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PalmCast Live tonight at 8PM 16

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Aug 2011 5:30 pm EDT

Miracle of miracles, the crew is back together and HP's falling apart! PalmCast Live is back again this week, broadcasting across the internet at 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific, midnight UTC, and 8AM in Singapore). As you may have noticed, this past week's been a little on the crazy side, so Adam, Derek, Keith, and Tim are definitely going to have plenty to talk about.

But don't let the massive pile of news scare you - we still want to answer your questions. Hit us up on Twitter with the #palmcast hashtag as we might just read your tweet and provide a sarcastic retort coherent and useful response.

So point your browser right back here tonight - it's PalmCast Live!




And on that happy note we bid adieu.:D

On the bright side, looks like holding onto my pre for all this time might pay off

i'll be in line for it.

Sprint and Apple - Makin' it Right for webOS users

Ah yes, the sheeples phone.
I know, resistance is futile right?
In years to come there will be a war, a great war and there will be a small group of rebels hanging on resisting. It will be called Attack of the Clones or The Clone war.
I AM the resistance!

Gotta love the irony of a webOS fan calling *anyone* a sheep.

just learn about this now. That will keep me in Sprint. Would hate to quit after ten years.

Hope this rumor is true since the Pre 3 isn't coming to the US. It would be nice to have more choices on Sprint. Until then though, I'll be using my Pre- until as long as it works.

You get dieter to do a guest spot on what could be the largest podcast ever. Dewitts **** should man up and come do some damage control.

Best way to listen on TouchPad?

I get it, you're new to WebOS. The absolute best way from the Touchpad is to just go to the webpage and watch live.


Watching out the window for the UPS guy to drop off my Nexus S 4G.....

Maybe someday I'll be back \o/

OK, I'm back, thats just my other phone... still have my Pre minus

While I wait for the Pre3 that probably will never get to the US, I just bought a Palm Pixi Plus(new) for verizon from Amazon for $39, no contract. I know it's not the Pre3 but for $39 contract free it was hard to pass up.


i spoke with Costco corporate today about the pricing. They are issuing an email to all stores tomorrow to offer a $350.00 instant rebate for the touchpad for those who want to keep their touchpad. All we have to do is bring in our receipt, and pricing yet...with a case. Just thought you should know so you don't take it back and miss out. Also the guy said to wait a day and give it time to sink in at all the stores so you don't have to argue. Now I'm a happy kid. Bought one from Costco 2 weeks ago for $479 and got the one and only from staples this weekend for $149. Now I own one for the wife and I for under$300. Thank God for and all the homebrew community. We'll keep WebOS alive with or without hp

Why have Keith on the Podcast?