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PalmPad render leaked, 9-inch Topaz and 7-inch Opal 140

by Derek Kessler Tue, 18 Jan 2011 3:01 pm EST

Ready for this? The chaps over at Engadget have gotten their hands on a pair of internal renders for the upcoming webOS tablet, and they’re dishing that there will in fact be two tablets: a 9-inch device with the previously-leaked Topaz codename, and a smaller 7-inch tablet codenamed Opal.

The renders, one front, one back, echo the design cues previously rumored, with a smooth rounded design all around, excepting an edge around the display. The tablet design borrows heavily from the Pre 2, excepting the glossy back design and giant HP logo (though the Palm name is definitely present). The bottom of the tablet shows a gesture area, and we would hope that the rest of the bezel is touch sensitive so it can rotate along. Additionally, there looks to be a micro-USB port on the base and a pair of speakers along the side, with possibly another at the top we aren’t seeing (so it can rotate in stereo like the Vizio tablet). And yes, up top, that does look to be a front-facing camera.

webOS itself seems to have received only minor tweaks in this render, with a search icon in the bottom left part of the notification area (since you can’t “just type” without a physical keyboard) and more icons in the Quick Launch bar. We can’t really glean much else, as the rendered cards are just web browser windows.

Engadget’s source says that the tablets will be arriving at Palm HQ in June, with production ramping up for later in the year. According to the internal marketing slide they received, the 7-inch Opal wil come in Wi-Fi, AT&T 3G, and Verizon LTE versions in September, with AT&T LTE on AT&T in July 2012. The Opal also will carry a heavy eReader emphasis, as well as “premium audio,” which we would guess mean’s HP’s star audio system Dr. Dre Beats.

Overall it looks good, but the launch timeframe of September 2011 is painfully far away. By that time the BlackBerry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, and iPad 2 will all have likely hit the market and raised the bar just a bit higher. Then again, that’s just for the Opal – the 9-inch Topaz might become available much earlier in the year. There’s still a lot of unknown about the Topaz and Opal (like launch date for the Topaz), specs, software, and pricing. Either way, we’re excited.

Update: We're also apparently looking at 1.2GHz processors and, thankfully, it appears the 9" Topaz "may arrive before Opal."

Source: Engadget; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!



Assuming the OS is 2.0 or higher it will support Flash.

This tablet is going to be a "too little, too late" all over again for Palm if the release date is September. They've had about 1.5 years to get more devices out to the consumer; a lifetime in the rapid pace of the mobile market. I don't understand why it has taken so long.

I want to get excited, but I'm really interested in phones. And if this post is an indication of how slow progress has gone on new devices, I am not optimistic to get a new webOS phone before summer, which is again "too little too late."

Besides, Sprint is forcing my hand to upgrade my smartphone due to this ludicrous data price increase, so I'm probably going to get an Android phone by Jan 30 anyway.

So long, Palm webOS. It's been a fun, interesting and bumpy ride these past 1.5 years. Good luck and maybe I'll see you around again in another 2 years...or not. Who knows?

A dumb cat indeed...

I can't help but think the same thing. By september of 2011, they'll be 1.5 or 2ghz processors and announcing something now that won't come out until 9 months later only gives other companies (ie: apple) the ability to program this themselves and once again be the first on the market - showing the world that HPalm is a follower and not a leader. Remember, this is software, not hardware (moving phone calls and apps from one device to another), so you don't need years to develop it.

Palm is indeed making many mistakes and quite frankly as cool as this stuff sounds, this is exactly what I expected. This is right out of the traditional Palm playbook. Talk the talk but walk the walk after everyone else has done it. Promise the world months/years away and keep telling customers "it's coming".

Well, I'm going, very soon.

Wow, I'm surprised HP hasn't hired you to head their personal systems group with insight like that.

I know it's upsetting to hear the disappointment of other users with the amount of progress being made, but it is real and it is growing. I don't know if I'll wait for the February 9th announcement, but if I do it means I have to spend an extra $240 on my next phone upgrade.

When it comes down to it I want the best value in service and features. If an Android phone can do that for me now before Jan 30 deadline then I'll jump ship. I'll save $240 in monthly fees, too. I have to question whether I think a new Palm phone is worth that much money, on top of the $200+ I'm going to initially spend on the phone up front.

