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PalmCast Episode 148 - Back to the Future 16

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Aug 2011 10:22 pm EDT

Derek, Adam, Tim, and Keith talk on and on and on about HP's decision to axe webOS device development and the future of webOS.

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The search for a Pre 3 here in the UK is just getting silly. I used to have a handset that nobody knew about(pre 2).. I was quite proud to be able to show people something that was unique. Now everyone is clambering for a Pre 3 and it seems the biggest build up in years to obtain one. The eurostore website is building expectations with the promise of stock in the next 48 hours and i just feel that true Palm/webOS fans will get left behind in the rush from people making a quick profit... Such is life is suppose. I should be happy but the little jewel of discovery has been lost a little.

I wonder what the rush is to get a Pre 3 now. Are they selling them at firesale prices too?

They're selling everything at firesale prices.

Consumers are silly.

I appreciate the speed an efficiency that you guys get these up.

If treocentral is STILL there after all this time, Precentral will probably still be here for a while.

Thank you for the special ending Derek. I don't care if HP never hears it. I hope that the awesome people at Palm hear how much we still care about them even if HP has abandoned them.

Great Reading

Nice reading.

New Touchpad owner here, hope for a long future with WebOS, want to support it. Trying to get my debit card registered with the App Store but having problems at the moment. Any, decent amount of Apps on there.

Listened to the great podcast last night, good luck to your at Precentral and any Devs reading this.

We should try to hack WebOS onto an Iphone and have a virtual gesture area.
Otherwise... I dont know where to go from here. Android is my only option on Sprint at this time :(

You only have about six week to wait for the Sprint iPhone 5

"(...) those of us who intend to keep our TouchPads anyway are even more concerned about damage than we were when we thought replacement hardware would be available if necessary (...)"

I wonder if someone that had the money to pay almost $600 for a touchpad would buy 6 tablets at $99 each, just to ensure parts for repairs...

<3 the end

I think I should be on this podcast instead of Tim as I actually paid full price for mine and the day after it was released :). I think it helps that I have a degree in engineering as well. So, Derek, let me know if you want a technical guy who is passionate about webOS.

Any person with some insight into a consumer's mind could have told HP that $499 for a touchpad 32 GB was too much. Asus Transformer is the best selling device "because" it is the cheapest one available with an IPS display.

IF they had bundled the touchstone charger and the cover for the same price things would have been different. Who even buys just one touchstone charger, it would have generated sales for other accessories and they could have recouped cost via that.

An introductory discount of $100-$200 for pre-orders would have made the devices a LOT more attractive. Now they have not only lost the opportunity they have also made it more difficult for Android tablets to stay in that price range.

I expect to see more Android tablet manufacturers drop out of the hardware race.