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Palm to tout patent portfolio next month 27

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 12 Apr 2010 3:54 pm EDT


How's this for a followup to a serious buyout rumor? Palm's Chief Technology Officer Mitch Allen is scheduled to speak on May 11th at "MDB Capital Group's Bright Lights Conference." The topic: Palm's IP and patent portfolio:

Palm's Software CTO, Mitch Allen, will share his insights on Palm's IP leadership and path of innovation where he has worked for the past decade. Mr. Allen has led the development of Palm webOS from conception to implementation.

If you find that interesting, get this: in the press release issued today, the firm hosting the event has a nice little line about Palm's value: "we believe the value of Palm's IP alone is worth between $8 -$9 per share." That's an interesting little commentary on the roller coaster that has been Palm's stock price (trading at around six bucks as of this writing) and the question of whether or not the market is undervaluing Palm's patent portfolio. It could also potentially drive up the price for whoever buys them

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just bought another Pre today for my wife.

too bad it wasn't a Pre+ since there is none in Canada.

I frankly think palm should not sell itself, but collaborate with a computer maker and make tablets as well as phones. Like sell 20% of itself to a PC maker.

Major problem with the hardware is the sliding mechanism. Palm pixi does not have hardware problems. What palm need to do, is make exactly two same devices for palm pre-2. One with keyboard, one without. Basically it would be like supporting two devices for the cost of one.

I think they should get the virtual keyboard out, so they could beta test it, if they make a keyboard less palm pre version.

"What palm need to do, is make exactly two same devices for palm pre-2. One with keyboard, one without. Basically it would be like supporting two devices for the cost of one."

I thought that too some days ago. Maybe adding also a front camera and more memory in the keyboard one, just to differentiate a little more.

Palm marketing WebOS will be a failure. Who would want WebOS when they can get Android (kinda) free. Palm marketing licenses for its patents is the only financially sound move.

WebOS hasn't failed. It is the combination of Pre/Pixi hardware and WebOS that has failed. The 800MHz patch has showed that if you give WebOS some CPU power it is sexy and smooth. Add a bigger screen, even more CPU power, more RAM and a bigger battery and you have a serious contender. Once the PDK is unleashed and people have confidence that WebOS isn't going anywhere (eg, a larger company backing Palm, like HTC or Lenovo) and devs will come back into the fold. I bet a lot of the porting over their iPhone apps.

I didn't say that webOS is a failure. I said that palm marketing it (to other manufacturers) would be.

I think WebOS is the best OS out there, and as a consumer and user, I love it. But the reality is that no other manufacturer is going to pay Palm for WebOS.

Every time I see comments like this ...

Who would want WebOS when they can get Android

I have to laugh, what can android do that WebOS can not do BETTER!??!?

(watch no one will be able to answer)

I'm not talking consumers, I'm talking about other manufacturers.

I agree that WebOS is the best OS.

Widgets? Customizable keyboard? Better email clients? Docs-2-Go? More Apps?

Widgets? Ew.
Customizable keyboard? I have one on my Pre.
better email clients? Disagreed.
Docs2Go/More apps? This isn't a functionality issue of the OS, it's a matter of developer devcisions and that Android has been out for almost a year longer.

Meanwhile WebOS still has better multitasking functionality, a MUCH cleaner interface and doesn't have the update issues that Android does as such a fractured OS

After reading this, the first thing that pops into my head is Palm is donning a push-up bra and a very low cut top to attract a high-roller.

Ha Ha. If that's what it takes to get the stock back up to where I can dump mine and break even then "Shake it Palm."

Well the companies do respect Palms Patent portfolio. I mean look at this chart and I don't see Palm anywhere in there. :)

You din't see Palm on this chart because they are not suing or being sued by any other manufacture

I hope the buyout issue gets resolved soon, because my 30-day return period is coming up and I don't want to be stuck with a phone running a dead platform if Palm's carcass gets picked for patents.

LOL! Go Nokia go! Look at how hard their lawyers work!

HTC is by far the best fit if someone were to buy Palm.
HTC hardware + webOS= Nirvana
...not to mention the huge patent porfolio that HTC would pick up to set Apple in their place.

