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Palm tablet to be "similar to the iPad" 89

by Derek Kessler Mon, 20 Sep 2010 11:00 pm EDT

webOS Slate - like the iPad?

We’re waiting with baited breath for any news from Palm, and it seems we may have it. An email supposedly sent to developers (we have not been able to independently corroborate) from HP’s Peter Helm (now part of the Palm Developer Relations team) mentioned “tablet-style” devices. Here’s the excerpt published by Engadget:

“Now that we are officially part of HP, we are going full speed ahead with our applications initiative. Our proprietary operating system, webOS, is now the OS that will be used in HP's mobile devices. This includes mobile handsets as well as tablet-style devices similar to the iPad. We will accordingly leverage Palm's ability to innovate and the scale of HP's vast install base and distribution network previously unavailable to us.”

Ignoring the strange wording here and there, it’s pretty clear what Palm and HP have in mind. But the iPad has set a very high bar, and despite being the most “tablet ready” mobile OS out there (our not so humble opinion), there are still significant hurdles facing webOS to properly make the jump from handheld smartphone to tablet. Then again, HP did say early 2011 for the webOS tablet, so maybe they’ve got those hurdles figured.

Source: Engadget; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!



I wonder how big the pants pockets will be that they show it being jammed into a la Samsung. Seriously Sammy? You really want people cramming it into impossibly large jeans pockets?

Actually I hope cargo pants make a comeback. Standard jeans just aren't cutting it with my tech and professional needs. Between my phone (left front), wallet (back right), scrap paper (back left), and keys (front right) I have no place to put my pens and pencils, PSP, eReader, notepad, or a pet mouse besides the breast pocket. Only the super old super nerds use that one for anything. :-/

Of course, a tablet would replace the eReader, probably the PSP, and if it had a good keyboard or accurate pen the notepad too. (Come on pet mouse app!)

Why wouldn't a... uhm... good phone replace eReader, PSP and notepad?

Screw the cargo pants; I'm waiting for the utility belt to become fashionable. Just what kind of a messed up world do we live in when only superheroes get to wear functional apparel?

If utiltiy belts never make it, then my second choice is Santa Claus bag. I'd really love to have a bag with enough space inside for the whole world's yearly toy supply, but is no bigger than a potato sack on the outside. Is Santa a Timelord?

In any case, I'm really not sold on the whole tablet fad, but somehow I do think webOS tablet could be quite useful.

Three words: Jack Bauer Bag.

Holds your tablet, phone, heater (Jack's HK USP .40 compact is my personal fave), a couple of spare mags, and whatever other gear you need to save the world in 86440 seconds or less.

What are the other 40 seconds for? Commercials?

Cargo pants are all over the place. Check out any clothing retailer that caters to the 18-48 set. Finding a pair that works well in a (casual) business setting can take a bit of effort, but they're out there.

Gentlemen, I give you one word: Utilikilt.

Who needs a manbag/European carryall?

Web-Site find of the week.


This is good news. But, I am still waiting for the successor of Palm Pre. Chill me. Thrill me, Palm.

Good for you... I'm waiting for first Pre or Pixi here, in Brazil...

Best Regards...

same here. Don't care about that hurricane or w/e. Give me the c40 or w/e.

Its looking more and more like Palm has webOS (software) and HP has the Hurricane, Roadrunner, Coyote, Typhoon HD , Tsunami, Yosimite Sam HD, and Elmer Fudd Printer. (hardware). That is if I'm proven wrong. :) haha I'm just pulling stuff out where the sun don't shine.

Not baited - bated. Unless you have a mouth full of worms and you're trying for fish or birds. It really makes it tough to take your writing seriously when you don't know the words you type.

/sorry to spell-flame, but it isn't the first time.

Seriously? I appreciate good vocabulary as much or more than most, but this is a tech website. Would you rather have fast, breaking news or a thoroughly reviewed/edited article? Get over it & enjoy the content.

I honestly don't think your correction was necessary...the term bated is not used at all except in the phrase bated breath...misuse of the word is going to happen. Give the guy a break..

"the term bated is not used at all except in the phrase bated breath"

...which is exactly why it should be easy to get it right.

It's that type of talk that gets ebonics taught in our schools. Or makes it acceptable to use "there", "their", and "they're" interchangeably. God that pisses me off.

I am with you on the there-their-they're triumvirate.

Plus my own personal pet peeves:
lose vs. loose
defiantly vs. definitely

Throw in the constant confusion of the semantic differences between irony and sarcasm for full head-on brain twisting.

... or the "that doesn't jive with me" line. Unless you are referring to wanting to be faked out, it is "jibe", not "jive". See that one here ( regularly.

