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Palm: "You're going to find the next year very exciting," new devices on tap 153

by Derek Kessler Sat, 19 Jun 2010 2:02 am EDT


More than anything else we find ourselves clamoring for new hardware from Palm. The Pre and Pre Plus are getting to be incredibly long in the tooth (the base hardware was revealed more than 18 months ago). We all knew that something new had to be coming, and at the developers webinar hosted by AT&T today, Palm let it slip that new stuff is on the way. Asked if there were plans to release new devices this year, Palm’s rep said:

“I'm not allowed to talk about future roadmaps, especially because we're in the process of being acquired by HP, so I can't say. But yes we have a road map. We are working on future devices. And [a] new version of the OS. So I think, you're going to find the next year very exciting.”

Very exciting indeed. Watching what’s been coming out of Apple, HTC, and even Motoroa, we’re aching for new hardware in webOS land. Of course, “the next year” means that we have a approximate twelve-month timeframe in which to be excited, though our hope is that the excitement can be spread out over the entire period instead of one big pop. That said, he did say devices, not device, so hopefully the next year will bring more than one or two new launches.

One of those spread-out excitements we hope to see at some point is Flash. While all the delays have made us more than a bit jaded, the tip we got from sepherous isn't helping. After asking about the continuing delays with getting Flash onto web-friendly webOS, the response boiled down to Palm simply not being able to say what the hold up is.

Update: for completeness' sake, here's Palm's official statement on Flash:

‘Adobe and Palm continue to work together to bring Flash Player 10.1 to WebOS as quickly as possible. At present, the integration work between the Player and WebOS is undergoing extensive testing to ensure we deliver a high quality implementation.’

The full video of the webinar is due to be posted on AT&T’s developer site sometime in the mystical next week. Until then, we’ll just savor the transcripted bit and dream of a brighter future.

Thanks to Gerorne for the transcription!



1st Finally!!!
Oh yeah...great news.

Hey daredevil, put on your posting helmet. Now your mittens.

Sweet ... Cant wait for WebOS 2.0 on the New Devices!!! I hope it comes to sprint first as we've been a long time waiting for it!!

Same here, had my pre on sprint since last summer and have been waiting for a new webos device...This is good news but would be great to see it for sprint.

well....THAT IS GR8 NEWS!!!!!
Finally ... A bone.

TOld you 2011 will be palms year...for now ill hold on to my EVO.

>>And [a] new version of the OS. So I think, you're going to find the next year very exciting.

I was thinking the same thing. I just installed full flash on my EVO today. This freaking machine is awesome

THere are some many new devices out there, so many new ones, but none really convinces me. The phone that intrigues me most is the Nokia N8, imagine that Symbian. HAHA I don't want to stop using WebOS, how I hope Hp/Palm does something good...

I must admit I have been loosing hope..

Nokia has my attention as a Palm alternative. The new o/s should be cool and Nokia hardware is rock solid. Should be an interesting comparison with android if Palm doesn't get hardware and apps to go with the world's greatest o/s.

are you by anychance talking about the N8? because i too have been eyeing it, it seems like a really solid and neat phone

N8 is nice, but I prefer a physical keyboard. I'm looking a little further down the road at Meego O/S. But Sybian 3 should be a good interim choice with lots of app support and a proven platform. Probably not the greatest choice for most of the US market that get's their smartphone info from TV commercials.

Then move on. Why are you on here? You're annoying.


Flash is awesome? Or just-another-android is somehow awesome?

Dear Palm,
please give me a badass webos phone before christmas. It's getting tougher to spread the word about the magic of webos to all the sheep that surround us. They are all victims of marketing machines. Please give you us the power to enlighten them ....

Dear Palm,
please become a marketing machine.

lol !
yes..please become a marketing machine...that markets the best inte.gration of OS and Hardware.
Current status :
Hardware - WIP !

Awesomely stated!

i thought he sounded like a douche...

Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts Tyfoui. I just douched... and will use u as my bag.

way to lower the tone...

I still have my original, opening day Pre from over a year ago. All those new Android devices sure are looking nice and shiny. If Palm would just give me something to look forward to, even if it is 6 months away, I think I could hold out. Come on, just leak something! Specs, photos, anything!

+1 on that. I've given up on my Pre and am letting it run itself into the ground before planning on getting a Nexus One. However, if I can get a firm date on a DECENT piece of Palm hardware, I will try to eke the current handset out until that time, if it's not too far in the future...

agreed! need something new to be motivated towards

NOTHING, can be announced until the merger is complete. Probably about a month from now. So within six weeks from now, I'd expect guidance, probably not quite a full spec list, about what the future holds and some timing. Hopefully, its aggressive.