Evo 4G or Epic 4G are looking mighty tempting right now...

Stay with Sprint... but dump the PALM... you'll only get a tablet and a watch on Feb 9th, not a phone

Get a 4G phone and you spend the $10/month anyways. Only the 3g phones are getting the price increase. Look it up. So that leave you to getting what? Droid or Galaxy? There are some teen Android phones you can choose from and they are free with a contract. Great for texting. Go, get busy, I can tell you're impatient.

It has become clear to me that you are the official Palm apologist, attacking anyone with a dissenting viewpoint. This is so typical of what we have seen from this company- hype, promises, and long waits. Enjoy your outdated Palm hardware.

The processor isn't the point. The question is whether the webos slate is really responsive and overall provides a great experience to the consumer. Apple doesn't trumpet its processor speed or memory or exact resolution of the screen. Hp can learn from Apple's strengths (overall superior user experience) and avoid Apple's weakneses like form vs function compromises, lack of expansion, usb ports, closed app market. Android devices have to fight on their specs because they are otherwise all the same. If my device is lag-free do I care if it is 1.2 ghz or 1.5 ghz?
I would argue software takes longer to develop and more effort to refine than hardware. All the hardware is being made in factories in asia with similar components made by a select few cpu or screen manufacturers.

I told you so. HP bought PALM for WebOS, not to make more phones.

How is sprint forcing you to upgrade your phone? If anything you don't want to upgrade because you will get the ten dollar additional charge.

The new policy goes into effect Jan 30, so if I upgrade before that date then I will be locked in without having to pay the $10 "premium data" monthly fee. After that, though, we are all SOL...

But if you go for the Evo or Epic like you stated above, you would have to pay the $10 premium data fee. Only way to avoid the $10 fee is to upgrade to a phone other than the Evo/Epic/Evo Shift. Is it really worth wasting an upgrade on anything else Sprint currently offers?

Of course

I like what I'm seeing so far. this might sway me toward a tablet. The phones had better show up A LOT sooner than these.

too much bezel for me.. and i know its just renders but this looks like a quick PS .. no just type?

i see the search icon but this HAS to be old

They Wont

Those renders do look nice, but I do hope they're wrong about the release date. I do hope that the Topaz might become available much earlier in the year. I just want one!

Hopefully their timeline for smartphones is much earlier than their timeline for tablets...


No "Just Type" No "Stacks." I don't trust these images. It looks like a slightly different version of webOS photoshopped onto a black iPad.

you can't "just type" without the physical keyboard.

Why is there a front facing camera but not a back one?

apparently it's a 'who wants to hold a huge tablet up to take a picture' ...but i agree, i think it'd be nice. but i am also someone who finds it hilarious to put a tablet up to my ear and pretend i am on the phone...quirks. you'd think palm would understand.

What about using bluetooth for calls?

then i wouldn't be able to hold a giant "phone" up to my ear!

This isn't a Dell Streak, it's a tablet.

lol yes...but this is an even bigger tablet, greater irony. and for phone capabilities, i do not care...iv used the ipad this way as well. i cherish childish entertainment.

Lol yeah, I was sort of joking around with my comment too.

ahh good =)


Skype :D

Why is there a front facing camera but not a back one?

It's likely a light sensor and not a camera on the front.

It's likely a light sensor and not a camera on the front.

what would be the use of a light sensor on a tablet? for dimming purposes?

Quite possibly, although to me it looks like a camera. I would bet the tablet has some other light sensor. I could be mistaken, but I think the Pre has a light sensor for screen brightness.

I love the idea. I hate the idea of putting EVERYTHING on technology just to have bragging rights and then that leaves more to break and higher costs.

If I'm going to take a picture, it will be with my phone which I carry all the time. If I'm going to be video chatting, it will be with my slate which has a bigger screen so I don't have to squint up close and look funny.

hell yeah,but I wish it was a 10" screen and I hope it has two cameras because most of the new tablets have that.If this is the design it looks pretty good.

hell yeah,but I wish it was a 10" screen and I hope it has two cameras because most of the new tablets have that.If this is the design it looks pretty good.

hell yeah,but I wish it was a 10" screen and I hope it has two cameras because most of the new tablets have that.If this is the design it looks pretty good.

But I want a phone, not a tablet. Can somebody leak those?

+1 enough with the toys already.


