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Palm Voice pops up on Verizon Wireless mystery subdomain sporting LTE 64

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:03 pm EST

We don't quite know what to make of this, but a couple enterprising readers have discovered both an interesting product page on an interesting subdomain on The product is listed alternately as the Palm Voice Test and the Palm LTE Voice and lives on the subdomain "testman" - a reference to the "Can you hear me now" guy. Switching to www makes the product page go away. Other than the intriguing references to Verizon's 4G LTE network and the name, the Palm Voice page specs look to be identical to the no-longer-avaiable Palm Pre Plus on Verizon. Finally, the Palm Voice's product ID in the URL seems to indicate it's fairly new (and it doesn't match what the old Pre Plus product ID was, either).

In other words: we have no idea what this is, but the whisper of a hope that Palm is close to releasing a 4G LTE phone is enough to have us put this "Palm Voice" out there. If anybody can shed more light on this, you know where to find us.

Update: The page has been taken down. Engadget speculates that the language on the page suggests both different 4G data plans and the possibility that this could be the first phone to make phone calls over LTE - the phones announced at CES use LTE for data and CDMA for voice.

Update 2: Techcrunch adds some color around what's going on here. Short version: don't read too much into the "Palm Voice" name, but the possibility of an LTE webOS device is certainly still in play.

Source:; thanks Haubey & Joe at techtrackr!


wrong network :-(


It's a ray of hope that the 2/9 event will include a new phone.

I am not too worried because it's Verizon. That doesn't mean there won't be something new for Sprint. After all this was pulled from the Verizon site and not HP's.

I can't believe that HP would be stupid enough to give Verizon an exclusive. If they really do announce an iPhone this week then that device will simply crush any other smartphone on Verizon for a while, and a VZ only webOS phone will sell like a refreshed Razor.

Does this actually confirm that Verizon has an exclusive on whatever phone HP is developing?

Iphone wasn't crushing everything at ATT. Lots of people bought it. But lots of people also bought BB's and other phones. If people really wanted Iphone, they most likely would have moved to ATT by now. The greatest impact this will likely have is people moving from ATT to VZ to get iphone service. VZ has put a lot of money and time into the droid branding and they're not going to let that die. In the end, the droid platform is probably more advanced than ios, and the VZ reps will be quick to do a side by side between the IP and the droid-of-the-week before they hold out the contract. There is much better margin on the droid.

The iPhone did make it so AT&T would neglect any other device for the past few years. This is the problem that caused the Pre Plus to be neglected, the single-minded focus that Verizon and AT&T place on "exclusive" devices while at the same time failing to promote or even try to sell ANYTHING else.

For Verizon, it has been "Droid" devices, and for AT&T it has been the iPhone. You call an AT&T store, and the message is all about "home of the iPhone", not even talking about ANYTHING else. Sales people PUSH the "big" devices and fail to show prospective customers anything else.

So, we do NOT want to see any new WebOS device get that "exclusive" treatment unless the carrier is going to really hype that device.

What surprises a lot of people is how little ATT promoted the Iphone. They've never given it more than .33 exposure on the website. It's almost always excluded from their catalog and direct offers. The TV ads were all apple for the first couple years. Recently, ATT has kicked in enough to get their exclusivity mentioned or the "talk/surf" tout out there.

But, you are correct,they've been lazy about promoting a co-champion the same way they got lazy about their 3G/4G buildout. It's hard to say where their focus will be now that their champion is no longer exclusive and may now cost them accounts. Palm's lack of splash was largely the impact of being an old piece of hardware by the time ATT got it. WebOS has enough uniqueness to warrant it becoming a near-champ at ATT, but I dont see HP getting a lot of traction in Wireless yet, no matter what they come out yet.

Very interesting. I'm sure they just used their old Pre Plus photo as a placeholder since there probably aren't any promo photos of this mystery device.

4 weeks. Can't wait.

...then 4 months

If it's something tangible then I can deal with it. The silent treatment is driving me up the wall.

Interesting. An Unknown 4G Palm That Flew Under The Radar. Makes You Wonder How Much HP Can Be Hiding Since They've Been Doing It So Well.

At this point, it has to be 4G (or iPhone) to sell at all.

Oh, Please tell me it's a Palm Pre 2, with an LTE radio, and Voice Commands!?!

hopefully it is something better than that

Because HP only wants to sell a couple hundred phones.

I know there are people that like the overall small form. But that would be a VERY small minority of smartphone owners.

I am going to seriously die laughing if tomorrow's Verizon announcement is for a phone called the Palm Voice.

It isn't. Much like how we all know Apple won't let somebody else announce their products, HP and Palm won't allow somebody else announce their products.

That logic is flawed in that if the iPhone on Verizon is announced tomorrow, Apple will be allowing somebody else to announce their products.

But the iPhone 4 is already announced, this is just the announcment of a new carrier for it. Apple didn't announce when Vodafone and Orange got the iPhone 4 on UK and Spain, neither when Iusacell and Movistar did the same in Mexico.

All the internets have already discussed why Apple would allow Verizon to announce an iPhone.