+1. This is one of those words most people use but don't understand. A good style guide will help (or just use a dictionary).

The fact that this is a tech news site (and a damned good one at that, IMO) doesn't mean spelling should get short shrift.

Derek is an English geek (not a pejorative; I'm an English geek, and the world needs more of us), so it's probably more of a typo than a mistake. Just point it out and move on.

(That said, each time a mistake like this make it to publication a kitten is killed by Al Qaeda, so it would be nice if articles got a proofing once-over. (And no, spell-check doesn't count.))

Insert geeky Diet of Worms joke here:

Now, if we could just kill off "reigning in."

nice all they need to do next is release an iphone like device and im sold! And this fits in with my plans nicely if they dont. I get a fancy android phone and this "palm pad" later! Unless its as expensive as the ipad.......... But they cant do that.

Now HP's really jumping the gun here. Here's the link to Engadget's article Why is this being brought to market when HP is supposed to be WebOS tablet bound? Didn't they get rid of Microsoft's "Slate", but kept this? And then they push out this convoluted statement after they debuted this printer with Android tablet.

HPalm take a look at that link, that is what you need to do with the palm pad..

The PalmPad better have an HDMI and front and rear facing camera/webcam and the ability to use skype and facetime and an app to be able to control you HTPC, so you can use the palm pad as a HTPC remote on the fly...

Go big or go home!!

What about a gesture area?

I think that is a fan render (?). Besides, the gesture area is nothing more than the touch surface extending past the screen surface. Any or all of the borders can be a gesture area.

I think they said they are doing the MS Slate 1st getting it out to businesses. Next is webOS, hopefully not far behind.

hell ya can't wait (ipad killa) jus give me a phone all ready.

hell ya can't wait (ipad killa) jus give me a phone all ready.

You just said that.

When they say "similar to the iPad" I imagine they mean it'll be a straight-up large-ish slate, rather than something like the Lenovo S10-3t.

That said, I was introduced to the Always Innovating Smartbook today ( If HP could fill that device with webOS and an OMAP4 (or other Cortex-A9), I'd buy a dozen of them. Doesn't matter that I'd only need one, I'd find money for a dozen!

Similar to the ipad as its a tablet, why do you people insist on reading more into it than there is?

That was my thinking as well. I think Helm was using "iPad" in the same sense that we'd use "Band-Aid" to refer to an adhesive bandage, or "Kleenex" to refer to facial tissues.

I'm more intrigued by the fact that HP looks like they're getting off the Windows OS bandwagon despite their long partnership with the Gates juggernaut. I wonder what this portends for the HP Slate's long term future?

Similar to the ipad as its a tablet, why do you people insist on reading more into it than there is?

hell ya can't wait (ipad killa) jus give me a phone all ready.

You just said that.

hell ya can't wait (ipad killa) jus give me a phone all ready.

You just said that.

its the pre when u refresh after posting something it post twice. idk y

Jesus christ some people seriously cannot post for shit

This looks cool

I was going to comment on the "baited" thing, but alacrify went and stole my thunder. Obviously, I'm commenting anyway. =)

sorry for the double

i want FLASH!

I'm not buying a tablet.

I'm buyin it it's way easier to have that tablet than havein ur laptop I could see my self using it all the time

How many times are they going to say "EVERYONE CHILL THE @#$% OUT -- We have a tablet on the way!" This is getting pretty old guys, we get it already.

We need a phone.

My Pre Plus literally exploded on contact with pavement so my new replacement phone is unfortunately a Galaxy S because BBY got rid of their Pre Plus/Pixi Plus stock. I want a new webOS phone, spec-for-spec better than the iPhone4s and the Droid X's of the world, with solid build quality. Please? This holiday season would be cool. Thanks.

I have to admit I am getting so bored on this site now, corporate news, cryptic announcements all the way...and nobody even has a clue about a phone that delivers from palm.
Tablet is a nice option. And to me right now irrelevant.
if you can't get the pdf on the phone to work, how will you do that on a tablet?

It's a good point you make. The forums are starting to become a little stale as well. It's silly to come here on weekends because you'll see the same stuff from quitting time on Friday to early Monday morning. Not that I live here on weekends, but still it could be a good diversion if there was a little something going on.

Seems like things were hopping up to the point 1.4.5 finally got rolled out on all the US-carrier that's happened, things have chilled considerably.

Regarding the tablet, I believe I'm in the camp that says when it does come out, it will probably be too late. And really, ANYTHING that comes/came out after the iPad is too late. Only one company per product gets the chance to lead through innovation, and Apple was "the one" in this case. Everything else, whether it's as good as or better than the iPad, is just a catch-up-playing pretender.

Yeah I get you. Someone came up with the autombile, so everyone else is too late. Oh wait.....there still was innovation after the first auto came out!

