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PalmCast Episode 150 - Uncertainty 18

by Derek Kessler Wed, 26 Oct 2011 8:57 am EDT

Derek, Tim, and Rene look at who could buy webOS, who is leaving webOS, and what they're hacking into webOS.

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All HP did was boost iPad sales.

webOS, is a relic! I threw mine in the trash!

poor Tim kept being cut off by derek.


Wasn't there any discussion about SmartOffice?

i usually like derek, hes for obvious reasons not a big talker on recent mobile nations podcasts due to the whole webOS situation.

But as some mentioned er yeah, wasnt right being quite so rude to tim, cutting him off all the time (pretty much every time) and even cutting him in 1/2 on the second half of his breakdown of the webOS future which derek asked him to do.

Rene's pretty damned good at the whole video magic and even directing of the mobile nations stuff, he should probably try and make sure everyone gets their fair share of speaktime esp when their making their monologues/replies to set questions.

I'm guessing they see each other as we do on the video stream, derek shoulda been able to see tim visibly upset or frustrated, i know i did as did some others, ill notch it down to excitement seeing as hes been the most quiet on mobile nations of late.

Remember that Tim is picking up a role that was formerly played by Keith...a role that should have never existed in the first place.

doesn't excuse constantly talking over someone, tim had good opinions, knew his stuff, was worth listening too, they all are.

I wish there was uncertainty, but there isn't. The longer nothing happens, the less likely anything will. And it's been too long already, making the cost of any possible revival WAY to expensive to be feasible.

Key personnel leaving and not being replaced. No hope of hardware for those of us who WANT to but something from a vendor.... for a least a year. And really no phone at all.
(Please don't talk about e-bay, it's hard to get a warranty repair on something bought second-hand, especially when a product is discontinued)

They have alienated once supportive developers (including some of my favorite ones), with nothing but vague talk about continuing to support the OS. Blowing out the greater portion of the webOS team while making those promises...

I've seen a lot of baloney from the haters on these pages about how they KNEW things would go bad. But that is not remotely possible given the torturous road the Palm saga has taken. (From the carrier drama, to the HP purchase, to the Mark Hurd debacle, to the 'marathon' which became the 60-day dash)

But at this point, the current owners of webOS are strategically bankrupt, they do not know how to build a successful business strategy with the OS, they don't know how to market or sell the platform, they don't even seem to know how to close up shop on this embarrassing adventure.

I still like the platform, and if it were being supported going forward in any appreciable way, I'd buy any webOS product at the Craigslist/e-bay asking price. I still buy software I can use and like for my VZW Pre+. But it's time for someone other than end user and fans to commit one way or the other on the platform (I'm talking to you HP). You can't have your cake and eat it too by claiming to be continuing support when nothing shows you ever really have.

Reports of HP attempting to run Windows 8 on tablets which were essentially leftovers even at the TouchPad release says it all. I guess it's 'Go Cheap... or GO Home'

Well said. I love WEBos, for the phones, not for the tablets. There aren't any more phones in the offing and there is darn little support, if any coming from HP.

This ecosystem is dying and I am part of the remnants by choice. My pre- chugs on. But let's be realistic, there's no hardware on the horizon. It's done. What's it been, 2 years since a serious release of a supported Webos phone? (Don't even mention the Veer.)

We put our hopes in HP and they couldn't deliver and they walked away. they couldn't even execute an exit strategy properly. And in the process, buried our favorite OS.

Even though it's Halloween, I don't see it rising from the grave

webOS would have probably been better off under Palm. HP just completely screwed everything up.

I just returned my iphone 4s and bought a Pre2 off ebay. I will be disassembling my Pre and put the comm board on the Pre2 so I can use it on Sprint.

I got so sick of iphone missing some basic features. I really don't understand the hype over it. Sure it's nice and smooth but it doesn't do the things my now over 2 year phone could easily do.

Currently watching... what's up with greetings webOS nation instead of greetings mobile accomplishers? Not gona like seeing Derek being rude to Tim though :-(

Derek has OSLS a new syndrome, "Operating System Loss Syndrome" it causes vlog rage. I keed I keed! Good points all! And gj Rene on the video-magic.

I get the feeling Derek is just acting up because he doesn't give a **** anymore.

I appreciate all the insight your guys bring on WebOS!

I'm an original pre owner from the initial launch on Sprint, and I can tell you I can't let go of this phone.

It is almost 2 1/2 years old, and it just keeps ticking. I've loaded up PreWare to fix all the bugs and Govnah to help it clock at 1GHz. The volume control button broke, so I installed the internal volume control too. I use approximately 3,500 minutes a month (including free Sprint-Sprint) and 400 to 500 texts per month, 100s of emails, and it keeps working, and I just can't believe it!

You just can't beat the multitasking ability of this phone. It's so easy to make calls, keep navigation going, text, email, look up contacts, etc., seamlessly.

I've been waiting forever for the Pre2, then the Pre3, now ???. Not sure where to go from here, other than to keep my Original Pre! I looked at the iPhone 4S, yet it just doesn't seem the same.

I laugh because people see my Palm Pre, and they are like wow, you still have that! Once in awhile I run into another Pre, Pre2, or Veer owner, and we just rave about WebOS.

If only the right company would realize that if they were in it for the long haul, WebOS would outlast Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. I've looked at Windows Mobile, and I can't stand it. The only thing that I thought was of value was the Xbox Live ability, yet this would play more into the hands of big time XBOX lovers. Android had some neat features, but no where near the multitasking ability of WebOS. iOS is nice too, yet same issues as Android, in my opinion.

Obviously this is all my personal opinion, yet I have to say, I'm happy with WebOS and my Original Pre. I think I'll hang in there for another year (as long as the phone makes it) for someone to make a new WebOS phone.

Heck, if HP would just release a Pre3 to work on Sprint, I would be happy. I'm fine with the current hardware specs, cause heck, I'm still using my orignial Pre.

On a side note, has anyone been able to have WebOS run on any other Sprint phones? All this talk about Android and Windows running on the Touchpad, why can't we get WebOS to run on a Droid or iOS phone? Turn WebOS into some kind of Mobile Phone OS Virus that just starts taking over phones and replacing the OS with WebOS.

Long Live WebOS and my Original Pre!

If you are glued to Sprint, you should FrankenPre your Pre with a Pre2. It would be like a hardware overhaul. You can't imagine how sweet it is. You won't lose anything, but you'll have a brand spanking new Pre built like a tank.

If you can switch to ATT, the Pre3 is unreal. It's everything it was supposed to be and more.

Agreed on the Pre 3. Bought one from eBay and it is the best phone I have ever had. I started with the original PalmPilot PDA in '97. The larger, vivid screen and keyboard, awesome camera, speed, voice dialing, etc. It's pretty precious and hold on tight since it is not under any warranty. Thinking about buying a backup since they are still available.

ZOMG - Wendy's buying webOS. Milk shot out of my nose.