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PalmCast Live tonight at 8:30 PM 1

by Derek Kessler Tue, 29 Nov 2011 7:04 pm EST

You better hold onto your socks folks, for they are about to be knocked from your feet. PalmCast Live is back tonight, and though we've been going through a bit of a news deficit, we still want to get together and chat webOS. It's been too long.

So tune in tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern (12:30 AM UTC) for the latest edition of PalmCast Live, featuring Derek, Adam, and Tim at their finest. We know that's not saying a lot, but you should feel lucky you didn't see them at the company Thanksgiving party. That was a disaster. Anywho... topics of discussion will include webOS and what the heck is going on with HP (hint: we're not really sure) plus our holiday gift recommendations for that die-hard webOS fan on your shopping list. And of course, we'll be taking your questions on the Twitter, just include the #palmcast hashtag and we'll do our best to provide a reasonable answer on the air.

Tonight. 8:30 PM. Be there. It's PalmCast Live.


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Listening to the podcast I think its pretty sad precentral couldn't afford to buy the audio dock and review it like the other unrleased products it has reviews.
Derek it is clear you looked at phils desk of phones and cried tears of happiness about all the phones you would get to review.
Also the emblaze first else, trumps the wave launcher but that never even made it out the door. Sometimes good ideas die early.
Also a quick not on webos survival guide, you need to change 2013 to 2012 , and easy way out to logical move.
Other than that great podcast, hopefully you guys are back next week after Meg's big decision.