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PalmCast Episode 63 5

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 12 Apr 2009 4:58 pm EDT

SPE Roundtable

Classic PalmOS on the Pre, 3rd party apps, and more. Listen in!

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3rd Party Apps





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Long-time lurker, since the introduction of the Pre at CES. Had a Handspring Visor PDA. Thought that the idea of the integration of a PDA with a phone seemed a no-brainer. Leaped at the opportunity to be one of the first adopters of the phone 'expansion-module' for the Handspring Visor. LOVED IT. Not so much, the 'bugginess' and the crashing. Watched each version of the Treo with eagerness but stayed away after a couple of 600-650 series.

The Blackberries never appealed to me - terribly limited device in my opinion, and I just missed the Palm UI's 'Zen'. Wouldn't touch an i-phone with a ten-foot pole, because of the lack of a physical keyboard.

The Pre seemed like the answer to my prayers. True multi-tasking, physical KB, and one of the most intuitive UIs I've ever seen. EVERYTHING I want in a device. The lack of expansion memory sucks, AND it woulda been nice to have the D-pad in the place of that card-view button :-D ..... but hey.... I am still willing to live with that - for the time being.

Needless to say, I am really, really, rooting for Palm to succeed. And my obsessive monitoring of the blogo-sphere gave me the impression - until now - that the Pre was going to be a smashing hit.

But this article on Treonauts gave me pause - Treonauts

Is there reason to be worried??

There has been very little advertising so far involving the Pre, so most haven't even heard about it. Therefore, any conclusions that can be drawn from that survey are very limited.


If, after all the incredible hype buildup, "most haven't heard about it".... isn't that reason to be worried?

Incredible hype buildup? Maybe on a few tech sites, but the general iPhone/Blackberry-buying public has absolutely no clue.

I dunno.... part of me thinks maybe you're right, and then again, I think maybe you're wrong.

The Jimmy Fallon demo on his new show... The Howard Stern intro....

The iphone crowd chatter about iphone 3 coming out with 'Pre-like' features....

And if you ARE right about the iphone-blackberry buying public having no clue, is that a good thing? It's been 3 months, so Palm/Sprint should be doing a better job of creating awareness for the product, no?

I, for one, have been evangelizing the phone to every person that I run into... religiously.... fanatically :-D. My friends are getting a little tired of my Pre-rants.