I was getting ready to gnaw off my own arm with all the mum-ness on anything new coming out at all, let alone this is better news than we've had, so YAY!

awesome news take that haters!


*looks around*

Haters? Where? It'd be good if Palm had a few more haters, because that would mean that people actually know about the phone. To hate is to care. The real battle here is awareness vs. ignorance and indifference.

What's the old saying about there's no such thing as bad publicity? If people aren't talking about Palm, positively or negatively, then that's a visibility problem.

I'm hoping for a great relaunch for Palm, but right now, it's kinda quiet.

so for now ok thanx ha had to say it

.com genius.
yes please...all of the doubters head over to

okay so if i have to wait for the next palm device a year okay a lil long but i can handle that can we atleast get the pre plus if we have to wait a year

Palm better start leaking some info on devices, I'm losing patience waiting for something to happen

Nice to hear this officially, but I'm not sure why people didn't think this already in the first place just because they didn't say it.

Dear Palm:
1. Give me a phone that is not defective and much faster
2. Refactor the core OS in C or webGL to to take advantage of the GPU
3. Widgets!
4. Release the new PDK with full mic/video access
5. More form-factors/more devices

I agree with points 1, 2, 4 & 5. #3, go see

Palm, please make a phone that won't break when you use it normally, whose software doesn't glitch up because the hardware sucks.

Please use the sleepy GPU so the interface is snappy and, umm, competitive.

So, not only do other phones have voice commands, but they have something better, VISUAL VOICEMAIL. Now, I don't need visual voicemail to get by, but I sure can use voice commands as I live in CA(where you are located) and legally cannot use my phone while driving unless its hands-free.

Please upgrade the amount of memory allocation to apps so that we can actually MULTITASK as advertised.

Oh, and is it possible to make it so that having multiple email accounts (including exchange) doesn't slow the phone to a grinding halt?

Here is my concession, if you can't do any of that. Could you bring the latest phone (read: Pre Plus) to Sprint please?

We were your early adopters of WebOS, we kept you out of bankruptcy long enough for HP to consider buying you. Throw us a bone!


Your semi-loyal Pre owner (yes, if there is no new hardware rumored or real in the next 6 months, I'm jumping ship. Sorry, but I need my phone to be reliable)

Youmail works great for visual voicemail. It costs $4, but it's worth it.

Palm updated the Pre hardware, both with the initial Pre Plus for Verizon, but even since then in the version that ships with WebOS 1.4.

Palm has already made a point that many of the things requested are already in the works. Speed is better with the Pre Plus version due to the larger amount of RAM. Other things are already available with some of the kernel releases and patches available via Preware, so asking for things that are already available seems somewhat silly.

Basically, the Plus versions take care of many problems with the original releases of the Pre and Pixi.

The "Plus" version are not available on all carriers. Sprint users are still waiting.

I know, but it may not make sense to release a plus version on Sprint when the next generation of devices is in the works.

Your statement is borderline absurd...

Not request Palm to add basic features like VVM because there are homebrew, patches or paid apps that allow you to do the same???

Nearly every high end smartphone on the market has VVM and voice dialing...

Thank you gmanvbva!

Something like voice dialing is NOT currently available in patch form, homebrew, kernel or any other sideloading "upgrade". Not available on Plus, not available on any network. WHY????

Because Palm hasn't opened up access to that yet. This is borderline deal breaker. This is basic functionality that the competitors have!

*sidenote: I'm on precentral, I read almost every article and the comments. I know WTF a Pre Plus is and how its different from a standard Pre. I'm asking for Parity among the carriers. Radio Shack has officially dropped the Sprint Pre. No announcements for new webOS hardware on Sprint. Nothing, nada. We kept you afloat, give us something back. We are all sprint premier customers now because we had to buy into the more expensive plans, that means we get upgraded after 12 months. Hey Palm, its been 12 months. I don't want your crappy phone anymore, give me the next bigger/better/faster!!!

& please ship with a large battery, that provides power comparable to iphone 5's

Isn't leaking early (18 months ago) part of the problem that Palm had? Huge hype then nothing for 6 months and other devices came out. The actual hardware was released almost exactly 1 year ago for Pre. So yes we're due for a new device but not overdue. Keeping mum till close to the release is a better policy for a smallish company where the loss of cash flow because people are waiting for the next device could be devastating. With HP, maybe that won't be a concern. I only hope that HP won't slow down the release process although I think they will to some degree. I would like to have seen Palm update CPU in addition to memory when they rolled out to new carriers. The only major weakness of WebOS is the speed. If the next WebOS update speeds up my Pre + further, then I really am ok until I qualify for next device.