If this timeline is true; then it's over for me and WebOS. I really love WebOS; but if a company is trying to create hype about a product 8 months away, then they are drowning and there is no reason other than all the awesome touchstone chargers that I've invested in for me to drown along with them.

I really really hope that the specs are true and the timeline is just BS that they are using to lower expectations and then rock the announcement on the 9th.

This is the timeline for just one product. I would wager the phones are soonest, followed by Topaz (7") and Opal after that (with the mentioned September timeframe). I'm basing this on what was said earlier about there being an ongoing timeline of product releases throughout a half-year period and not just all at once at the end of the half-year period. I think that it was Rahul Sood who said that, back when he was still at HP and evangelizing webOS.

I wouldn't be surprised if they leaked the info for the product furthest out just to do that "lower expectations, blow them away with the announcements" thing you mention at the end.

Yeah, HP is drowning. Riiiight.

Great News!! Finalmente!


Wow! I like that , I like that alot, I need money! :D Good to see some news on the front and one of those glad to see the look continuing!

June is too far away. Even if one of the tablets is available sooner as the article speculates, May isn't much better than June.

Why would I not be seeing the comments? At the bottom of the article, it says there are 13 comments, but when I click on them, above the Comment Box it says "There are no comments here yet." What's up w/that.

Hoping the timeline is wrong as the device looks sweet.

There's all sorts of bugs with the new comments system from PreCentral. They rolled it out half-baked.

There's all sorts of bugs with the new comments system from PreCentral. They rolled it out half-baked.

So funny that this comment was a double! The same thing happens to me all the time. Comments don't show up, so I just don't read them or comment when that happens.

I hope Dre will be on the Topaz :/

Liking it, disappointed by the release dates and apparent lack of a micro sd slot.

Why no HDMI?

And I quote "F*** YEA" - John Oliver, Daily Show

I would have to believe that this is true, as I was talking to someone at dev day who told me the logos on the back will be HP with Palm beneath. Which leaves me disappointed because the tablets are coming out so late. Also no mention of a stylus saddens me. Otherwise they do look good. As purely renders, the software inside can change, so I'm not worried about the missing Just Type bar or absents of stacks.

shame on you and engadget.

i was thinking the same thing. but this is how the industry is.

unfortunately so. but don't portray an image of "we want them to succeed" then try to hurt them by outing information they obviously did not want released for competitive reasons. sigh.

i was thinking the same thing. but this is how the industry is.

Notice the last line in the marketing slide. Something about sharing data/apps n forwarding calls/texts with a webOS phone.

I'm glad they didn't disappoint. It's gorgeous.




I hope the non-Sprint products are only limited to tablets. If Sprint doesn't plan on carrying the new webOS phone then I'm out.

I am pleased with the sizes but disappointed by the micro-USB (it should be a full size USB). The timeline, if accurate, would be a huge fail (a term that I really hate to use). It seems likely that the iPad 2 will be on the market by the end of the 2nd quarter as will the Playbook.

I will also be hugely disappointed if HP continues Palm's error of only providing a fixed amount of memory, especially on a tablet. I know that the iPad is fixed, but that creates an opportunity in my mind, not a standard (but then I thought the same thing about phone memory).

If HP rolls out a fixed memory, 1 port device in Feb with a 3rd quarter release target they might as well just forget the whole thing.

You do realize that the micro USB would be for charging, right?

Not only that, but this is a rumor. And this rumor includes two fake tablets, one of which has a made of launch timeframe of September 2011.

If you didn;t own a Pre, would you have a micro USB equiped cable around? More than likely you would not.

If I am travelling and forgot my micro cable I am SOL (something I have experienced with my Pre). But with a regular USB port wherever I am it is highly likely that someone will have a USB cord. If not, I can get one at Walgreens at 3am. Try and find the Pre's particular version of the micro-USB outside of an electronics store. I have, you won't.

The micro port makes a small amount of sense on the Pre (although my Blackberry managed to fit a full sized USB with no problem), but no sense whatsoever on a tablet.

I had a lot of micro-USB chargers for several other devices before I got the Pre.

dude like every phone uses a micro usb port to charge now... i am able to charge my phone at all my fiends' places

dude like every phone uses a micro usb port to charge now... i am able to charge my phone at all my fiends' places

You do realize that the world is trying to standardize around the micro-USB design, right? I mean, it was in the news last year. Started with Europe.

