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PalmCast Live is live for real, tonight at 7 Pacific / 10 Eastern 15

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 08 Feb 2011 7:19 pm EST

How are we going to rock the evening before the ThinkBeyond LiveBlog? With a PalmCast, naturally. Here's the thing, though: we're here, developers are here, Palm fans are here. So we figure: why not a live audience?

So here's the deal: The first thirty (30) people to show up to our meeting room on the lower level of the Marriott at Fisherman's Wharf at 1250 Columbus Ave can watch Derek and Dieter do their thing. Here's a Google Maps link if you're interested. Everybody else - you know where to go, our main PalmCast Live Page.

Last minute? Check! Poorly planned? Check! Dubiously executed? Check and Double Check! It's exactly how you'd expect the first ever PalmCast in front of a live audience to go down. Join us, won't you? If you're in town and can't join us during the show, be sure to join us after.



Great, thanks!
Enjoy San Francisco

Oh, NOW you decide to play nice with the West Coasters... yup, all we have to do is release a new game-changing device and you make it easier for us working stiffs to catch the podcast. Nice.

I can't wait to hear this one.

I assume it's also open bar. If not, it should be.

p.s. You guys gonna be behind a chicken wire screen?

two drinks minimum...

I wish I could go to it, but we've got other plans here (even though we're across the street!)

Exciting is hardly the word I would choose...

Hey, save me a seat! Oh, wait, I'm in frozen Michigan... In that case, just bring me (us!) some good news!!! :)

I'll try and make it down to the wharf... should be fun!

that's cool. apothaker will be proud

prenation event :)

No Keith. I love it. Good job guys.

HP needs to jump the display resolution to a level where Apple is going to be, not are. Don't let them pull another "retina display / snake oil" pitch, when we can beat them to it. If you're gonna take pages outta their play book, that kind is a good one.

How long will it last? I get off work at 10:30

Dieter, If you can post this tonight, you will be my hero! ( you already are of-course ;) )

Im with you buddy would love to hear this tonite