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Palm UK: Pre 2 available November 15th for £399 42

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 12 Nov 2010 8:06 am EST


While the rumors of a November 12th UK release for a SIM-free Pre 2 have not panned out, Palm itself (or at least its UK branch) is now confirming via Twitter and Facebook that the latest webOS 2.0 handheld will be available for purchase this coming Monday, November 15th, "exclusively through the Palm site." (Apparently, Palm's UK carrier, o2, will not be carrying the Pre 2, at least for now).

Palm UK has also announced the pricing for the SIM-free Pre 2: £399 (about $640 at today's exchange rates). By way of comparison, the SIM-free 16 GB iPhone 4 is available directly from Apple UK for £499; the 32 GB version is £599. We don't yet know how that pricing will compare to the US unlocked or discounted developer Pre 2, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Source: Palm UK (Thanks to 5 sisters and falchie in our forums for the heads-up)



Way too expensive. way too expensive to compete.

Just for reference and to annoy the haters, first!!!

If HP wanted to get traction with webOS and get people behind this then launching it at

yeah you said it. i had a bb curve right b4 i got my pre and those are the 2 things i have missed about it (the only 2 things though haha, the browser suuucked)

The browser is still brutal, although I dont use it much as around the house i use either a laptop or ipad. The calendar, mail and (ridiculously) apps are still better. None of the PIM stuff got a n overhaul, which is another oversight, one that wil affect all the future devices, not just this. Needing a patch to see all calendars colours in monthly calendar view, are you fucking serious Palm? That's meant to be your month at a glance, not twenty taps as you go in and out of each one.

I actually don't mind the keyboard on the Pre. I was/am a bit frustrated by the lack of error correction, but this seems to have been addressed in WebOS 2.0.

The thing is, HP were never going to be able to release a state of the art phone this soon after the merger. The community was demanding new hardware, and that's what HP gave us. It looks the same, has some updated hardware, and is a safe bet with the people who bought the original Pre. Everyone knows this is just an 'inbetween' phone to curb some of the whining about new hardware. They aren't going to sell this to new customers. This is a phone to stop people from jumping ship. I quite like it and may even buy it.

As for the price tag, have you tried buying a Palm phone off contract? Ebay has the current Palm phones going for not much less than this. I wouldn't be supprised if this is the cheapest they could do it for. Do you think they would make it cheaper if they could to sell more?

No hate, just IMHO.

I see your point, but surely if this was to keep the loyal pre users happy, and thus be a smaller user base, HP could have released the phone at a lot less, as they would have to subsidize fewer units?

Not that I think they couldn't make it cheaper, they are using most of the parts from the Pre and pre plus (screen etc apart from the glass) and Apple and HTC can make much more powerful phones with bigger higher resolution screens and sell them for less?

Releasing the phone at

I don't think Apple and HTC can make them for less. I don't want to debate it here though.

Also, it seems that you are really frustrated by your current battery life. Have you checked the health of your battery and/or replaced it. My original Pre developed a REALLY bad battery life towards the end, but my Pre Plus is actually not that bad. However, I do have touchstones located at home, work and in my car. I'm pretty sure that it won't last 24 hours, but I think it would get you 16 hours. Check the forums for information about battery problems if you haven't already done so.

I dont have an issue with battery life as I switched to a BB 9700 to solve the issue, and I get over 4 days per charge now. I had one of the Mugen 1280Mhz batteries to boost my Pre, and I still struggled.

I'm not having a go, but lets face facts, it's the most commented on and complained about factor of the Pre and Pre Plus. Why not try and improve it in the simplest way possible by fitting a larger battery?

These phones must be battery or phone specific. Or perhaps a combination.

I have no complaints about my battery. It last over a normal 8-5 workday and then till I go to bed. 500/1ghz uberkernel, heavy sms usage, phone calls, various game playing, web browsing, etc.

As far as the keyboard-go ahead and call me a moron then. I have typed on various BB keyboards, just not a fan of the BB Keyboards i have used. I think it is safe to say your post like mine, like everyone elses is opinion based.

Sorry, but I call spoof. I had a Pre, and Pre plus, both on Uber/Govnah and not, and I never got a full days use, maybe for texting but never for mail. Never. I have three accounts pushing a large number of mails, calendar and contacts, and while I concede that this isnt the same for everyone, the Pre set itself as a BB business competitor, it has to match it in key areas. This is a key area for any heavy user.

As for your keyboard choice, that's totally fair. It just happens that about 95% of people and the tech press would share my opinion as opposed to yours.

Before you say spoof, take note that just off the details you mentioned it sounds like you have a good bit more coming to your phone than i do. I have no calendars, 3 mail accounts, but only 1 gets used frequently.
I will admit there have been times my phone will die on me long before the end of the day, but I know that is due to the long conversations and/or heavy camera usage. In fact just this past saturday I went through 2 batteries because i took so many videos and pictures while maintaining my typical daily usage.
So in that respect, yes, battery can be much improved.

