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Palm preparing to push webos 2.1.0? Update: Successfully pushed to at least one Rogers Pre 2 148

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 19 Jan 2011 9:01 pm EST

After a couple random, strange reports on Twitter we have a random, strange thing to tell you: at least two tweeters report that they saw an update for webOS 2.1.0 available and went ahead and tried to install it. The second, @edibledawg, says it randomly showed up on his wife's Sprint Pre and, well, you can see the results above. The first, @EverythingBlaxx, saw it appear on a Pre 2 and successfully installed but apparently has run into bugs.

Nobody here at PC HQ has the update and sadly - as you can see above - @edibledawg's download didn't seem to take. So we're left with ....a strange bump in the night. We've seen such bumps presage webOS updates in the past. Perhaps HP and Palm wanted to give us a little gift before Feb 9th? We've certainly waited long enough for webOS 2.0 to pick up Exhibition and become available to the masses.

Update: TheCellularGuru reports that at least one Palm Pre 2 in Canada has received the update

Thanks @edibledawg!


In the words of Jim Levenstein: Please, God, let this be it.

I hate teases like this. It only reminds us of what we don't have yet. With all the other news happening now in HP land, I had forgotten about the fact that newer OS versions are ready for my phone but we still don't have them. Some evil person at Sprint is probably laughing maniacally at all the users who fell for his dirty prank.

What is the typical behavior of a carrier after it has stopped selling a device? Do they also stop supporting updates to it?

Since the Pre is at end-of-life in Sprint's mind, my fear is that they will dedicate no resources to approving WebOS 2.x, and we'll never get it.

How have carriers handled this kind of thing in the past?

End of life for selling devices is not the same as end of life for support/updates.

And if Sprint were to say no to updating webOS then I'm certain Palm would update it anyway and Sprint would be forced to provide support for something they hadn't checked -- hence the reason they will test it out and approve it.

My sentiments exactly.

And mine. Verizon makes no mention of webOS any more, so I think it is time to jump ship. I loved my Pre plus when I first got it. However, the love started to fade when it took forever to get the 1.4.5 update, then overheating and frying the radios and battery, needing to be replaced (twice so far) - which is happening again (Not overclocked). It's sad, because there is so much potential for webOS.

My disillusionment came when my 'C' key doesn't work great, and my 'I' key repeats itself when i hit it. This makes texting a backspace-fest.

I really like my Palm Pre Plus, but the build quality is horrific. This is my second one.

Haha holy shit!

I thought my Pre was special with the "C" key not working great. It's annoying because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

My disillusionment came when I dropped my phone (not from a far distance) and now the power button doesn't work well. It feels like there's no spring in there any more and I just have to press it REALLY hard (there's no give) for it to work.

Two friends of mine with Pres both had power button issues too so I guess I should feel lucky it lasted 1.5 years before giving out.

Funny about the "C" and "I" issuses. I forgot about that. My first one did that. the K, too. But the second and current replacements have not suffered this, however. My first one, the keyboard seemed very stiff, and difficult to type on. Again, no an issue on the two replacements.

Not on mine... (Verizon Pre Plus)

Show us some love HPalm...

Not here yet, hope soon

please.. Comments anyone on any problems or issues...

I have no comment...another tease. Ooops I just commented. Later!

Not on my Verizon Palm Pre + either.

I want webOS 2.0 & I want it now!

well atleast its something ... All we heard for the past yr is fake promises of what's to come news..

i blocked the update, dont want it messing any of my patches up.

would be a nice gift, but i have my doubts. I'm hoping for a feb 9 webos 2.1 release to current devices

I know that I have to remove themes and patches before the update. Do they usually give us enough time to do that? I never had Preware before for updates.

I think itll ask your permission to install

It will ask permission. And there is a tutorial here on P|C on how to backup everything, refresh preware, etc. It's pretty easy actually. Main thing is to backup patches and data, remove all themes and I would say non-oem kernels, then update, then restore data... etc.

Great :( Is this is when all the users who rely on Classic get screwed? (since previous posts stated Classic was incompatable with WebOS 2.0). Is there any way to prevent the update? If I remember correctly, it eventually forces you update, only allowing you to postpone it until the next charge...

A workaround for Classic was widely publicized shortly after I wrote the instructions. Check the forums.

yes. you need X org Tools, look in the forums. i have used it before every new update to wait and see what happens to others phones as well as patches and such to catch up. need a command window as well, i use Terminal.

