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Palm Spotting: Chase 14

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:59 pm EDT

Palm Pre on Chase

It seems the baddies need to get some multitasking smartphone action too. NBC’s more-than-likely-doomed US Marshalls series Chase has featured the Palm Pre a few times, but never too up close. Now it has, with the Pre Plus (yes, not the Sprint original, mind = blown) getting some screen time after getting picked up from the fleeing criminal’s car. What’s there to look at? Home movies, of course.

Have you recently spotted the Pre, Pixi, or another Palm device on your favorite show? Drop us a note at with the show and a few relevant details like air date, time in the episode, and an online video link if you've got one!

Source: Hulu; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


i swear i saw a pixi on a commercial recently.
just trying to remember where.

Marshall's commercial where lady sees cashmere cardigan @ fashion event, drops phone (pixi) and them they order too many, cuz she can't find her phone to call and cancel the order.

I know, I need to get out more...

YES exactly, i saw that too yesterday.
I knew it was some fashion thing, couldn't pinpoint the company though.

A pre plus but the video said "brought to you by Sprint" before the episode. Haha.

That guy on Defenders plays with his phone like he owns one..

Yeah I'm thinking maybe he does. It was all over the show again this past Thursday night. Represent. Lol.

I hope it's not a bad omen that a Palm phone is shown on a dying show.

Last episode of Bones, I thought I saw Bones using one.

damn you guys ar fast. I just sent that in last night. Great work. And the shows not to bad but doomed I am sure

I got so excited, seeing Chase in the headline, then saw it was a tv show, and not the bank...

From headline I thought pre was shown in chase bank commercial...., jet no chase app for webOS... :)

Haven't watched the last couple episodes, but it's actually been picked up for a full season (along with one of my favorites, "Chuck"):

The only reason I've watched "Chase" is because I'm a native Houstonian and still live here. Naturally, I'm fact-checking the show the whole time...and for the most part, they've gotten the neighborhood references right. But it would be nice if they acutally *filmed the show here*!!! Most of it's filmed in Dallas. Ugh. But I'll have to catch up on the show to see the Pre usage! I'm still on the Sprint Pre - overclocked to 1 GHz, of course. :-)

Jerry O'Connell and Neil Patrick Harris both own pre's.

also tons of hp advertising in nba2k11