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PalmCast Episode 144 - The TouchPad Has Landed 8

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 Jul 2011 11:20 am EDT

Kevin, Adam, Tim, and Jonathan talk TouchPad.

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I think this episode 143. Title says 144 -- looks like a "mental autoincrement mode" was on.

143 episodes later, I'm still running a pre minus with webOS 1.4.5. I'm about to throw this thing against the wall.
F U HP for doing nothing, while IOS and Android rule the market with superior hardware you are killing the best Mobile OS I have ever used.
Even if you give me a 3.6" high res screen running webos 1.4.5 on Sprint I will be doing back flips and jumping with joy.

no i think it's really file number 144 but since two epsiodes they are saying the wrong numbers in the podcast :)

look here:

yeh i dont' know whats up... thought it was just Deter

Am I alone... If HP/Palm doesn't release a firm release date for the Pre3 for Sprint by XMAS, the iPhone will be the death knell for HP smartphones.

You're not alone. It's a reality a lot of people on preCentral don't want to see/admit to...HP is killing webOS. Maybe not intentionally, but with outdated products at high prices and no marketing I can't see everyone waiting around until Xmas for a new phone.
Personally, i'm going to make the jump to android and hopefully HP/webos will make a comeback and then I will switch back. But for now, my pre minus is falling apart so I'm looking for a used EVO.

I know most will not care but I think I may be out on PreCentral. I'm not sure if Dieter's leaving the site had anything to do with it but it seems like things have taken a decided turn towards fanboyism. Gone are straightforward and blunt critique (and praise) for all things webOS, which seem to have been replaced with blind adulation and a glossing over all things wrong with the product. I'm not sure if anyone out there agrees with me, but this podcast was a glaring example of just that, to decry all negative reviews of the touchpad to just folks who carry around iPads, come on now. I've failed to see one overtly positive review outside of this site.

I couldn't agree more with your assessment. I'm also a bit surprised with all of the blind apple hatred/venom being spewed from the webos fansites. It seems unncessary, especially when many apple fans and sites are also rooting for webos to succeed.