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PalmCast Episode 97 11

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 25 Feb 2010 7:34 pm EST

Dieter and Derek talk webOS 1.4, troubling webOS news, and tussle over the source of said trouble. Listen! Listen now!

Thanks to everybody for writing and calling in!

Show Notes

Thanks to everybody for writing in as well as everybody that participated live in the chat!


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Oh man, more news on 1.4! =) Gonna listen to it when I get home from work.

Edit: Sweet, got first post!

wow. what a depressing palmcast.

Thank you derik. I hate my pre.


I love my Pre but everything is starting to become more clear. WebOS is AWESOME. The problem is the package in which is being held. Imagine WebOS running on the iPhone's shell? Imagine WebOS on a SOLIDLY built smartphone with no "oreo effect", with a bigger screen and more "high-tech" look and feel?

That is the biggest problem with the Palm Pre. The overall quality of the phone really takes away from the superior OS it houses, known as WebOS.

DoomCast! Live....

I blame the Codeine and a bad cough that sounded more like it needed an exorcism rather than medicine. I did say it was a bad idea to glug that bottle before the show. Thanks lots anyway guys.

Lets hope the news is a little brighter next week and Palm pull a rabbit out of their hat to make us smile.

you should post this after you record it. i usual catch it live but have missed it the last few times and i've got to tell you , it sounds out of date two days later (especially this weeks with all that is going on in the palm world.) all the other pod casts on the site - android and windows at least post it after wards. why not precentral? no how keep up the great work.

I love the show and great jobs on hating the palm right now. But we know that yall playing with the pres as we speak lol. I have the stock was a shock to us all and well be back up soon. I love my pre and it dose have the best apps in the world like some other platforms out there. But I love it's the first phone in my books that I can look at a web page and say damm and email as well. I just can't wait for the update and see what coming in the future of palm. The biggest mistake palm did was put the phone on verizon and atat carriers. It made them lose a back bone and with google maps it's with me. But it can use a upgrade as well. All say and done pre is the best phone out there and palm well be great as well, screw the rest lol.

This is the First time i listen to this Podcast
and i have to say the one dude is so
blaming on WebOs, one would think he
bought himself a Google Droid phone.

I love the ending LOL

Someone asked about syncing your media with iTunes and which version? I have still be able to and I'm running iTunes version

Thanks for answering my question :)
However asx is rather popular format. It is a Microsoft format, so I hope we see more codecs soon :)