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PalmCast Episode 134 - Live from San Francisco 17

by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Feb 2011 3:54 am EST

Dieter and Derek sit down with a real live audience (*gulp*) and prognosticate about what's to come on February 9th.

We want you to introduce the PalmCast. Email us an audio introduction to!

Thanks to everybody for writing in!

Bonus: With just one camera rolling, we were able to pull off a recorded video PalmCast. It's not the best, but it's late, so just go with it.


Thanks to everybody for writing in as well as everybody that participated live in person and in the chat!


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Can't wait till 10am! This eve podcast is awesome!

Why does drPodder say "No enclosure found" ?

Dont know why drpodder gives na error,but if you click the direct download link above that works and you can listen in your normal music app.

Thanks for the quick upload Dieter and Derek. It looks like the feedburner is missing the .mp3 link/enclosure, thus we can't download in drPodder. :(
Could you update the feed this morning? Thanks.

Thanks fire the quick posting. You guys did such a good job that now you are gonna have to go On Tour! Bringing the Palmcast to a city near you. You can make t-shirts, have groupies. It'll be a blast

come come is it 10 yet lol

Woot for Palmcasts, woot for Frizzle, saving my day while dr.podder is off sick :)

can't wait for the event to kick off!

it's due or died for hp/palm now!! Go for it!!!!!!!

I can't wait one more sec... HP please blow the roof off....

Definitely looking forward to this. Hoping they have something that will make me want to drop my EVO and come back to WebOS.

"Sometimes it is so hard because you are such a good straight man."

Very funny.

Anyone watching Bloomberg TV online would have just seen the HP/Palm tablet, albeit in static picture form rather than a working device.

All we've heard so far is months old info about the tablets. HP has kept a tighter lid on info than Apple ever dreamed of.

Why dont you use an embedded player that can actually be accessed on the Pre. Wasnt that the case in earlier incarnations?

Could have been Bloomberg reading rumour sites then.

in case you missed it...

if they screw this up it's curtains...