The problem if HTC were to buy Palm though, would be that they'd probably buy them mainly for their patents and kill off webOS. I'm sure HTC would just see webOS as a failure and just continue selling their Winodws Mobile, Android, and soon Windows Phone 7 devices, which would be very unfortunate. Even if they did support webOS, it wouldn't be advertised as much as the other OS's that they support and they probably wouldn't update it much given their bad update reputation. Whatever happends though, I would love to see webOS survive and thrive as one of the best smartphone OS's! :)

HTC's hardware isn't really THAT great. Their hardware design is imitative and oftentimes feels cheaply constructed. HTC is also a brand name only known to phone nerds. If HTC WERE to actually buy them, they'd be best off helping Palm market webOS phones and to keep their hands out of Palm's product line as much as possible. After all, HTC, by buying Palm, would cause speculation that they would show preference to Palm's platform and that would, in turn, have repercussions for their standing with Microsoft and Google. HTC's hardware portfolio, though, is no great improvement over the Pre. Now if you are talking Nokia or even Motorola, then I'd say yes, Nokia or Motorola's hardware could improve on the Pre. But HTC is really the generic phone maker, that's their rep because that's what they are.

I was thinking since HTC is involved with Android (which it gets free but is fragmented) and Windows (I think we all agree that webOS is far superior) that they might want an OS that provides stability, uniformity and uniqueness for their devices.
I do see the point you (IT_Master2501 & zullnero) make that this route could lead to the break up the core team developing webOS to take advatage of the patents only.

From another point of view, Lenovo or Cisco(!) WOULD be a better fit to pump some much needed cash into the further development of webOS and still keep the Palm team as "intact" as possible to let them do their thing.

can you say for certain that HTC would in fact include a phone with webOS and not just use Palm for patents? If you can then I'll happily back HTC, but until then I'm voting for a company who wants to get in the mobile game like Lenovo or Cisco.

Hmmmm Mixed on this news. Advertising your patents as a major point of purchase is like asking a hooker to show you the goods before sale. It seems sleazy. Well to be fair hooking IS sleazy.
I mean of course during the course of negotiations it will be brought up and looked over and will be a plus for purchasing. But Palm putting themselves out there for this....seems desperate.
*leans in the car window* Come on hon....want to buy me? I've got a nice set of assets and my patents are prime! Come on baby I need to money. :-|

totally agree kk. Palm just needs some scratch. And putting webos on a tablet would smoke any maxIPad. Lenovo would benefit from gaining webos and palm gets better hardware. To me that sounds like a better proposal than being bought out by htc, who, lets face it, just makes phones in a market where there is so much competition. Palm+Lenovo = True Apple Competitor. The Iphone always has the benefit of endless resources from the computer side of the business. Lenovo and Palm creating a partnership would finally bring a company that could compete with apple on two different fronts. JMHO

im not saying this to be sarcastic or anything like that but what patents does palm own?

In the picture there, that's the picture of the patent Palm has over what is basically a smartphone. There's a reason that Apple backed down so quickly when they thought about suing Palm for multitouch. Palm basically owns the patent on the concept of a smartphone. They're the ones who really brought the first true smartphones out to market (well, Handspring...but they were basically Jeff Hawkins's company...and he founded Palm). Palm has many others involving touchscreens, UI design, etc.

to vkitty android phones have zoom lenses android can handle google goggles android can extract zip files.... But obv webos is better, there are just things that android does better.

This is not them trying to license the OS but a way to get more buyers interests. They show how much their worth and Palm hopes to get a bidding frenzy going...and maybe even get more companies interested.

I think Palm should find 1 or 2 companies and license the OS to them. For example maybe Lenovo and Cisco, or maybe even Asus. If they can get Cisco (who's big in telephony) and Lenovo to partner with them I think they'd have a good chance at doing well. Let Lenovo make the hardware for phones and tablets, and let Cisco do their thing incorporating some of their services into the phone such as collaboration tools and such. I think they can have a good unique phone for business and fun. Put in a good framework for video conferencing and easy sharing utilities.

Two other good partners would be Hitachi and Sharp. Depending if Sharp has an exclusive deal with Microsoft that is. But I say Hitachi and Sharp because they both have 3D screen technology that you don't need glasses to use. Sharp currently makes phones and Hitachi has made phones. So by putting 3D technology mixed with WebOS could be a hit since 3D is not the big thing.

Toshiba has also made phones and computers so they may be a good partner as well for Palm.

If Palm doesn't want to sell they have a lot good partnering partners. The ones not already interested they just would have to make interested. They should be a little picky who they partner with (or if it comes to, sell too). They want companies that are a good match and that aren't already working on multiple OS' because then the company is getting to be to fragmented...what OS are they going to mix with their best hardware? If they pick a company that is only working with one OS or even better no OS preference that would be best. This way the company can give all their attention the hardware on which WebOS will be on.

Now if they're going to sell they should want to sell to a company thats going to do well by WebOS. Maybe even make a contract that if they do sell they have to keep on at least most of the software team and work on WebOS instead of just shelving it. They should also want to sell to a company thats going to want to make phones for the U.S. market.

It'll be interesting to see what happens.