I think so.

In the 6 months it took to get the Pre to market, Palm fell out of the minds of the public and behind tech standards.

I am hoping we don't hear anything until 30 days from launch.


Palm had long since fallen out of the limelight. If it were not for the moderate success of Centro a refresh of the 2yr old 700's, I doubt Palm would have lasted until EP. The new products 800/850 didn't really catch on, but Pre at least created a buzz so that any iphone or android news story, caught a mention of the Pre. The killer for Pre was not the six month wait, IMO, it was the incompleteness at lauch. Even today, they're only about 90% of the device I wanted in June 2009, and still missing several essential Palm and smartphone apps.

I feel confident that a robust future of devices lays before us with an interconnected ecosystem that could rival the Apple behemoth. In the meantime, OS improvements will at some point unlock the power of the GPU and continued optimization and APIs will extend the Pre's fundamental value proposition. I think app development is going to start increasing in tempo as well. It will be enough to satisfy me while I wait for the new hotness. I think its gonna be smoking.

So let me get this straight. The Pre may be THE Palm device until sometime in early 2011! Wow, that is thrilling. HTC will then be 3 generations ahead. Great news!

and still way

Where did you get from this the idea that there wouldn't be anything until early 2011? Seriously, some folks just seem to be LOOKING for bad news.

You assume that the next Palm device will be set at the 1GHz mark yet still not come out until some time next year. The moment the HP buyout is complete, we will probably get the announcement, and it may be something really cutting edge. Something like a dual-core 1.2GHz processor would be interesting, and even if an Android device came out a few months later with a slightly higher clock speed, Palm wouldn't really be "behind".

I attended the webinar and asked the question which generated the above response.

When I asked the moderator the question, was trying to get a hint of any upcoming devices by following a two pronged approach.

During the presentation, the moderator mentioned a hybrid of the PDK and SDK that was coming in the upcoming OS release. My first question was directed at finding out if this functionality would specifically an OS on an upcoming phone or if it was applicable to all webOS phones. It turned out to be the later. :(

I then specifically asked about new devices. That's when I received the above response.

So yeah, they're still being tight-lipped about anything in the pipeline. Too bad, someone hasn't left a C40 (or whatever they're going to call it) at a bar. ;)

Come on, folks, for those of you that are determined to to hear this pessimistically: the phrase "you're going to find the next year very exciting" does NOT mean the same thing as "you're going to find next year very exciting."

Rather, it means that the next year, which start's _now_, will be exciting. Why is that so hard to understand?

They could have said "you're going to find the next few months very exciting" or "the rest of this year" but they didn't. I wonder why? Saying that the next year starts now is like saying that the Pre will be released in the first half of 2009. LOL!

Or that they simply have a lot of things planned throughout the year.

i agree that is how i understood that comment too. people love to be pessimistic on this blog.

I typically keep my phones for around 2 years and I don't see any reason to change. My launch day Pre is holding up great and with Preware and the Govnah/Uber-Kernel my Pre is performing well. If it is next year, that's ok, I love my Pre and it will serve my fine until the next updated device is released from Palm (please be on Sprint, cause their rates rock).


+1. And I hope sprint doesn't follow at&t and kill unlimited data for smartphones. Aparently, I need 7+ gigs of data a month

I enjoy showing people that there are devices out there that can compete with the iPhone, so having a cutting edge device that would be faster than an iPhone 4 would feel good, since it would prove my point.


I can foresee a tablet-flavor of WebOS being introduced in the next year.

Or what about a super customizable OS version with a separate homescreen for widgets?

K Palm needs 4 Phones on the market,

1. Palm Pre (Maybe slightly bigger screen but not much) would rather bigger keyboard then screen thought

2. Landscape Keyboard phone

3. Slate with nice soft keybaord

4. Candy Bar

and of course a Hp-PalmPad

Then they are set and just update the same phones with better hardware & software for the next 5 years. Then everyone will have a palm they like with webOS.


agreed.. I have been saying this forever.. use HP's "scale" and cash, make multiple from factors to get webos in more hands!!

HP needs to make sure they don't release horribly wasteful devices though, since the stockholders would see that as evidence that the Palm purchase was a mistake, or at least it might make them kill the smartphone division.

So, what would be good would be these different devices, but they have to be properly priced and marketed. The build quality also needs to be a key focus(no more Oreo effect issues).