I really don't think you have anything to worry about. I expect the upgrade will be harmless to classic installed on a 1st gen device.

Well, Palm removed the ROM for Classic, so unless one uses the workaround to keep Classic working, it will not work after the 2.x update.

Let's go 2.1, I want flash

Get 2.0 available everywhere first dammit!

2.0, 2.1, what difference does it make? Heck, why don't they make 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9 available everywhere first? Then at least they would be pandering to your obsession with keeping numbers in order...

Keepn my fingers crossed and will be constantly checking for it now !!

Let's Hope: WebOS 2.1.0 for sprint pre!

I'm not betting on this. I just checked the Change log on Sprint and nothing on it has changed. They changed that a couple days before 1.4.5 came out. So it looks like it was either a test run or someones imagination.

I am anxious to get WebOS 2.0. My old Sprint Pre needs some new life.

Just checked. No updates on my Sprint Pre.

not in the UK

The last two updates on Verizon came on Tuesday nights after 10 pm mountain time if I remember correctly. Whether or not that is a predictor, I don't know.

Nothing on Bell as of 9:15 EST

am I mistaken, I thought it was up to the carrier to distribute the update?

Palm pushes the update after the carrier gives it the thumbs up.

Negative on 2.0.1 yet on my antique pre from sprint. Tired of application updates notices when there really isn't an update.

Patiently waiting.....

What about patches n stuff? No need to uninstall, right?

just great! now going to be hitting refresh over and over...

and in the middle of the night

Looks like I'll be removing patches and installing recovery kernal just to be safe. Any reason to doctor to 1.4.5 first?

here we go again.

Mine says, There are updates available but when i click the button i get a listing of all my apps and showing none of them need to be upgraded.

restart and it should get rid of that

sadly, for some this issue, (along w/ backups no longer working, is an ongoing problem.

My Sprint Pre says 'Up To Date' with 1.4.5. Ha, more like 'Out of Date'.

yeah I've had that app update notice too now for a few months now. Then no update to app listed. Even after a webdoctor it still gives me that show updates.
I just can't figure out what I need to do to get it fixed. Yet.

Same here. Restarting does nothing.

i gave up trying to fix it too...

I Want It!

Hmmm...not real anxious for 2.0 myself. I can't stand the way the launcher pages look. I sure hope Sconix's advanced configuration for launcher patch follows soon after

couldn't agree more... I don't want to give up 4x5 icons w/o titles... But, no one at Palm thinks it's an issue worth addressing.

(HardBeatz said as much, just last week)

I just read through that discussion in the forums and I must say this has me worried. The default launcher look is just plain ugly. What is Palm thinking? I can honestly say I'm not excited for and update or new devices now. I sure hope there's a breakthrough that allows changes to that horror. Anyone know how to block updates? My launcher has 4x4 icons, titles removed, glass effect, and hide quick launch in launcher. I love it. Anytime I see a stock Pre launcher it makes me think of a device several years old. Not a modern sleek look in the slightest bit. /rant

forrr real? what is it stock? 3v3? i dont remember haha. i used to think the pre sucked stock (well cuz it does) i really hope with the release of future updates they give webos a serrrious ammount of customization options with a NATIVE way of implimenting them.

"unable to connect" SEVERAL TIMES
either that, or "application updates".

sprint pixi, 9:57pm

well now!!! This is exciting and all but, if sprint doesn't have a new webos device announced feb 9th I'm gonna be furious!!! I know sprint has their show a couple days before hp, but that doesn't mean they won't keep it hush hush for hp to announce! I know webos 2.x.x would breath some life into my pre miniscule, but man IM READY FOR NEW HARDWARE!!!

I'm absolutely sure this will happen during the event. Not before or after.

Gaahhh! More teasers. Just checked on my Pixi, but got nothing.

No one gives love to the Pixi anyway though, so I wouldn't expect HPalm to. :(

has anyone even seen 2.0 on a pixi? I doubt it's gonna be cute, since the screen size is small enough as it is.

what would look different? the basic GUI is not being changed. (well, except for not being able to customize the launcher anymore...)

i'd be happy with my sprint pre w 2.0 and a wifi 9" tablet. New phone would be nice since awaiting a upgrade worthy one, but love the portrait keyboard. I just hope for a bigger version of the pre too!

how do we handle patches already installed on 1.4.5? Remove them all but keep preware installed? Am I hosed if my os updates before I removed patches?

remove all patches, keep preware installed... there is an AUPT for patches but I remove all mine before the update to be is the article pcrager

Update app shows nada for me... damn i wish the update would just reach my phone already

I don't want to get my hopes up, but getting webos 2.0 would be like getting a brand new phone. No need to upgrade just to get charged 10 bucks more for 3g.