I replied to this before, but it doesn't seem to be appearing.

The Micro-USB port made some small amount of sense on the Pre, although my Blackberry 8800 fit a full-sized USB port just fine. But on a slate it makes no sense at all.

If you forget your micro-USB cable, you better be near an electronics store during business hours, because otherwise you are SOL. With a standard USB cable you can pick one up at the 24-hour Walgreens at 3am.

Apple has the unit base to support a non-standard port. The same Walgreens will have an iPod/iPhone/iPad cable in stock too.

Keeping the micro-USB port is a stupid, irrational decision. At least Apple makes some money on it's patented 32 pin connector. All HP gets with its hard to find micro-USB is annoyed customers.

micro USB will become increasingly popular and commonplace. A large number of cell phone manufacturers have signed up to use them as their standard chargers in the future. According to several references, that group includes Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, NEC, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung and even Apple. This past summer, I bought the cheapest phone I could find at the kiosk at a European airport, and it had a micro USB charger.

Mini USB on phone will become increasingly rare in the future.

no phone has a full sized USB

thank you....

at least not going into the device for charging or data transfer, and most device may use a full on the connecting end(laptop, power charger) but into and actual device, you get the printer connector, ipod connector, mini, micro, female or male for extensions, but no "full" to "full"


I couldn't agree more!

I like the designs but as others have noted the time line is way to far away. Hopefully a new phone, not just the Pre 2, is not as far away.

Sweet phones.

I like yhe designs but im not entirely sure.. This is either old or fake because it doesnly look like webos 2.0

Oh my goodness, can you guys COMPLAIN any more? (Commenters, that is.) I'm practically jumping up and down in the orthodontist's office--and I don't even like slates. This is awesome!

They are really gorgeous! I am so ready to see what else they've got for us.

I guess you haven't been at PreCentral very long. Complaining is pretty much the only thing people around here know how to do.

I really think that most of the complaints come from hopes that haven't been realized, including hopes for Palm's runaway successful return, the Pre/Pixi's/webOS' runaway success in the marketplace, advancements in webOS leading to parity and advancements beyond iOS and Android in more areas than the ones they started with, a one-year anniversary announcement/release of second generation hardware qualifying for "superphone-ness" in time for the holidays, for Flash working on our existing phones, for webOS on our existing phones by the end of the year, for Palm to blow us away with superphone and other announcements at CES...

...basically, it's a fairly substantial list of unmet/dashed hopes. I think the natural reaction in one trained to be disappointed in someone/something that people nevertheless want to have hope in is to be very negative at any perceived shortcomings.

...especially when that someone/something/HP/Palm has been so close-lipped with real news and so full of "just wait and see" rhetoric.

...And let's be honest, there's plenty of room to read shortcomings and more dashed hopes into those renders and the timeline/carrier news that accompanies them.

So as far as the number of complainers, I truly think that HP and Palm has trained its fans to be disappointed, and what do disappointed fans do? Complain about their team's blunders and mis-steps. And that's pretty much what I think we're seeing here.

Why are so many people saying they LOVE the design. It looks like any other tablet. No better than some of the renders the members here at P|C did for that contest a while back.

Exactly how should a tablet NOT look like any other tablet??

September? September!? Here we go again. And I'm sure once the iPad 2 launches all everyone will be talking about will be the September launch of the webOS slates. Right...

where is this article? I searced engadget and can't find it.

You don't have to search - just click on the link at the end of the story - it will take you right to the article on Engadget.

Yep, I will be exiting sprint if they don't carry any HP webos products in the near future. 11 years is tough to say goodbye but ... it's a must!

Why would there be internal renders, except for the only logical explanation of leaking?

Sorry about my comment. I think they look great to me because of the familiarity factor. I look at an Android slate and it doesn't mean much to me because I've never used Android. But when I look at this new webOS device, I can really see myself using it because I know how webOS works and I like the way it works on my Pre.

So, sorry about complaining about the complainers. Definitely my bad.

eh it's their bad for not being excited or hopeful even if they are upset over past times. being bitter is not going to change the circumstances. so go you! =)

Looks nice. I'm not buying a tablet though. Still the big question is what do you do with it. So there's still a challenge to get apps built for it. good luck to them though.

