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PalmCast Episode 146 - How it should have been 3

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Aug 2011 9:48 pm EDT

Derek and Tim talk about the Pre3, the TouchPad, and the webOS 3.0.2 update.

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The Palmcasts of late have me contemplating suicide. You guys sound like you are forced to do these against your will and sound like you loathe everything that is webOS. Depressing...

it sounds like Derek is sucking a D*C*K
he needs to stop making that sound.
Also he does sound very strained, like he is reading from a script with a gun to his head.
So who is holding the gun?


There is an answer to your question. They know how bad Palm and Hp have screwed Web OS. They know more than anyone how the Pre 3 is DOA, the Touchpad has underwhelming sales at best, the Veer was another marketing failure.

What is there to be excited about?

In the years to come when college marketing textbooks are written, under the section of what "not to do with your company" Palm/Hp will have at least 10 full pages.

They will go into detail about how WebOS was the finest mobile OS but was ruined do to the worst marketing strategies ever in the history of business.

That is why they are sounding loathed in their speech.

Ask yourself this question. Why would Dieter, a man who truly loved Palm and it's products, leave the company? He got off the sinking ship before it took him with it. Very smart on his part and as someone who was on the ship via my Pre Plus, I actually drawered my Pre Plus and I'm running my old Treo 755p until my contract is up. After 5 broken Pre's I had nothing else but my trust 755p left.

F-U Palm and F-U Hp for ruining Web OS.