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Palm Sighting: Leverage 32

by Derek Kessler Sat, 30 Jan 2010 1:51 pm EST

Palm Pre on Leverage

EDIT: As the commenters have so astutely pointed out, I apparently need to get my eyes checked again. That's an HTC Touch Dual. Mea culpa.

While more and more TV shows are learning that its simply easier to use the apps that come on smartphones, there are still some that insist on making a custom interface to accomplish simple tasks, like taking a picture. Leverage happens to be one of those shows, making fancy with the taking of pictures instead of just using the camera app that comes on the Palm Pre. But hey, making the phone look fancier than it is? Sure, that’s cool too.

Thanks to Mvsscooby for the tip! 



Let me be the first to point out that Canadian and European Pre owners can't get the Leverage camera app in the paid app store. And the fact that we can't either, doesn't make them any less bitter! :[

....thats not the palm pre though...its the HTC Touch Dual...

Yeah, we rewound this and it is an HTC. The Slider did not arc like the Pre does.

I have seen this phone on Leverage a few times, and I used to think it was a Pre but it isn't, it is as mentioned a HTC, as are all the phones the LEverage crew uses.

It would have been sweet if it was a pre.

whoa thats an ugly 'pre'

FAIL! Pre does not a chrome bezel

Mea culpa accepted. The Sprint Pre was on last mondays ep. of ABC's "Castle" the lady detective used in upside-down in the restaurant on speakerphone and closed it to end the call.
Sorry no pic - not on the ABC website yet :-(

Guess i didn't see it without pic-proof ... mea culpa

I love castle. But I missed that episode. :(
Do they post the episodes on their site?

Yes, on the site - but, 1-2wks. after broadcast ...

EDIT - up NOW at about 33:39 of ep. "The Third Man"

Palm Sighting.... NOT!

Pre sighting on last Monday's Heroes.

HRG used it to make a call to Claire I think.

no offense but it strikes me as a slightly desperate attempt at validation to point out every time someone sees a pre on tv.

Amen! I was thinking the same thing.

There is some validity to your point. However, for some of us, the issue is not validation but adoption and penetration. The further the product penetrates the market, the more likely it our device will be supported and improved upon. So, we have a vested interst it being seen. Thus, we bring it to each other's attention so that we can inform the masses that our device is in the mainstream, and therefore worth their investment.

I guess we aren't much into being penetrated as you are.


This site is called don't want to hear about PREs then visit and stop bothering actual Pre fans.

stfu? Wow, Internet tough guys.

i prefer As they have links in their videos to precompatible mobile versions that work on a pre. :)

You're welcome.

seems to me being on tv wouldn't be proof of adoption or market penetration levels. Those would be sell through or activation numbers. This strikes me as evidence most likely of product placement or coincidence.

I'd argue that if people are seeking evidence that their device is worth their investment they are looking in the wrong place. And to do so according to tv appearance very much seems to me as quest for validation. But in the wrong spot. If someone likes the device i think that should be proof enough that it is worth their investment.

It's a practice that many companys such as Apple have used, pay sitcom productions to pose your product in plain view, especailly younger impressionable audiences, sort of subliminal form of advertising/brainwashing.

i know what it is and why they do it. it's not new or original. it's been going on for decades. I just think pointing it out at every turn is desperate. i can't imagine crackberry central or the iphoneblog pointing out every tv siting. But i don't mean to rag on anybody. just spewing forth my two cents. i'm off to get coffee. i'm bootches.

The iPhone and BlackBerry platforms aren't low penetration deals like Palm is. Seeing a Palm device on screen is notable given how few people out in the world actually have one.

i understand. i just think it's not notable for iphone or blackberry cause they aren't seeking validation. regardless it's not a big deal. just one person's opinion.

Speaking of product placement. I saw the book of Eli. Someone has a Motorola bullhorn. Apparently Motorola survives even after an apocalypse. lol.


how does hondacop's c0ck taste?

He/She prefers it with salt and pepper :)

didn't i say it wasn't first, good god people

...don't need everybody to post that "holy crap u screwed up it isn't the pre, way to go"

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