When has Palm delivered anything before the last possible day in a given timetable. The actual launch, all of the updates and I'm not even talking about Flash. Early 2009, mid 2009, late 2009, early 2010 or first half 2010. Palm has not earned any goodwill.

Palm better have new hardware THIS YEAR, or they will be gone.

That's the problem with hints, they can do more harm than good.

With all the carriers unloading their Palm inventories, their better be new handsets SOON.

It is already too late for the Sprint Premier customers, many of whom have already moved to the Evo.

Palm doesn't need lots of phones. They need to release one very solid phone with all the things it lacks (two max). I'd rather see one or two devices that really step it up than more mediocre ones like most of the Android market. It needs to take a few steps further than where everyone else is right now. And they need good marketing.

Some people want the physical keyboard while others want a large touchscreen device. Releasing different products that satisfy the preferences of different sets of the userbase would do Palm a LOT of good right now.

Clearly, the success of the iPhone has shown that a physical keyboard isn't required by everyone, so why not make a phone with the touchscreen keyboard?

I agree, I mean Apple only beings out one phone a year and they concentrate on making that a desirable product, HTC/Nokia brings stuff out ever few months making their devices interesting for a short time only as everyone waits for the next thing from them.

In the UK we are usually tied to 18 month contracts so I have 9 months left on my contract so I am waiting to see what palm brings out for when my contract is up for renewal.

My guess is that we will see an update to the Pre Plus, perhaps a larger screen with the slide-out keyboard that will be a bit wider to match the new larger screen.

The Pixi Plus is a great device to go up against the Blackberry devices, just because of the general similarity in appearance. So, I would expect a refresh part there as well.

Finally, we may very well see a touchscreen-only device that will directly go up against the iPhone in terms of appearance, which of course means the iPhone will get a beat-down due to WebOS being better.

Then you have the tablet space, which is up for grabs.

Agree those form factors make the most sense. There definitely will be a Palm touchscreen only device if only because most of the major new releases (esp HTC) are touchscreen only.

Damn !!!! Did I plan this right on cue..This year evo4g, next year upgrade...PALM...And. A new os...I can't ask for more.


thank you , about time they give word on a new device

Announced at an AT&T event ... Does not bode well for all us Sprint people!!

I will lay money down that Palm and Sprint have parted ways forever. If we want webOS I think we will need to switch carriers. I would love to be wrong, and will eat my words if I am.

This could be another reason the price of the Pre has stayed so high at Sprint ... a slap in the face of Palm and saying that sales numbers are terribly low.

i actually agree with you, i found it strange that the webinar was on ATT and he gave so many tidbits and the ATT lady said they are arranging an Developer event in california which sounds like ATT is supporting them (obviously not as much as their precious i phone but its strange they are doing this anyway ) the whole thing seemed to smell of palm moving to att.

with Sprint being pissed off and palm being pissed of (mutual pissed off-ness) wats left is tmobile, verizon and google. tmobile doesn't seem to be getting the pre at all, verizon is very concentrated on google and i think att just wants something for non iphone people so they can get those ppl on smartphone plans. and their not partial to google their new htc aria is midranged at best. so idk to me it seems to make sense.

I still kinda think theres a chance for sprint tho.

it wasn't an announcement, it was a response to questioned that happened to be asked at the ATT shindig.

don't be emo.

This needs to happen soon. My Pre is starting to go downhill BAD. Random restarts, very poor battery life, and slow OS. Yes, I've taken all the necessary steps to try to reverse all this, but its gone for the worst in the past month or so. If anyone has any recommendations on how I can get a new(er) Pre with Sprint, shoot me a message. Don't know how lenient they are with shipping out new ones, like VZW used to be...

I have something like 15 patches installed. I'm curious if you have any installed, and if you have tested them to see if one of them might be causing the restarts. I haven't had *any* problems with the homebrew patches (and apps) I've installed...

Did you disable logging? That will give you a speed up. Also, try disabling or updating patches to resolve the resets.

3 new HPalm webos phones
3 new HPad webos slates

as for marketing new products
head to head demos against iphone , ipad or android.....
marketing gets easier when product quality is better.

christmas 2010 is going to be very exciting.

Sprint no longer wants to sell or support the crappy Palm Pre the phone that gave them the worst headache and probably no profit due to all the exchange/returns. I wouldn't blame Sprint if they abandon Palm and the Crappre ! Let's face it the Pre has not been good for business for any carrier.

Palm also advise during webcast not to expect any screens smaller than the pixi. Bring on the bigger screens and the tablets!

Could this be HP's attempt to string us along and hold us over while the new iphone 4g is being released?