Not flawed. It has been said that Steve Jobs might be at that event. If Steve Jobs is there, then Steve Jobs will be the one calling it a "revolutionary" partnership.

Don't forget the "magical" nature of Verizon's network!

Pretty interesting! I agree w thought that HP/Palm will introduce a new WebOs LTE phone(s), I hope. Also, does this give us a road map to Verizon's strategy of getting more 4G products in our hands?

except that tomorrow Apple *is* letting someone else introduce their product... nevertheless, hopes are high for the feb. 9 event. HP was listed as one of Verizon LTE's partners, after all...

We don't know what VZW will announce until they announce it.

And even then, it has been said that Steve Jobs will be there. If Steve Jobs is there, then Steve Jobs will be the one calling it a "revolutionary" partnership.

sweet!!!!!!. I hope that HP slams it out of the park on Feb 9. Looks more encouraging as we get closer.

Only $49.99 with new 2yr contract and qualifies for BOGO? Doesn't sound like much of a phone. That may be there from the Pre+ though.

If HP releases a competitive phone with quality hardware at a $50 price point, I think that would be a helluva deal. If you're a feature phone user looking to switch to a smartphone, unless you've done your research (which most people haven't), you'll go for the cheapest phone. Since these are the consumers HP is gunning for, I think this would make a great deal of sense. Use HP's scale that we've heard so much about in order to undercut everyone on price. If that ends up being the price for the next-gen Palm phone, then that's good for all of us.

Or you'll go for the phone with greatest brand recognition. At this point, iPhone followed by Android have greatest brand recognition, but HP also has great brand recognition. We just have to see how that translates to smartphones.

Very true. But if you're used to paying between $50 and $0 for your feature phones, and facing the prospect of having to pay at least another $15/month for data, price becomes the deciding factor for many people. But, since Verizon is getting the iPhone this month, I'm sure sales reps will be pushing that in favor of the Droids even. But for people who won't/can't spend $200 on a phone, a $50 Palm will be a steal. I still think the original Pre on Sprint is a good deal at $50, given what it can do. That said, its age makes me hesitate. I doubt HP would release a new phone at $50, unless this is that "teen" phone everyone is so up-in-arms about.

Interesting indeed, but read the details, The Palm® Pre™ Plus phone. I don't think that this is happening too soon. And I certainly don't think HPalm is going to let Verizon steal the thunder of making an announcement on a new device.

Oddly, the picture shows a Pre 2 (judging by the bezel) when viewed straight on, but it becomes a Pre Plus the moment your "grab" the phone image and turn it.

Actually it's a pre plus the entire time. You can tell by the speaker at the top, which is a bright white bar on the Pre/Pre Plus, but on the Pre 2 it is a black slit.

All I know is that if HP doesn't drop some pretty phones soon, then I am moving on. I am not excited to know they have an upcoming event a month after CES to let us know we have several more months to wait before we see anything webOS! When they drop the shit, it better be worth waiting for because i am really digging the windows phone7. I am loyal to palm and webOS to the point of looking like a fool! But, don't think that 4g is going to win my heart so, that's why I have to wait!

I like the idea of 4G, but every single carrier is touting that they have the fastest 4g. I'm trying to figure out how any carrier can claim 4g when no real 4g standards have been set??? You'll get my point if you walk into a Verizon store and ask them how they can claim they have real 4g! They will literally tell you that what Sprint has is not 4g! I ask them what 4g statndards are and then the conversation gets real choppy and obtuse! 4g and LTE are marketing gimmicks!

Take a look at your home ISP's for instance, My Comcast can download 50Mb/sec. wouldn't that be equivalent to say 10g. Yet, you have mobile carriers telling us that they want the home business too! They've got us believing they are really that good! They are not! When a mobile provider can give me 10g service then I will say "oh wow, they are really doing something!" But, cmon, you're touting a nonstandardized 4g platform. Why can't you just improve your service without trying to get us (the consumer) thinking that what we currently have is not good enough! I've never seen Comcast advertise 4g service, yet I can buy a service that downloads 50Mb/sec and uploads 10Mb/sec. !!! I'm sure they hit 4g 10 years ago!!! if mobile ISP's are so good then give me a choice and allow me to decide whether I want 2g, 3g, whatever (x)g service I'm willing to pay for! Don't keep telling me I need 4g when it's not even standardized and couldn't hold a candle to home ISP's. I'm not drinking the goofy juice...Sorry

Right now, the truth is there are no 4g standards and all of the carriers that claim 4g service have spotty service at best!

I'm saying all of this to say that 4g is just another shepherd trying to move the flock in another direction. It's not necessarily better just different. I'm not going to say it's better because you have to pay extra for it and I really don't think that if you double my data rates that I'm going to get double the benefit. It's not good enough to have the service working at home, but when i drive 50 miles it's out of order! However, the money I paid for the service can be spent anywhere!!!!!!!!!!

The marginal propensity to consume decreases dramatically when you consider "bang for the buck".......but you will all flock anyways!!!

I'd be perfectly happy to have 3g service that is solid and uncongested while the rest of the herd flocks to overpriced 4g service!!!

