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Palm Sighting: Survivor 42

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Mar 2010 9:48 am EST

Palm Pre on Survivor

And we thought the Ford product placement on Fringe was forced! Last week’s episode of Survivor so heavily featured the Sprint Palm Pre that we actually found ourselves laughing at the ridiculousness of it. Here’s what happened: as an award for winning a challenge, a group of contestants were whisked away to another island to eat by a waterfall. They were also given a Pre to “take pictures” of their little trip, even though there’s obviously not going to be any Sprint service on the island, and they sure don’t have a computer to hook up to and move the pictures onto for printing. But that’s just the start of the absurdity...

After looking through the pictures...

Palm Pre on Survivor

They found a clue...

Palm Pre on Survivor

Which lead to another clue in Email...

Palm Pre on Survivor

Which lead to another clue in video form.

Palm Pre on Survivor

Yeah, it was really that forced. "Look at everything this phone can do to help you find the new hidden immunity idol!" I’m surprised they didn’t pull up Google Maps with a map to where the idol was hidden.

Have you spotted the Pre, Pixi, or other Palm device on your favorite show? Drop us a note at with the show and a few relevant details like air date, time in the episode, and an online video link if you've got one!

Thanks to Anthony, SilvrDrgn, Ronald, flowmastr1x, and mtesm for the tip!

Palm Pre on Survivor



I just saw the Pre on Bones last week!
Go Pre!

I saw Pre on Heroes on Monday. Couple of times actually. too! :)

Haha Same!

Just saw the Pre on Heroes yesterday....clear as day...:)

I saw the pre on my miror when i took a pix lmfao jk

I saw the pre on my miror when i took a pix lmfao jk

Yeah, it was a pretty funny segment as it seemed like a Palm Pre commercial. My wife and I busted out laughing when they took that picture above (the last one). Gotta love Laura's attempt at a smile ;)

How ridiculous.

Did anyone notice that the pics they were showing were in portrait even tho the phone was landscape while taking the pics?

Something is afoot in CBS producer land?!? ... and it is not a foot!

None of the dorks figured out they could press the space bar to take the pics either...mooohahaahhaha...

Was totally waiting for the line:
"Cool! Check it out...It has a real keyboard that slides out!"

I kept waiting to see if one of them would oreo the thing :)

Fun to watch tho...

Actually, the pictures were neither in portrait nor landscape. When the pre displays the photos taken in photo roll mode, they all show up as square, whether taken in portrait or landscape. So it was correct after all.

Actually...that was my point...They showed the pics on the TV in 320x480 pixel mode (really 1520x2032), when the pics were being taken in landscape mode (2032x1520). They were not using the pre to show them on the TV. If you have ever transferred the pics to a pc you will have noticed that the portrait taken pics are indeed in 1520x2032 mode and Landscape ones are 2032x1520.

Me thinks the producers were using snapshots of the footage from their fancy $150,000 HD videocameras and croppin them to look like they came from the Pre (Which to a know-nothing producer looks like it would take pics only in portrait mode).

Check it out:

12 minutes 43 seconds in and at 13 minutes 38 seconds in.

Actually, the pictures were neither in portrait nor landscape. When the pre displays the photos taken in photo roll mode, they all show up as square, whether taken in portrait or landscape. So it was correct after all.

Good job Palm.

This is where the bulk of their advertisement goes :) Who doesnt fast fwd commercials on their DVR now these days :)

About 60% of the users of DVR, according to recent studies.

The Pre is always showing up on Heroes. Last epsoide it got alot of shine.

any one notice the Pre on Survivor is on airplane mode.
receiving emails in airplane mode now.

Yeah I saw that on the pic too. Must be preloaded emails before it was sent out to the wild.

I doubt they will be receiving emails in the middle of the pacific :-)

haha.. look. he's using the screen to take a pic. Space bar is way easier... noob :P

Hey Derrick where is the new aps update for today?

nobody noticed the Palm pre being used on the American Music Awards?

25 more aps i think were added ....

Unless something huge happens, the app update usually comes the morning after.

Were they able to log into their Palm Profile? Without service and the ability to log in, the Pre is just a brick.

Presumably it was activated inside Sprint coverage. :P

I spotted a Pre on "Flash Forward" a week or two ago.

On Heroes, I'd expect to see Noah with a Pre and Claire with a Pixi. Except that the Pixi doesn't have the distinctive look that the Pre has so maybe it doesn't work from a marketing perspective.

On survivor, while technically not a lie, it's almost a lie. What's not said is that the video wasn't taken with the phone. It was taken with some other device, probably transcoded to work with the Pre, and then side loaded onto the device.

I wonder if anyone went out and bought a "survivor phone" thinking it'd do video.

The video was quite clearly edited with a caption - no phone does that. ;)

Derek don't be a h8r.

I'm a h8tr extraordinaire. Look out! H8!

I saw a Pre on the show "The League" sometime last week. No closeups or anything though

While it wasn't featured on the premier of The Prisoner on AMC, it advertisted HEAVILY in every commercial break and behind the scenes parts. It was also featured on the website all over the place

It'd be really cool if they enabled doing video on the stupid thing now.

i'm all for different point of views and pushing Palm to make the phone better, but why does Derek write for this blog if in almost every post of his, he throws in snide remarks about the Pre. Where's Dieter? His posts were actually fair and balanced the right way, unlike Derek's posts that are fair and balanced the fox news way..

It was also on CSI:NY

At least it wasn't 24, they make Sprint phones the most amazing things ever on that show. Holy crap I didn't know the Samsung Instinct could recieve detailed schematics of buildings with real time heat signature tracking overlayed.

Hey... no one was supposed to know about those prototypes.

Exactly what I have been thinking since I read this last week (OK, I admit it, while I have a TP, I am rather smitten with the Pre) - how they do that? And why can't we do it now with WM??
CG tutorial

All in all it was by FAR the best Pre advertisement Palm has put out thus far. We have all been waiting for a commercial to show off all the wow things that the Pre can do. It reminded me of an iPhone commercial which are very effective starkly contrasting the Pre commercials with Creepy Lady . Maybe we should call her The Creeper, remember Jeepers Creepers? Maybe the Borg queen. Belieiving the Pre can do all those great things on an island is more believable than the Creeper talking about a day when all the traffic lights are green. My wife and I always make jokes when stuck in traffic by trying to use our Pre to change them green.