I think I'm over the knee jerk reaction of jumping over to EVO, but it's getting harder and harder not to be tempted by the new handsets coming out.

My next urge I will need to fight is the samsung galaxy S which looks pretty darn good!

I think we can all expect to see leaks around November and December, with an official announcement at CES, of WebOS 2.0 and one new flagship phone. Expect the Pixi to carry on until the summer of 2011.

That would be too little, too late. If that happens the only place you will see webOS is on the toaster Mr. Hurd is pushing...

Are you serious two years without a new device? Forget about in this day and age...

The last time there was an official Palm announcement at CES, it took them 6 MONTHS to release a product.

So if that were the plan, and history holds, WebOS users are going to have to wait another full year from now before seeing new hardware. WAY too late for Sprint Premier customers, although might bode well for Sprint non-Premier customers coming off a 2 year contract.

As much as I loved WebOS, I was not willing to wait for a bigger screen, faster system, and more software options. I now have the Evo. There are some things I *SERIOUSLY* miss about WebOS, but the Evo has been a blast so far.

The last time there was an official Palm announcement at CES, it took them 15 DAYS to release two product. (Remember Palm Pre & Pixi Plus?)

I just don't consider those to really be new products (and also don't apply at all to Sprint). Same Pre, same OS rev, just more mem.

The point is valid though, we have WebOS, and it is mature enough at this point to get it to market fairly quickly. The real key about the delay from initial announcement to release on Sprint was that Palm was showing a proof of concept when they first announced the Pre. Palm had been out of the competitive market for a long time, so they wanted to get some interest in the WebOS platform for app development as soon as possible.

Honestly, they have the hardware already in development, and all they need to do would be to put different radios in there to support different carriers, and bingo, they are mostly set. It is also possible that Palm is setting themselves up to offer one of the first 4G devices for AT&T, since AT&T is looking to begin deploying 4G service in 2011, so the radio MAY be going in for a late 2010 release with support for 4G already in there.

I dont think announcing a new device will take nearly as long as announcing an entirely new platform. And with HP dollars providing guidance and resources, things should start to flow smoother.

You're not a business analyst, are you crxssi?

No, I am just speculating.

You are right that is should be easier the next-time-around, since it is not a whole new platform. But there is also the sale-to-HP to contend with. Such [so-called] "mergers" usually have a very negative effect on operations until everything is sorted out again. This could present additional delays for new offerings.

This merger is a verticality issue. HP doesn't make phones (they sell them) so there will not be any issue of combining operations. They'll swap out the Sr managers, look at Palm's plans (and likely have already as part of the prospectus) and probably greenlight a new device and over see WebOS development to assure it meshes with HP's nonphone plans.

Palm has learned, don't skimp on hardware, so most likely, they'll go with a more proven or simpler form factor. I'm sure the hardware is already designed and likely spec'ed and sourced in China, just waiting for the go-ahead to start manufacturing.

So I'd expect Peralta to release well before the holidays and CES to showcase drastic upgrades to WebOS, the missing apps and some demo teases for nonphone application of WebOS.

i think sprint will be wanting palm in future if not they will regret it cuz i lik sprint but i will be gone

For Palm's sake, "the next year" had better not mean 2011!

some thing needs to be announced after the merger is finalised or atleast a leak of the up and coming device and create as much buzz around it. Motorola have already announced the new droid and if i am not mistaken thats almost a yr after the first droid was announced. What ever palm does, they need to woaw everyone like they did in CES2009 i dont think just the hardware alone will cut it, some fine tuning needs to be done on Webos, include more features and some unique ones.

Bottom line, this is good news for palm and all webOS users. New devices are coming, an updated webOS is on it's way, and the device has only been out one year.

I feel all the whining on this site is from all the sprint users who are bored of their one year old phone. The rest of us vzw and att customers have just gotten our phones, the plus versions, with better build quality, and with a slightly more refined webOS than what the original adopters on sprint have had.
you guys went through a lot of growing pains, but it was a FIRST generation device afterall. The original iphone had no app store, the htc G1 was a bad phone, the original bb storm was terrible...compared to those I think the pre was better. And the pre plus is even better. So give Hpalm some time, they are only gonna get better.

if you want to jump to the evo, go ahead. Just don't whine when the next android of the month comes out that bests the evo.

palm now has a promising future. Can't anyone get excited about this? I am ectastic!!!

That is a good post. And you are right- the Sprint people (like I am) had to wait forever for the phone, then got one with a lower build quality and had to suffer through many many months of updates to get the phone really working. Then everyone else gets twice the memory and after a year, Sprint still doesn't even offer the Plus versions. Big mistake.