Didn't one single random user get 1.4.5 months before everyone else too though?

yeah he was in some tropical island but he bought his phone here in the United States i believe... I removed all the patches since they say they are only 1.4.5 compatible, despite the there documentation anywhere stating which patches are 2.0/2.0.1 compatible? ps I'm keeping my kernel until the update is here for realz lol... I can live without glass effect and battery icon with percentage and color...but that kernel is a lifesaver. I haven't seen a TMC error in months

yeah the pre is too slow to handle w/o it. i too havent seen the TMC error in a very long time

"It's my update, and I need it now!"

Why release 2.1 when 2.0 isn't even in GA (General Availability) yet?

lets say Palm comes out with 2.0.1.. tests it and finds a bunch of small bugs and they fix and correct it right away internally... then they push out 2.1 3 days later.... no one will ever see 2.0.1 but some testers.

2.0.1 is already out. I have it on my Pre 2.

nice. how's that running btw?

I 2 have a Pre 2 with 2.0.1 - that was lots of 2's. Seems to run well. I had a Pixi, changed carriers, then got a dev Pre 2. I enjoy it.

Does anyone know what carrier they were on? If this is like last time, not everyone will get it at once.

Nevermind. Guess I have to read better. lol. I hope it doesnt come to Sprint first then to verizon months later then AT&T months later after that. Just give it to us all at once.

Sprint -- you can tell based on the "Ev" icon -- then again, this could easily be a couple hoaxes.. Not that hard to make an app that looks identical to the Updates app...

Bah! Humbug!

This is getting really annoying in a fun kinda way.

Leaks, teases, you name it. It's like a 4 year old with dad's sock teasing a kitten. But I'm the big fat daddy street cat sitting on my bed in the corner going, [yawn, stretch] "I've seen all this before. Ho Hum. Knock yourself out. If you want to get my attention, you have to SHOW ME!!!"

Come on, HP, Palm! You're trying to suck us in with your mind games. Great, yeah we get it, your not going to show your cards until February 9. I just really hope you're not bluffing, or worse, holding on to a pair of deuces.

Aw man... what a tease. Stop giving us blueballs HP!

Oh man, HP just loves to TEASE. This whole week has been a series of teases from HP. So this has happened before? In the past, how long was it from when these update teases started appearing to when the update was actually available OTA on any device?

If you'd be datin' HP you'd be goin' home to rosy palm every time........

So true...

is it just me or is it silly that at the top they have "Palm webOS Update" and in the details they have "HP webOS Update"

I REALLY wish that they would've kept the former.

My Pre - just sits there in an endless "Checking for updates..." loop. maybe ill reboot.

That's usually a good sign I think.

It was on a forever loop. Rebooted and tried again to immediately let me know I have application updates... which 9 times out of 10 there arent any actual updates.

We haven't even heard that 2.x has been delivered to the carriers yet. This has to have been an error by some engineer that typed the wrong IP address in a load balancer...

And I'm willing to bet he won't be getting his merit increase this year...

Even if the update was available I wouldn't download it until I know when the new devices will come out. I want to experience webOS 2.x on a new phone.

I don't think 2.x is worth losing the launcher patches. Limited to 4 pages with tiny icons sucks.

Wow, so it can't patched at all? If not, I don't think i'll be updating

You aren't limited to 4 pages

Where are the rest of the comments? The comments are the best part!

I was wondering if someone could let us know what we non-programming-but-patch-happy folks should do to prepare for the update.

I guess the main two questions are:

1) should we use webOSdoctor to return our phones to factory condition? Or is simply removing all the patches enough?
2) should we block the update until we do #1 (and if so, how do we block)?

Thank you so much! Counting down till the 9th!

Removing Themes and Kernals is important, Patches, not so much... but, some users always remove all patches as well.

I will go out on a limb right now and say that if this was really supposed to be released, it will only be for subscribers with a Pre2.

I don't see any way possible that this is coming to the older hardware yet. Just sayin.

I don't think it will come to older hardware before the 9th. But releasing it to at least one group of Pre2 users let's them say it's ben released when they make announcements on the 9th...

nothing in germany :(

I can careless now that I have my Epic 4G. I still have my Pre though.