Isn't there a rule that any single comment can't be wordier than the post itself?

The end was mostly exclamation points though, so it's ok.

Cool story bro.

The idea of 4G when it comes to cell phones is the generation of the technology used for communications. By that definition, LTE qualifies as a 4G protocol since it is by nature a level above HSPA+(an evolution of 3G).

Speed isn't a true measure of generations either, since a minor adjustment that provides a 20 percent performance boost is still using the old technology, just tweaked. Going from ethernet to fiber on the other hand would be a full generation worth of updates. Remember, cable internet service has had the ability to deliver 100 megabit service for years, but no provider in the USA has the bandwidth to provide that speed to ALL customers.

I'm confused - The ad boosts the "4G Lte", but in the 'Key Features' it boosts the "3g Mobile Hotspot".
I got to figure this is not ready for prime time yet.

Seeing how it's under "testman", I'd say that's correct.

it is something interesting. That little poem by HP did mention leaks possible.. I'm really looking forward to feb 9th.. I was going to dual device it with an Android phone (think I threw up a little in my mouth) and a PalmPad when it comes out "in the coming months"... But rumors of the PalmPad and HP WebOS phone working together is what's making me hold out until Feb 9th....

my only worry is I'm on Sprint since 1999 and will not leave seeing as I am more concerned about my bills then the latest gadget.. If I can get both (good bill & awesome phone) like I did when the Pre came out BONUS. Unfortunately the only thing that has been mentioned coming to Sprint has been the PalmPad.. So heres to crossing my fingers for the trifecta (awesome phone, awesome tablet and the good customer service & decent pricing plan at Sprint)...... Can't help it I want my cake and eat it too.. Lol

You can get the good bill part on T-Mobile. Awesome network -- where it works. If you are in one of those areas, that might work for you.

That said, I don't see webOS on Magenta any time soon. However, a pentaband phone that *works* with T-mobile is a possibility.

That is the failing of T-mobile, that phrase, "where it works". Most people want a phone that works wherever they go, not just when they are at home.


well even thou most don't do their research, I'd have to say that the uneducated (and there's many more than educated)go for what their friends say and what makes them 'cool' so chances are they'll end up with an iphone or an android. I wouldn't say they go for what's cheapest

Very valid point, but I think for a majority of people, price wins in the end. My girlfriend, for example, switched from Verizon to Sprint for a cheaper monthly plan. She wanted an Evo or Epic, but couldn't afford the $200 pricetag, plus the $10 premium data charge, so she got a Pre for $50. There are many people out there who will get the iPhone or Droid because it's cool and flashy, but I say from experience that many people buy based on price.

Guys - don't worry about the price, picture, or "3G hotspot" stuff. It's just the Pre Plus page being used as a placeholder for something new related to voice on 4G/LTE. It's not a page the public is supposed to be seeing yet.

People don't quite comprehend what the website is, or what they just read about it do they? Kind of sad how that happens.

Gun, are you a Seminole? If so, nice to see a fellow Nole sporting webOS and here on Precentral.

Yep - last name Gunn and Nole fan.

If you ain't a GATOR, then you must be GATOR BAIT.

I agree the phone morphs when you turn it. I selected it and it let me get almost all the way to check out. There is also a buy one get one free option in there.

I sure hope the Palm LTE Voice is real and not just a joke.

@wiz... That's just a trick of the lighting. It's still the plus.

But I agree that this page was not meant for public consumption.

I would love this though I am not sure I would want to pay the extra... Now if they made LTE the standard price and dropped 3g...!

I think hp knows how high the stakes are, especially with the iphone and windows phone 7 launching on verizon in the next few months. Im fairly impressed there hasnt been a leak yet, but that might be troubling to, since it means a device could be even further.


With that said, I spoke with a Sprint Store Mgr yesterday and he told me that Sprint would be getting the new HPalm stuff when it came out. Here's to hoping.

Yeah, I'm still waiting for a retail store manager to tell me that he will definitely NOT be getting a particular product when it comes out.

Very much looking forward to Palm's conference next month. I am hoping Sprint would be getting a 4G Palm phone soon, similar the Evo.

Open letter to HP!

Stop teasing us and either release smokiin new hardware for us to buy, or don't and let us go on our merry way. The Freakin iPhone is coming to verizon and you had better get off your fanny before all of your potential customers lose their upgrades...

End Rant.


Finally a carrier has spoken. It's why Latin is used for naming conventions: no one uses the language, it's dead!
Great choice Verizon!

If the phone's name is voice, I think a good tagline would be 'Find your Voice' or something like that.

I just tried it, page it still up on site.

Maybe the Palm "Voice" is a phone that is just a phone, and just does "Voice"?? (You carry a separate Tungsten for PDA functions and apps?) Nah, too much a step backwards, even for our beloved Palm!

Seriously, though, would it be possible Vzn is announcing more than one thing tomorrow?

Maybe an iPhone, a Palm, and some sort of new Droid thingy (C3PO Anyone)?

Guess not, since it's not Feb.9th yet.

Maybe they might tease as to what HP is planning to announce.