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PalmCast Episode 131 - Think beyond 14

by Derek Kessler Fri, 07 Jan 2011 7:33 pm EST

Derek, Adam, and newcomer Rizwan talk two weeks worth of Palm news, including the announcement of February's webOS event.

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Thanks to everybody for writing in as well as everybody that participated live in the chat!


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Not sure if everyone else has a problem. But i get a file not found when I try to play this palmcast 131. The podcast special edition: ces 2011 is working fine so I guess its not a browser problem for me.

Same here. file not found.

Do a direct download and listen to it on your computer. I'm sure they'll fix it soon, but that's at least a temporary solution.

Feb 9, HP will reveal not the PalmPad as some have suggested. Just take note of the total lack of anything Palm or orange in the announcement or the new three liner tease. I your humble prognosticator of the great white north predict we will see the unveiling of the HP Post running WebOS 2.5. This tablet form factor device is so named because it is "post" Palm, a new chapter in WebOS devices. Also called the Post because you can post to your blogs, post an emal, or post noted. It is also "post" ipad and subsequent android wannabes. It will be post pre, and the post all other tablets will be measured by. All hail the HP Post!

Shame it won't be here "post-haste".

It works in drPodder. The podcast feed in iTunes has been slow of late. Not sure what the problem is.

"Angry Nerd-Cast" lmao!

Great show guys. Thanks.

Would be nice to introduce speakers so we have an idea who these people are and what their backgrounds are. e.g. technical, programmers, journalists, etc. I listen to these guys and wonder what they know and how they know it.

ANgry-Birds is Free on Android because android being open-sources, people think that all of there apps should be free, similar to linux most users do not buy anything.

Also I think that iOS users and PALM users know that mobile apps can be really expensive because they remember the old days, but android users are buying apps for the first time when all they have is $5 and a $1 to $2 app is expensive
lastly Gmail app is not part of the Android open-sources code, so

Google needs to put a regulare email app in the source-code for everyone who wants work with android can and use email, ect

You do realize that most Android users don't know anything about Android, such as the fact it is open source.

Ask 1000 users, no, ask 100, no, ask 10. 9 of those will ask what open source means, 1 will say "yeah I knew that" but not know what it means.

If you get lucky, you'll find that 1 knows what it means, and knows Android is open source, but still very limited (carriers and manufacturers lock down phones, Google imposes requirements to get Android Market); 1 or 2 will say they know it is without understanding it, and the rest will say "no, I have a Droid"

Long comment short... they're just cheap idiots and expect everything to be handed to them. That's why the Google model is dangerous.. it leads people to expect things to be free while just dealing with those stupid ads.

Sorry folks, fixed the code for the player, all better now.

Just to comment on the quote, "Android users are stingy" -- thats very true. Most of them are open source fans. And open source users think Apple, Microsoft and any "paid" software products are purely evil. OK, not that extreme, but still -- you get the idea. Thats just what the open source community is. Something I noticed when I used Ubuntu. They don't want Adobe Photoshop -- they want their GIMP. Why? Because not only is it free but also they can change it and do what they want with it. Anyway ... just my two cents.

Hi pre peoples,
I'm a developer looking into webos because I hadn't heard anything out of HP at CES and I was expecting something.

What's prompting this is the discussion about Pre form factor, specifically the specs. The cpu/ram/storage is in line with decent android devices, but the screen is a considerable step down. What WOULD be impressive is something like the Dell Venue Pro. It's big for my taste (I like 3.7-3.9") but that's the sort of hardware that impresses the journalist geeks and gets buzz.

As for the webos positioning, I'll be staying on android phone but probably grabbing a webos tablet. I *like* webos far more for than android, but for the phone, network effects really matter. As an example, Zipcar has an iPhone app that lets you unlock your rental car on the spot. That's damn cool and the sort of thing I can't hack out myself. I expect that sort of thing to extend to Android with its increasing market share, but I have slim hopes for webos.

The great thing is that network effects don't matter as much for tablets, so I can get in on the Homebrew hacking fun. I'm super excited about the hackability of the OS, particularly the homebrew patching. I don't particularly like the mojo framework (I've had it in for prototype.js for 6 years now) but I'm super excited about enyo and I'm a node.js developer but alas, they say I have to publish an app. Not really looking forward to writing a mediocre hacked app just to get access, but them's the breaks.

As an Android dev/power user, what makes the OS awesome is the googleapps and intents. Everything else is mediocre. The ability to hook random apps into random places lets you do really cool things. The custom keyboards, services like Locale, the share menu, custom launchers (e.g. larva labs), chrome to phone, and so on really differentiate the ecosystem. Unfortunately, these are very much not noticeable to the causal user and a number of UI interactions really are broken. The nice thing about intents is that they're completely implementable as a nodejs service and is something that I could very easily see working widely in the homebrew community (think growl for OS X).

That's my 2c, I'm looking forward to some hacking.

BTW, my dream tablet for Feb 9 is a WebOS Nook Color (7", $250). I rooted a NC for my sister for Christmas and was exremely impressed using it for a week before I gave it to her and still think it's the best Android tablet on the market even after all the CES announcements. A cheap, high quality WebOS tablet will move a LOT of units and what the platform really needs is to break the users/developers chicken and egg problem.

Just a comment on the podcast audio - it's really distracting to listen on a headset when the conversation bounces between left ear and right ear. Could you please consider playing in stereo for all participants?

I have to agree with sck18. Having the conversation bouncing back & forth in my ears is uncomfortable. I had to stop listening after 5 mins & this coming from someone who loves the show & haven't missed a single episode til now :( Sorry guys. Let me know if you develop a mono version of 131.