily waking up in the morning, grabbing your phone and tap "Toast the muffin burnt"? Or to say "this morning, when I get into my car, I need some Death Metal on the way to work"?

Microsoft has tried this - with Windows Embedded and its promise of working on your phone, computer, car and other devices. They couldn't pull it off, because the Cloud hadn't fully formed.

I dunno, this vision of all your devices talking to each other effortlessly seems pretty dang cool - and far overdue. Especially since we haven't gotten our flying cars yet.

i just want my webos tv and i will b a happy camper

I am thinking WebOS 2.1 on the 9th!

Hopefully sooner...

no love for pointing out your clock was an hour off?

Think Ahead, as in thinking ahead of all competitors, unlike most chicken littles around here...

A 50 inch LCD TV with WebOS built in

a 50 inch AMOLED 2160p TV with WebOS built in

I'm excited!!!!!! I don't know why I'm excited cause I don't have money to buy anything right now, but I'm excited still! (im a palmos/webos only guy since the Treo 600!)

I know this is off subject, but if webOS becomes very successful, do you think HP's stock will surge like how Apple's did from 2004 until today?

I really think its going to be successful, since Ive had a Sprint Pre from 7/09 and do not think about switching webOS to anything else, especially now that it has HP's assistance.

Yes, Ive had to replace my Pre three times and I will replace it again and again as long as there are updates.

As for the tease of the Tablet, I do not need a tablet but since its webOS I'll purchase one.

The best time to buy HP stock was in probably back in September. It's still on the way back up so, if you believe they have the correct market strategy, place your bet. LOL

Umm, if you're buying a tablet you don't need just because it's webOS...
I will gladly put it to good use for you. :D jk

What?! You've only had a Pre since July 2009?! Johnny come lately!!

Think the coming months. LOL.

clock was an hour off? Well, I guess that's thinking ahead!


can't effen wait!!!!

I'm glad to see these teases especially to counteract some of the hype of iPhone and iPad coming to Verizon.

That is a screenshot from a video player. Its probably a screenshot of the quicklook video on youtube they are going to release of the topaz.

Think Sprint?

I'm praying on it, wishing on a star, sacrificing a goat, chasing a lePREchaun while wearing a four leaf clover suit and a rabbits foot pendent. If all this fails, I'll just go yell on Sprint facebook page

Palm is awesome and has a very refreshing culture about them. I almost die with all the tidbits of new stories (mainly bc I forget to breath) but I can't. Less than a week webOS community.

PS Sprrriiiiint! Your name better be up there for the new super deviiice!

PSS Maybe Dieter's right about the March announcement being move to the Feb 9th announcement bc the timer is actually set a hour less than the Super Device Countdown app(or 2 if you use WEBOSFeb9 app). Maybe this is some indication that the announcement will be a hour longer since its starting a hour sooner hmmm...

I'm so excited while reading this I peed a little.

Maybe we are seeing two different devices.A phone and a tablet.I'm hoping that's what it is.

ok why do ppl announce that they just peep their pants or had to change your pants? If you are peeing on yourself while reading or after reading a post. Then maybe you shouldn't be reading these post and instead be visiting a doctor.O and first taking a bath or shower.

"Think ahead" will be Enyo SDK release to developers.

-- Rod


Happy Happy Joy Joy is what this community should feel like next week and so will I. It's time for webOS to shine! Even though I'm very happy with it now.

Wonder if hp will make a webos printer like their c510. It comes with a detachable tablet/control panel that runs android. It looks really cool.

I hope they have some sort of Pre 3 coming out, with the things the Pre 2 is missing and a bit thinner, that would be my phone.

Regarding this hype and teasing, don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I don’t think is getting that much attention, so I don’t see the genious marketing here. Only a bunch of us is aware of what’s going on. They need to start going big, TV and movie theaters.

I heard Motorola has the Superbowl for theyr tablet. All the tech news I read in non-tech newspapers talk about Apple, and the rivals Apple is going to have this year, and they don’t mention HP anywhere. Nobody knows what HP is up to, heck, they don’t even know HP is playing.

Palm does it to keep the buzz alive. But the buzz died about the point that Hurd said they didn't buy Paln to get into phone, and half of the few developers walked out the door. Then silence and undelivered promises. Palm/HP systematically removed WebOS from mind share to an effect that Android and Apple could not dream to do on their own efforts.

Now Sprint Pre owners are going out in the cold to wait even longer. Can it get worse that this?

HP: We want to compete with Apple, war starts, now!

HP: Posts teaser video in Quicktime-format.

HP: Ok, war with Apple from, NOW!


Think Ahead leads me to think there's more delays coming not an extra announcement. Unless of course that's the announcement. I hope I am wrong but thus far things have been pretty slow coming.

@dogs ... Think ahead please ...

I agree with Awsome525 that it's not about war with Apple. It's admiration for what they've achieved. There's no reason to hate Apple if you love tech.

Put mii out already!

Any way to make that countdown screen my Desktop PC wallpaper or screensaver??

PreCentral...You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Seems to me with the upcoming onslaught of WebOS devices (pads, phones, etc.) PreCentral is gonna be rather busy. New forums will be added for each new device, including the ecosystem, the cloud, the updated versions of WebOS 2.1 - 3.0+, more super apps, and so much more, oh my. Your staff of writers are gonna be in a "tizzy" and WebOS fans (me included) will be in device heaven.

Continued Success with WebOS!

Is it me? I looked and looked, slow-motioned the vid, went frame by frame, but I couldn't find that creepy chick surrounded by all those orange dancing minions.... Has Palm changed its ad agency, or something? How in the world do they expect to sell these new products?!

My opinion is that these teaser shots show a tablet. The buttons don't have to be enormous, especially if the corner shot is zoomed all the way in. The apparent thickness of the device leads me to believe that it wouldn't be the new phone. I think they'd try to go for something thinner than that.

I that HP should run Super Bowl ads that say, "This changes everything... Again"

just to pok'em in the eye...