If you didn't care, you wouldn't have bothered writing that. :-)

That was good! ;)

Well, he/she said, "I can careless". Unless they are trying to tell us they are "careless", they may be trying to say, "I can care less". If true, then they must care some amount more than zero. Therefore, they really do care.

Of course, this person may have been attempting to say, "I could NOT care less"...

I can't get rid of those fake " application Updates Available" messages I get every time I hit update. Had it for months now. I just got done doing a full web doctor then a secure erase! Darnit. I'm still getting it. Me eyes hurt from screwin wit it. Any tip please? I've been searching just, damit. Oh, I'd like to get 2.0 too! :p

getting fed up and giving up, was what I finally did. it sucks, though.

I think it has something to do with an app you downloaded in the past and deleted, but Palm's servers still think you have it because it didn't delete properly. I hear a long call to their customer support line can track it down.

That is my understanding, also. I believe our Palm Profile contains an app (possibly an early beta) that somehow was not removed from the profile when it was deleted from the phone. It seems that we need customer support to walk through our apps with us to find it.

Personally, I gave up trying to fix it so I just live with it.

I had that & it was due to an App I tried to download while in poor data service location - install failed. I finally "doctored" and it went away.

nothing yet... o2 germany pixi+... can't wait :)

sitting, waiting, wishing....

ooooh a jack reference

Did the guy in Nam get the message too? :P

I'm pretty sure he bolted to an EVO, along w/ most of the "Off Topic" gang...

Most are still around the Forums, though. (..and of course, Verwon is still around trying to make the young boys drool) ;-)

OK, so I'm not 'young', but why would I drool over Verwon's Android phone?... What?

That's OK. I'm on an ATT Pixi Plus, so I'm still using version 0.5.2!

it'll take a month on the Verizon Plus's to get the update.

I hope this forthcoming WebOS update makes my Pre- camera start working again. It hasn't worked right in months.

Have your tried to Dr it?

O2 today said they don't do any testing and the release date is all in HPs hands, since they want to keep it secret, O2 wont post any news updates regarding webOS!/o2online_de/status/28060226573832192


Definitely gonna tether my pre to evo and check it outt, i still love my webos- just my pre is shottt... andd cant edit spreadsheets

Anyone know if I will be able to get the update if my Pre is no longer connected to Sprint? I canceled my Sprint contract but I still use my Pre every day as a mobile device over wifi. Please say yes- I don't want to wait for the 2.0 Sprint Doctor.

Where's GuyFromNam?? He's our barometer on these things. :) if he gets the hit, we know it's coming.

Personally, I think this is a P2 update and we will get hit with the newness at the Event. (love to be wrong though!)

ho hum here we go again, hurry up and wait... verizon pre plus user

Nothing on my Sprint Pre. Just the phantom "Show Updates" with nothing to update after hitting the button.

nowt on O2 in the UK yet

Who cares what is being released for the Pre2? This impacts the Pre and Pre Plus community how?

Ha Ha Ha. Keeping hitting the Check For Updates icon.

Who else hates this new commenting system? Every time I come back to an article it always says EVERY post is new -- not just the ones added since my last visit....

Mine, too. Very useless to see what the new buzz is.

Glad to hear it's coming. Hopefully this means my paid apps will also upgrade to being 2.x compliant soon. In the meantime .... I've blocked the update and will hang-out @ 1.4.5. I hope you all enjoy the newness when it comes down the pipe!

Does anyone else also get the "Show Updates" button, but when you click on it there are really no updates for the installed apps?

Yes but it vanished after checking for updates several times.
Other mentioned a restart could help.

Restart didn't help. I've also checked for updates over 10 times now so still not sure why it's telling me there are updates when there aren't.

Nothing new in germany with a normal Pre...

I also just noticed on my Sprint Pre that the App Catalog is not available if I go to it directly..Also getting the phantom 'Application Updates are Available' message, which I haven't gotten in ages. Not sure if that means anything. It just sits there with no featured app icons, and if I click any of the 'Browse' icons, I get an error saying "This action could not be completed. Try again later"

Personally, I do not want 2.x until it is working correctly and truly ready for my device. It would be a PR nightmare to have all of your current customers complaining about the new version of the OS at the same time you are trying to announce new products.

But if 2.x IS ready, then I am happy to upgrade. :-)

I plan on waiting until the Sprint 2.x doctor is out and just doctor to 2.x. I want a fresh start on the new version.

