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PalmCast 124 - webOS 2.0 Redux 5

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 29 Oct 2010 12:31 pm EDT

Dieter, Derek, and Keith talk webOS 2.0, Palm Pre 2 rumors, and plenty more. Listen in!

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The reason we need PalmOS apps is that NOBODY is making new apps that do the same thing!!!! Tasks are still crap compared to PalmOS. Splash Shopper (grocery list) is nowhere as good as the PalmOS version. And, as you mention, where are the DocsToGo things?

WebOS was a step backward to the lowest iPhone common denominator. I can't get apps in Android or iOS or WebOS that REPLACE the PalmOS apps I depend on every day or week.

what is the problem with the pre 2? i believe the point is not the hardware - i do not want and i do not need a bigger (screen) phone whatever. it is the webOS that is stuck. i believe they need to work on the webOS it needs evolution in the card use - remember the dude with the nexus and how he handles cards there - and many other points. take a look at 2.0 and leave the pre 2 what it is: a solid good phone. we need 2.5 or something like that. the webOS is not at its best yet. its a dead end to think "super new hardware" is going to solve that webOS needs innovation.

LOL."the playstation phone has just been revealed"... "what!?!" thats too funny!!!!!

Love the Palmcast, just a quick comment re Spotify -
Here in the UK we love Spotify . . . BUT if you want to use the Spotify Mobile app, you have to have a paid subscription to Spotify (minumun is about

Re Palm Pre & Hardware
Actually the reason I don't have a Palm Pre (yet) is that the screen is too small for me!
The current Palm Pre is great for my wife - she loves it - that is why I bought it for her.
But I need (& want) a bigger screen (really bad eyesight),
bottom line is we are all different and all have different use cases so, IMHO there is room for several form factors using WebOS.