The overall experience for other carriers' Pre customers will be much better, as you point out.

But the same Premier thing that works for jumping to the Evo can work for jumping back to something new in the WebOS world next year.

Exactly. That's my plan... If Palm gets their act together. I have a line I am keeping with full eligibility just in case something happens before the end of the year. Next April I will have 3 lines eligible.

So I guess Palmcast is back next week :D

I like my Palm Pre but if Palm leaves Sprint, I'll be doing the Evo dance... I can't see myself switching carriers for a phone... If that was the case I'd have a Pre Plus right now. I'm not sure if my Palm is gonna last long enough to get the "soon to be released within the next year" version.

Palm will never "leave" sprint. Sprint may not make them their Smartphone flagship again soon, but I'm sure they will carry them outside of any exclusivity agreements. They have a long history and need each other.

I'd have to go buy another "Palm Plain" just so my phone can make it through the year .. Sprint should have been had the Pre Plus.

I am hanging onto my release day Pre until Palm provides me a new device to buy! :)

You might just be hanging onto that phone for a very, very long time...

sweeeeeeet......... I can switch to the EVO for a year and then see what is available. I hate to leave this OS but 18 months with no new hardware announcement.................. You have got to be kidding me


1 year away? this is worse than no news.... i was expecting it no later than the end of THIS year :(

writing for myself, my Palm is more about WebOS than the hardware. I have an original launch day Pre, and yes ... it may seem old after 1 year, but I can't jump ship to another OS. I love the muti tasking too much. That is enough to hold me over until new hardware is announced

The new devices had better the hell not be released on Sprint first then Verizon half a year later then ATT four months after that.

I am agree to new palm devices. i like for new palm devices are in market beacouse i have an original launch day pre, and yes. it may seem old after 8 month. thanks you.
Quick Trim

I am agree to new palm devices. i like for new palm devices are in market beacouse i have an original launch day pre, and yes. it may seem old after 8 month. thanks you.

You don't have an ORIGINAL launch day Pre, if you did, it would be over a year old.

I am agree to new palm devices. i like for new palm devices are in market beacouse i have an original launch day pre, and yes. it may seem old after 8 month. thanks you.
[URL="]Quick Trim[/URL]

I am agree to new palm devices. i like for new palm devices are in market beacouse i have an original launch day pre, and yes. it may seem old after 8 month. thanks you.
Quick Trim

If we follow Palm's history of litaralness...
In the next year most likely means December 2011 or 18 months, not the next 12 months.

Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

In English, "the next year" would wind up on 6/17.

"next year" would end 12/31/11.

Hopefully, Palm's announcement will be right after HP acquisition on july 31. Wouldn't make sense before despite fans' fervent wishes. Without HP's backing, there's no money for manufacturing new devices. I just want all the designs are finalized and ready to go after acquisition goes through.

I recently caved and purchased an EVO after months of having Pre "issues"(love/hate relationship!)However, I paid full price for the EVO and will gladly consider another webOS device for my available fall update if something a little more solid hits the market. To that end-I have a friend that works for Sprint that says they have been told new Palm devices are on their way soon!

i hope they include a touchstone back standard on future webOS devices.

I hate to say it, but part of me hopes the new devices aren't due out until the end of the year... I'll want to punch myself silly for getting a Pre Plus recently if they're releasing new hardware within the next 2-3 months.

THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! Almost as big as E3 IMO.


fricken usb door on my pre broke today. just venting.

hopefully they don't even think about making it sprint exclusive. Would be just the same plain dumb move of the palm management, like the first sprint exclusivity neckbreaker "deal" they made last year.

might be good for the sprint customers, but absolutely not for palm, they need a better base.

It needs to be on a phone made by HTC. It would also need to be released at the same time worldwide on the same day. None of this 6 months crap here and there.

None of this exclusive network rubbish.

So from now till then we need to see more apps too as the app store is still pretty dire. I very much look forward to a new phone but for now i will enjoy my HTC Desire.

That's great news, BUT..

This is the only site that's reporting this story, while ALL of the other important news sites are full of Apple's iPhone stories. HP/Palm may as well be lighting candles in the wind if their marketing is limited to (no offence).

On Bloomberg LP and Reuters, this story is reported dozens of times from different industry angles. And, it's not exactly mind blowing stuff. There are two options. No future for phones OR new phones and o/s to come.

So, Palm at least, believes HP will back their roadmap for new devices and major O/S updating. Not a shock, but nice to hear phones are expected from an insider.