Those cars made in Japan will never sell here in the US. Everyone already has a car. Oh wait, they are bilt better than American cars? Smart phones and tablets are still used by a small amount of people. The market is still wide open and ready.

Perhaps my comment about innovation was a bit broad. But if you're going to practice sarcasm in your utterly witty replies, how about slowing down and spelling your words correctly, mm-kay?

ahh......the resort to grammar correction argument! Good one!

ahh......the resort to grammar correction argument! Good one!



i pretty much agree. it's all SDK this, developer conference stuff, tablet.

i'm a consumer i've never in my life cared what developers are doing behind the scenes. so that stuff i never care about and i couldn't give a rats ass about tablet news of any kind. i'm not buying one. it's not close to replacing my laptop. They can write what they like but i much prefer the phone consumer focused stuff not the developer or non consumer, non phone centric stuff. but that's just me.

I am still waiting for a new device to replace my aging, release day Sprint Palm Pre.

iPad is out, the Samsung tablets are near, the Windows version is coming. I think 4th place will be way too late. It will have to be exceptional to non-Palm fans to make any kind of dent in sales.

It's not about who comes out with it first, it's about who has the most hype before Christmas. Surely HP has a Christmas surprise coming up. I can't imagine HP having a tablet come out in an exhausted post-Christmas market. Then again, HP has never had hype about anything.

Even if they didn't mean they were going to straight-up copy the iPad, which I think they will, they referenced the iPad as the archetype pad for the industry. In other words, they have officially announced their status as an also-ran/me-too/wannabe. If that doesn't inspire the masses, I don't know what will. :)

there are 6 billion+ people on this planet. the fact 3-4 million of them are using non-hp tablets is pretty insignificant. there is room for a number of players to sell tablets. hp will sell more than their share if the product is designed right.

I don't think all 6 billion people will be buying tablets. So, that argument is somewhat moot. What you have, at present are the people interested enough, and affluent enough to buy such a device. That is the only market that matters right now. And right now, you have to convince those people that your me-too product is a better purchase than the iPad. There is no reason the iPad should have even been referenced in that announcement.

i'm not buying a tablet regardless of how it's designed. i don't know anybody outside of this site that is. I don't know anyone not on precentral that has ever in their life mentioned a desire to have a webos tablet. And the one person i know that got an ipad got it cause there are tons of major apps he can use for it. Webos lacks major apps. I mean i saw people in the apple store playing with the ipad and they were using all kinds of apps and downloading apps. Nobody wants a tablet just to have a tablet unless your just a fanatic. and most people aren't.

Oh an ipad is going on sale in China like next week so there are a billion people right there that Palm's already been beaten to market by apple for. Not to mention the U.S.

Tablet's are not a savior. And right now people that do want one don't just want any tablet. They want an ipad.

I prefer 7" tablet with wide screen somewhat like samsung galaxy tab compared to ipad. For me iPad to big to be portable, somewhat like we bring a laptop everywhere.

I'm thinking the same thing with regard to how big it should be. I been using my Kindle 3 as a limited web reader and think a 7in pad would be the right balance between size and portability. How they could also make a bigger model for people who need it.

this is the second article about the palmpad, 1st one was that staff meeting hp had and now this, why is palm being so secretive about annoucing the phone. I Have a feeling they want to release the tablet before the new phone.

Of course they do. They have already lost the phone wars. They are trying not to lose the pad war before ever firing a shot.

this is the second article about the palmpad, 1st one was that staff meeting hp had and now this, why is palm being so secretive about annoucing the phone. I Have a feeling they want to release the tablet before the new phone.

Do you think they are waiting for the end of this or the beginning of the next quarter to make the announcement? HP is probably more concerned about making these announcements on the quarter than Palm was. Palm was just trying to stay alive.

I think tablets are the stupidest idea ever. Why would you want to pay a bunch of money for something you already have, but bigger? Its probably going to run the same OS as the next phone that comes out. It wont run computer programs. So It does the same thing your phone does and less than your computer does. Whats wrong with this picture?

Maybe... But iPad already proved that tablet can sell too.

Thats because people will buy anything with an apple logo on it. Why? I dont know. I mean, everyone pretty much admits its a bigger iPod touch. So whats the point? Same with a WebOS tablet. Its going to be a bigger Pre. Whats the point? Im sure people will buy it. Im just saying, the whole tablet idea is stupid in my opinion.

The point is... Maybe HP need to follow Apple steps by launching tablet too. If it can generates money why not to try. At least they will know the result using Palm WebOS. Apple steps by making ipad not only followed by HP.. All kind of pc related company tried to make one, by using OS they have/can. So I don't think tablet is a stupid idea. More over sometimes silly/bad idea can success too.

