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Palm US market share decline ends, smartphone market grows 6

by Derek Kessler Tue, 27 Oct 2009 5:15 pm EDT

ChangeWave smartphone survey trends

While Palm may not be putting up the same kind of sales numbers as Apple and Research in Motion, the release of the Pre has at least managed to reverse the trend of declining market share for the smartphone maker. In a survey conducted last month by ChangeWave Research, Palm posted its first non-dropping market share numbers in two years, holding steady at 7% of surveyed smartphone owners. The last survey, conducted in June, also showed Palm at 7%, though Apple logged a five percent jump to September (to 30%) and RIM’s BlackBerry line dropped one point to 40%.

In total, ChangeWave surveyed 4255 consumers, with 39% of those surveyed owning a smartphone. That’s an increase of 2% from June, even in the face of tightening purse strings and a severe economic recession. Even more impressive, that is a doubling of ownership numbers from two years ago. Not mentioned in the survey: Windows Mobile, Android, or Symbian. Given US market trends, it might be safe to assume that Windows Mobile holds the #3 slot (for now), followed by Android, webOS, and then Symbian. But hey, at least one out of every fourteen American smartphone owners has a Palm device.


Riight.. what a useless graph.

Right Android is way ahead of Palm and so is Windows Mobile. Hopefully palm will atleast get better of Windows Mobile.

Palm really needed to double their market share with the Pre.

If the Pre couldn't, what will? The Fairy, I mean Pixi?

really? double their market share in 4 months?

if they had snagged a deal for a concuurebt release on a gsm carrier with the release on Sprint they would have bagged more sales and goten a bigger bounce. IMHO

I really believe that what's hurting us is advertising, I see other ph companies n talk to ppl out there n ppl doesn't even knw what this ph is capable of n the reason for that is the way sprint advertises it, other ph companies explain the details about their phs better