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PalmCast Live tonight at 8pm eastern 12

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 14 Dec 2010 11:35 pm EST

PalmCast Live!

You like watching people talk about webOS live on the internet, we are people. We are, in fact, people who like talking about webOS live on the internet.

PalmCast Live hits again tonight at 8pm Eastern - funny how things work out.

The #palmcast hashtag is how Tweet questions. is where to email questions. 877-624-9162 x222 is where to leave podcast introductions (not questions), which we're short on.

Join us at 8 PM Eastern. JOIN US.




will all 53 Palm fans be watching?

I will smite you!

Palm needs a reboot !!

Good, thank you! The palmcast is my escape from school stress, I hate when we we miss a week.

Oh snap I forgot to call in an intro but will tonight for the next cast.

I have used Palm products since 2001's Palm m515. As of right now the Palm Pre Plus I have in my hand is my last Palm product forever, unless some how HP can show me some serious product contenders soon. My contract runs out January 29,2011. You have until then to woo me back HP. If not its Android for me.

WoW.. I have been with Palm since my 1st Palm Pilot in 1990ish?. & I'm giving Palm another decade or two to get it right..

Anyone wanna buy a slightly used Palm Pilot: one owner, some really old contacts. Has original scribe, case & even has the insert that shows you how to write in/w Palm Scribe. New Battery included!

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I don't!


Thats good as I already sold it for $1/a buck/some pesos....
Tried to sell it to HP for 1.1 billion(great discount) but they did not want the OS that comes with it... something about the engineer they had that new the OS is now working for GOOGLE or something...

Crap, I forgot to tweet in my question. Does webOS 2.x have proxy support for Internet connections either via WiFi or cellular?

Not sure if this is the right place, but my itunes feed for the podcast isnt working. I try to delete and re-add it from the itunes store, but it wont download any eps. Anyone else have this problem?