On a side note, If the Pre keyboard was about the size of an old Treo Keyboard I would be fully happy.

At the same time, If your talking about the typical BB that you see out there. I would not think that is a good comparison for battery.
I havent heard of anything current that will have the battery a BB does. iPhone - decent battery but no BB, Android - many say is worse than the Pre but again still no BB. I say the closest thing that could come close to a BB in terms of lasting battery are the old Palm device (treo, etc)

I would have loved the current pre but with the Pixi keyboard, it's brilliant for its size.

I know I have more coming in than a lot of others, but I have had a good few phones with this set-up, and few were worse than the Pre. Correct about Android, it seems to last all day then goes from 80% to zero when you click an unoptimised app or forget to turn off all of Googles big brother tracking.

I has a Nokia n900 after the pre, keyboard was brilliant but battery life about the same. I might give the E7 a rattle wen it comes out, Nokia's hardware is superb, and I can live with Symbian ok.

I do value battery life, I have to with the amount of mail I get, which is why I cant get away from BB, but I would love a phone that had a better OS. I use the Bold 9000 now, went back one form the 9700 for the better keyboard, but it means I can never upgrade.


-No. carrier subsidization

-Expensive a la carte option with limited distribution

-Next to zero marketing

This thing is D.O.A.

you are correct sir


I just don't know about this. I was all fired up to buy one, but now I'm debating it. I am worried that the OS is not supported yet (by the homebrew community), so my current Palm Pre Plus is going to be able to do more than my new Palm Pre 2. Still, I have until Monday to decide now.

eat some mushrooms and thing reeeealllly deep about it... you will know then my friend, you will know

I know this is not the superphone that webOS-lovers had expected. In my opinion it can't compete with the iPhone 4 or Galaxy S but I like the form factor and for me it is good enough. So if it comes to Germany not overpriced I'll get one.

I love the form factor, but not to the tune of

Damn thats expensive, I was considering getting one as my pre is starting to give up and was hoping for marginally improved battery life with it...

I am surprised HP are not selling it at cost, or as a loss leader to get people hooked on webOS, or at least offer something to those who have been loyal to the phone from the beginning ...

They are going have something pretty special when it comes to renewing my contract next year to get me to go for this!

Just wanted to defend the keyboard and form factor to, its why i went for the pre, I love the way it feels in my hand and never any problem with the keyboard...

I am not saying it's the worst keyboard out there, it isn't by a long shot, but neither is it the best. (The BB is in my humble opinion, and that of 95% of the press). I'm only pointing out that it was an issue for many people, myself included, and HP/PALM haven't even tried to remedy it in any way.

I think that using the same battery when the new OS doesn't give a big improvement is unforgivable. That's the single biggest downfall of the first two iterations, it was highlighted in every single review of the Pre and the Pre Plus. To then make the same mistake and charge

AGREED! a 1350 mah battery easily fits in this damn thing with no need for a new back cover (i have one in there) WTF is palm doing?!

hp has only made it worse.

webOS is not in good hands.

so really the only aspects of this phone that dont really compete with the other leading phones on the market are the screen size and no front camera... i was just wondering. even though the rez on the screen hasnt gotten and better, has the screen improved? as in contrast ratio and more evenly backlit? anyone think they know?

Pre 2 is dead in the water at that price. FAIL!

A couple of related thoughts:

-I agree, the BB keyboard is better, but Palm has a few wins there. Making the '@' ',' and '.' keys defaults vs. Alt-keys was genius.

-I paid $450.00 USD for my Pre+ unlocked if you count the AT&T no-contract rate plus NextGenUnlock. Still cheaper than

Great point, I really miss that about the Pre keyboard, although I would miss the "hold any key to make it capital". That's a great feature. Double tap on space for a full stop is top notch too. I also like that when I finish typing a mail or SMS I can just keep clicking the trackball, and it will go to options>send. I dont have to move my hands or even fingers at all, it's so instant. Having to readjust your hands so you can touch the screen for the little paper airplane seemed great, and is nice, but just isnt as practical or ergonomic.

And who's next for release date? Germany? And 400 bucks is too much for a not so big change to a phone.

Um, that's not $400; that's 400 Pounds Sterling, as they used to say. About $640 today. {Jonathan}


Way too expensive.... This phone should be out for 250-300 euros SIM-free

I don

You guys are an absolute riot. So you think HP's first move should be to undercut their distributors, the phone companies! Serious, did you not see the article about SFR pretty much giving it away after rebate. The more disparity between the unlocked price and the contract price the better for the carriers. They are making friends with the carriers while providing for the developers at a good price. Not bad strategy to try to get the carriers back on board. Now,
here's a relevant question I don't kn.ow the answer to, "what is the price for unlocked
current generation BlackBerrys
or IPhones or Droids?" This is the "next Pre." not even the current Pre. And it's unlocked.


So much for your "theory" (aka wishful thinking):

Are they kidding???

pre 2 will fail. Like the others did. Bye bye palm. See ya.