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PalmCast 132 - Tablet Leak Extravaganza 10

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 20 Jan 2011 12:27 pm EST


Dieter, Derek, and Keith discuss the tablet leaks and rumors.

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Thanks to everybody for writing in as well as everybody that participated live in the chat!


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Sound is a bit messed up. Dieter and Keith are on the left and Derek is all alone on the right.

"Download it directly with this link" is still linking to PalmCast 131. Anyone else getting that?

fixing both issues shortly.

Awesome as always Mr. Bohn.

I produce podcasts as part of my business. The left/right audio thing is a result of not mixing the file down to mono. Last week's episode had the same problem.

Hay I got a question that maybe you answer in the next podcast.

If I get an AT&T Palm Pre plus at full retail price/ no contract will I get 2.x ?

And If yes do I just put my SIM card in when the updates are coming?

How does the Palm pre plus compare agents Palm pre 2? (overall speed and performance)

And in terms of browser and app lunching speed how it compare to the iPhone 3Gs/iPod Touch 3 and iPhone 4 ? ( Simply because these are what I have and I want to know If the slower phone compares to things that I have , and because the iPhone 3Gs/iPod Touch 3 have similare internals.
Thanks I would love if you answer this in the next podcast or in a YouTube video.

At this time the palm pre plus that comes with AT&T does not come with webos 2.x

In my opinion the pre 2 is not worth the money. Simply because webosinternals has made it very easy to overclock the pre plus to 1ghz.

If you could get a pre 2 for $50 then i'd say go for it, but at this time my recommendation would be to wait and see what HP has to announce/release February 9th.

Just in case they don't cover this in the next podcast: No, N/A, Quite a bit slower (especially if not overclocked), slower app/browser launching than iPhone/ipod.

Derek wanted an ear all to himself, that's all.

The left and right channel separation for different people is kinda annoying if you listen to this through headphones..

Also the FeedBurner RSS link that I use in Dr Podder just showed up with a bunch of weird files from like 2008, 2009 and 2010. There's like zip file and ipk's and untitled mp3s. Any idea why?