Yes, it's a great news.
But how long we have 2 wait? Till Moto release Droid 3? Apple release iPhone 4GS? Or HTC release dozens of new models......

I'm letting my contracts run out on Sprint. I have a feeling that Palm isn't too happy with Sprint. AT&T has really been brown nosing Palm and they may be the next release carrier for the next Palm device.

I think ATT is positioning themselves to weather the fallout of the iPhone exclusivity expiring. It's a move to diversify. I hate ATT on GP though, ever since way back when they bought MCI before there was a mobile division.

lmao at everyone getting excited because Palm said they "have a road map"!

No Sh1t... That doesn't mean you wont be waiting 8-16 months for their next baby step. At the pace they have moved over the past 18 months... it will likely be another 18 before some of this comes to fruition.

The touchscreen stopped working on my pre. It was pretty beat up, perhaps because I seem to always be throwing it around. Broken plastic, quite a few cracks and scratches in the body. Took it into sprint to see if they could do ANYTHING to make it last a bit longer hoping for an announcement like this. The rep looked at it and then exchanged it for a new (refurb) pre, no questions asked. So I'm happy and can wait to see what's coming out before I buy anything new!

There ist always the difference between what I want and what I must have...
In both I want and must have a stable and optimized system (Graphic-chip to do the cpu-load-rejection) and a solid hardware (keyboard without repeating letters, slide-mechanism-construction)
What I want:
A bigger screen
A faster hardware

What I must have:
Support for more dataformats
longer bat-lifetime

What must be:
A Operating-system update-policy as Apple does have:
even the iPhone and iPod Touch of the first generation have been supportet with iPhone OS up to version 3.

And thats it...
when the system is optimised, I will be able to wait patiently for the next phone. And when the support doesn't let me as a customer fall apart of updates, that will be a secure base for customer loyalty into palm/hp
Its always a two way thing...

The only good news I want from Palm is a mid-August, early September release date for their new phone on all networks they're currently on.

Sprint is really screwed if they lose out on the HPalm action. If I have to move carriers because sprint no longer has Webos, it would be so much easier to join the Iphone clan. I'd rather stay on Sprint and have the next WEBOS phone. please make it happen Palm and Sprint!!!

Although I would never leave Sprint until their prices are the same as Verizons or more expensive than AT&T.

I think many are not thinking clearly, even with a new ph/hardware, the fact that the app store is a poor excuse compared to Adroid, and we see so many crap-apps that cost $2.00 and up,I mean really, why would I invest in a Palm if Palm can't get the app market going, don't give me this 2500+ already stuff, it's been a year.

I got a Pre cause I believed in Palm, but the sure are slow as the government on making a clear plan on an oil spill. I am going Android when my contract is up, so Palm has 3-4 months to show me they care and are still alive. I have friends wanting a new phone, I can't in good faith recommend a Palm Pre as it doesn't have the basics that iPhone or Android have, voice activated, decent multi-tasking, iPhone just took that or a decent and free base of apps.

Like many above, I gave Palm a shot, they did little to now nothing, and HP doesn't help them with crap statements either.

If I was Sprint, I would be looking at making my Palm folks happy, as Sprint can't bleed much more. I would also as Sprint be leery of Palm as they have done nothing to energize the base. Palm Fans alone won't make Palm survive.

Palm Fans alone won't make Palm survive.

BINGO! Said it before and will say it again. Palm needs to bring in and hold on to LOTS of NEW customers. My guess is that most "Palm Fans" bought the Pre and Pixi. For those fans that didn't, there were a few "new comers". They STILL wound up needing HP to bail them out.

It doesn't matter how loyal the Palm Fans are (and I was one of them since the original Pilot). There are simply not enough Palm Fans left to support Palm.

Get new customers! Make a better product! And, "dag-nabit", STOP EXPECTING US TO MARKET THIS FOR YOU!!!

Come on Palm, I am sitting with a beat up Sprint Pre that has a bad ringer (speaker phone). I would like to wait until a new Pre comes out to get the new one on warranty replacement. Unfortunately, this announcement makes me think this will be announced at the end of the year or early next. Oh, well, I will wait another month and then replace it. Hopefully, Sprint doesn't force me into an EVO. :-)

Ugh I just wish Palm had not wasted all of those resources developing the Pixi. It doesn't make any sense to make a lower end device when you're still trying to attract people to your platform!

Thanks, dthurman, your post appeared just as I was logging on to post something similar. Next to an up-to-date phone, the bottom line in my future consideration of an HPalm phone is the apps. I've had my Pre since launch on Sprint a year ago. I like webOS, but the apps I used on my Treo and apps I want from other vendors have yet to show up on the platform. I am giving Palm and HP a little time till the merger settles, but I don't want to wait much longer to get the productive type of phone I thought I would get with the Pre (without having to home-brew or "Classic" it).