A voice of reason. I am doing the same - also because I don't have my "phone" on in the Pre anymore, since I switched to Android Epic to follow the big-ticket medical apps. I can't wait to switch back someday to WebOS though, as Android is not nearly as user friendly, especially when it comes to the calendars, email, and patching, etc.

I've found that sometimes when I get the phantom "Show updates" message that if I leave the card open for awhilw, eventually the "Update All" button will appear. Sometimes it takes a bit to show up - don't know if there's a database isue or what. Try leaving the card open for a few minutes and see. (Now if I could just get my "u" button to work consistently!)

Yov covld jvst vse the "v" bvtton instead. Nobody will notice the difference.

I didn't catch it at first :D

I;d like to wait until the doctor is available so I can have him make a house call to my old, sickly Pre-

I love webOS as much as your mother

If you READ the article it says " palm Pre 2 update" not distribution of 2.0. It's an update to the pre 2.

Read the words in the article people. It's not for pre minus or plus. It's for A PRE 2. Goddamn.

for those of you with the phantom update: I had that a while back and even reproduced it once on purpose. What caused it for me was installing an app from a homebrew or beta feed that wound up going live (read: official/approved) without being changed. I think it the issue was that some app property didn't match the official feed, even though the app id and version were actually the same. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how you can determine exactly which of your apps it is...when I did it, I noticed it right after installing a homebrew app from a homebrew feed that was approved for the catalog. Uninstalling that app and reinstalling it from the official feed fixed it for me without resetting to factory or doctoring. Maybe one of the dev guys could research and make a fix for this...or at least a utility to find the problem app.

thank ya reverendjw. Will try the pain staking task. Of going through a long lists of apps...darnit.

Well, I for one do not like to be 'controlled' and 'teased' with a rumor that my phone may or may not be updated. Having a Verizon Palm Pre and Verizon releasing the iPhone, I think I am doe with Palm. At least I know that Apple will keep me updated with the latest and greatest, while HP acts like they get off on seeing people wait on their updates. I don't think they (HP) understand that you have to have a product that is the best and cannot be replaced before you try and play these kinds of games. If I was in HP and Palm's shoes, I would be trying to give people a reason to stay with Palm and quick. I have not been impressed with my Palm Pre, it's slow, the apps aren't anything special, and it does not have anything holding me to it except for the Mobile Hotspot, which was the sole reason for getting a Palm instead of a Blackberry at the time. Whoever is in charge of Palm's marketing strategy and product release schedule needs to rethink their plans. I know that if I was Android or Apple, I would be laughing at HP/ Palm.

Don't complain this is what they want. but it is good you express some anger about it at the same time. HP and Palm barely exist at this point, Mark Hurd and Palms administrative support does not exist. It is a bit old school of me to say but companies of this nature still go by the rule when a woman is elected to run things the company has spun it wheel.

Maybe a progressive like Hillary Clinton could pull it off. Though with these two companies pace of work I highly doubt their going to be able to do what they intended to do. These companies have been bad for so long.

It something for the semi-rich to talk about and feel more important then they are amongst large strong players in the market. Any big company would love to run Palm side by side with their idea makers. Their just not willing to take on the self drama and intentional bad decisions to teach the world how a good company runs bad under what circumstances day in and day out.

Anyhow if you look at their decisions their directly reflective of political segmentation and activities in America, it is interesting, but if they believe somehow their applications are going to flank the leadership (which they likely believe) its unlikely. Though their methods have worked for sometime, the way they fail is flawed. Their technically trying to create a standard below the actual standard.

Another words the company operates above Palm and feeds the information down and lets them fail in their own way. I suppose to some people it enjoyable to watch government like people fighting over what could be billions and instead becomes a couple million. Its all interesting but it becomes so predictable eventually one has to wonder what would happen if they just all out let it work.

The wording Palm uses is a bit soft. Their trying to be something their not. Its not that kind of consumer device. Its like this easy going Iphone talk. Its about 112 mb and we'll download it over the next couple days? It isn't 12 gig or even 1. Do they relize their the user is getting 1 mb per 5-10 seconds? It can only help but make someone think they finished the update and told the secretary to "write the print for outgoing update"

Again most would agree its an enjoyable serious device, hasn't achieved what its trying to do in any category, which is unfortunate because it is rather basic and I will get into their self inflicting punishment.

If you did update would you have to remove all the patches,themes, and kernals before you did so because i was just wondering how that would would work because ive never updated before because mine came stock with 1.4.5 please help lol