I personally want to see WebOS on bigger screen. Even I'm not sure really need it or want to buy it. But at least I want to see and decide later.

Like I said, it will probably sell. I just dont see the point. I dont think HP needs to follow in Apples footsteps and make a tablet with an OS made for a phone. A tablet with Windows, which is also what they are making, is more logical and useful. If Apple created a tablet with Mac OS on it, then I wouldn't be saying the iPad was a stupid thing. Its just funny how people want these devices because its a "bigger screen." Dont get me wrong, the more devices WebOS is on, the better for HP/Palm. But even like you said, its a silly idea and dont even know if you'd need it or want it.

If you talk about the OS inside the tablet, then I agreed with you 100% that if iPad bundled with Apple MacOSX then it would be more appealed. Including me! :)

I already talked to my friends a lot that want to buy iPad. I said if iPad bundled with MacOS X then surely I want to buy one. iOS on iPad really feels too "weak".

About HP's Windows tablet.. I think it would be more preferable compared to WebOS. I agreed too. But as long as Microsoft not made the Windows 7 more comfortable with "finger touch" , then tablet using windows 7 will less beautiful anymore. I hope Microsoft give something better on their GUI problem for finger touch.

Yeah at the end.. maybe idea from others (I forgot, maybe article at Precentral) that said HP tablet that use double boot OS using windows and WebOS will be a double advantages for users.

Ok, We agree now. :)

they want to buy and Apple tablet with the apps, itunes store, and downloadable videos, podcasts, and all the stuff inthe apple ecosystem.

What's in palm's eco system and who is demanding? Nobody outside of precentral that i can see and that's my issue with an palmpad. few people want it and it doesn't provide the system of services the big dog does.

I'm not defending HP about this. But yes.. Precentral is the most "world" for Palm mania and WebOS.. out there.. there are lots of people don't even know about WebOS. They only know Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Google Android, and Blackberry OS.
Why this happen? because Palm market share so small and too limited.

HP buy Palm, yes.. lots of reason for that, and what I hope here, is HP can spread the WebOS to the rest of unreached world by Palm company. HP have international distribution channel, when Palm only a underdog company that only known most by people in Europe , Canada, and America.

WebOS is the future OS or not, it is clear that the answer is not or maybe not yet. But hey world still rotating, and people needs to innovate, Linux OS will grow and someday Windows market share will more reduce in "power" in this earth. I'm not saying that I don't love Windows, I just want to say, more choices is better right? Microsoft "monopoly" business already too long for now. And as example people at China, which more prefer Linux OS compared to Windows will love WebOS. If you know lots of underground Chinese website, you will know that WebOS community out there not less enthusiasm compared to this PreCentral.

i'm not trying to have a go at you. I was just trying to say the reason tie ipad does well isn't just because it's a tablet. The same reason the iphone does well isn't just that it's apple. They are popular because all the things they do. The whole package of itunes, apps support, video, podcasting, sync, ease of use. And if Palm makes a new phone or tablet it has to match those things or its gonna lose like it lost with the Pre.

By the way Apple is releasing the Ipad in China i think next week. ;) Guess we'll see how much they like IOS along with Linux.

I only use my desktop for surfing the web and office programs. With google docs and cloud computing, you can use a web-only device to do just about anything. I can't think of when I installed a program on my computer last.

Well its just a personal opinion. I, myself, use my desktop for more than just web browsing. I make my own music, burn all my CDs to my computer and listen to them, use adobe products for design, watch movies, sometimes play games, use it to store all my personal stuff. And if I wanted to, I can upgrade my disk space, RAM, screen size and whatever else I wanted. A tablet could never replace that. But as for you, if all you do is browse the web and use office programs, then yeah, I guess a tablet would be nice for you if your desktop isn't good enough for that.

yep. there's video editing, music recording, guitar amplifier emulating, photoshop, music server, streaming media device to my flat screen tv, i listen to music, a movie server, occasional games, multiple table online poker, large music data management, Video format conversion, video conferencing, Stores my personal and professional data, i write articles and papers on it.

so yeah for lots of people it's a hell of a lot more then just browsing the web. Hell my 70 mother now edits her own video on her mac at home.

Ok, well my point was to the other comment above, that the iPhone/iPod touch does the exact same thing and everyone just wants a tablet for the bigger screen. I still don't see the point in that. To this comment, It sounds like you are talking about your mac. Im talking about tablets. I was just listing that stuff because my point was, tablets cant replace that. I wasn't putting down the "all mighty Mac." Calm down.

Is there any hope to ever see the sylus/touch pad combo? Maybe its just my nostalgic hankering but nothing beats handwriting recognition text input. sigh..