My son's girlfriend got the new HTC last week. Uber-exciting, lets of glamour, etc. etc. Like the NYT's Pogue says, though, it's more hype than substance. She's kind of ambivalent about it.

THE BIG SCREENS DON'T FIT IN YOUR POCKET. It's a PHONE not a computer. Maybe guys stick it in a briefcase. I like it in my jeans pocket and they're not that big. She's terrified she's going to crack the screen.

EVO videoconferencing is TERRIBLE. I videoconference from my tiny tablet pc all the time (go HP!) and still have problems sometimes with bandwidth. They come out with an app for that on a new pre-like Palm WebOS phone and I'll be all over it. In the mean time, I can talk to people most of the time and Videoconference on my tablet.

What I lust after is voice recognition (my car does it, why shouldn't my phone?) and a really good Google Maps and Docs to Go App.

Remember why you loved the pre to start with? It is elegant, feels great in your hand, has that wonderful touchstone charger, a clear, bright screen, and multi-tasks.

It still does all those things.

I'm really looking forward to more business apps and more CPU, but if I want a bigger screen, I go for my laptop.

* Some of us don't care if it fits in a pocket (I am a guy, and I use a briefcase, belt holster, or fannypack anyway).

* I switched to the Evo *because* of the larger screen (and much faster UI). My eyes are just not as young as they used to be, and I really needed something larger. But the Evo is starting to push the max size, and I can't see wanting anything larger.

* I (for one) could care less about the video conferencing. That aspect is all hype anyway. Video phones have been around for ages and nobody cares. It is a novelty that wears off quickly, even if it isn't slow and choppy (which is exactly what I would expect on a cell phone).

Yes, I miss some parts of WebOS terribly. But when everything is said-and-done, I much prefer the Evo speed, size, apps choice, voice recognition, and stability (no more "too many cards", for example). If Palm puts out something that can compete, I will be back :)

Wow, Palm really hit a home run with this announcement! I can't believe more news outlets aren't carrying this story. Finally, Palm is back on top thanks to the new marketing department!


My 2 year contract has ended since February and I have been waiting (will continue to if I must) for a great device all around. To me, WebOS seems like it has potential, and that it looks like a hybrid between iOS and Android which is good imo. Palm needs to tune-up and add more features/APIs to their OS to be competitive against the rest of the mobile OSes. And of course, they need great hardware to get more devs and customers to look into it.

My dream phone would be:


- 4.1" FWVGA screen with or without a portrait slide-out keyboard or a landscape one. TS would be just fine.

- OMAP 3640 SoC, or the new Cortex A8 Dual Core SoCs.

- 512MB+ RAM

- 16GB+ internal storage, with MicroSD slot

- WiFi b/g/n

- 5mp+ camera with LED flash, 720p @30fps video recording with video editing and good camera features (ie Smile and Blink detection, touch auto-focus, etc)

- 3.5mm jack with TV-out (composite?)

- HDMI (mini to have more space for other internal components, and an adapter like the N8 provides)

- FM Radio (HD preferably)

- Accelerometer, Digital compass, gyroscope, etc... maybe an LED notification light

- Front-facing camera (WiFi only is ok since 3G in the US won't handle it properly, and also feature wise like the iPhone where you can use the rear camera as well)

- Use of a HSPA+ and CDMA chip to have one model for all carriers, thus reducing the time (and money?) to manufacture. Moreover, Palm (and HP) would only need to focus on one patch/firmware update instead of 3+ for each respective carrier.

- And of course, thin (if no keyboard) maybe less than 10mm.

Basically improve what the iPhone 4 is (ie making the screen 4.1", adding things, and of course WebOS isntead of iOS...)


- Improve and polish WebOS adding more features, frameworks, APIs, etc... to get the attention of more devs.

- GPU acceleration throughout the entire OS

I'm looking to buy my first smartphone and I really want to pull the trigger on a Pre Plus.

However two things have me concerned at the moment:
1. If Palm is planning on releasing a new phone after all the iHype dies down, I would rather wait and buy the new phone over the current one.

2. I know some carriers let you upgrade to a new phone annually. Unfortunately -- thanks to wife's jesus phone -- I am not so fortunate. Because I am with AT&T, I wouldn't be able to upgrade to a new phone until my contract has expired. At the end of which, I'd be slogging along with a 3 yr old Pre Plus. Not my ideal situation.