Sprint needs a new phone but if it can't even get a tablet what am I thinking? I hate android and that's like the only other option with sprint.

I've used an iPad quite a bit and they are nice for consuming media, however, I keep wanting to "flick" things off the screen :-). One nice item in the render is 7 icons on the launch bar!

it didn't bore you?


So, let's just put this into perspective.

During the HP/Palm event on the 9th, there will presumably be live demonstrations of "renders" of the new hardware. Hmmmmm.

Three possibilities:

- The leak is a complete fake
- HP/Palm have turned into Alice and gone to Wonderland
- There will be other hardware that will be demo'd on the 9th.

What will it be?!

Possibility one: Just because this is a render, does not mean they don't have a real product to show off on the 9th. The render could have been created months ago. You're right, it is a possibility.

Possibility two: I don't know if it as dramatic as all that. I can't believe HP would spend $$ and reputation to hold an event where and not have something significant to market.

Possibility three: This strikes me as the most likely scenario. I think HP will unveil phones on the 9th. Maybe one of the tablets.

The thing big... tag makes me think they have phones and tablets in the pike, but that does not mean the tablets are coming right away.

First of all, it looks very nice.
But it will be released after the second generation iPad which will include a dual core cpu, 2 cameras, a SD-card slot and the new retina display with stunning 2048x1536 Pixels (I think the rumors at least about the display and SD-slot are true). It will be hard to compete against the new iPad and Android devices.
Does anybody know the display resolutions of these Palm devices?

640x480 xD

In all seriousness, what if the Topaz - which will be earlier to market because, if you recall, the recent casting call mentioned the Topaz but not the Opal which has been said to come later - also includes a dual core 1.2 GHz cpu (probably OMAP 4440), 2 cameras, an SD-card slot and a Full-HD display - easily above "retina" resolution considering you'll hold it further from your face than you do your phone.

Such specs would be great and i hope the hardware will be as awesome as you decribe.

We'll see on 9th feb.!

I've got $50 that says the iPad doesn't include removable storage.

Wtf why not Worldwide :@ HP has enough money to pull that off. if they want to get serious in the Market you have to do it worldwide, else people will buy Ipads or Android Tablets.....

In the Netherlands we have no WebOS device or something... and everything is done by importing the things... and that SUCKS.

Bring it out Worldwide!

Love the design but I won't wait until September to buy a tablet.

What is wrong with Palm?? Why can't they release something in the near future?

Honestly, i would love it if the picture is true, but i don't think it is.
Why would HP announce something in February if they plan to release it in September??

Wasn't there at least an internal promise/announcement to employees, if not a public statement that there's be a tablet launched in Q1? Can't we still hold onto that hope? Or does the leaker suggest maybe that things have slipped that far?

if september is the delivery date for the tablet, then palm is sc###ed ..

there is a very small window here to really catch apple who will certainly be releasing an excellent, hi-rez update of the ipad (and i think they may well surprise with a 7-inch tablet as well) as well as a new iphone in june

september will be old news for tablets and it will be old news for hp

too bad, webos is very good

i will be buying playbook or ipad i guess

Lol 1st we are expecting Hp to release 3(by the rumors) tablets. One is expected to be released later this year for those of us in school. So the September release date i can believe. What I can't believe is the "renditions" that everyone is taking as face value. This tipster has to be on the inside of Hp if he/she is taking pics of the expected quantities and inventory of all those expected carriers. How come this person can't take a pic of the actual device or even some pdf slides of the presentation coming up. Am i to believe that horribly made photoshop? It's nothing more than a stretched out version of webos 1.4.5 on an ipad. Like who in their right mind would put only a camera on the front of a device? Tell me how that would work smoothly. Those tablets that were created as part of this site's contests blow that pos out the water. Finally, any os under 2.0 wasn't created for tablets so that "rendition" needs to be debunked asap. Like how is it that the pre 2 has 2.0 with stacks and just type but on a tablet (where it would work excellently)it has a search magnifying glass on the bottom? Doesn't webos 2.0 have a keyboard built in and it would make sense on a tablet to just tap in the box and that same keyboard pops up. Also boy genius says the tablets will release in july on att, followed by everyone else in september.

"Like who in their right mind would put only a camera on the front of a device?"

Only a camera on the front, Like all laptops/netbooks that have them built in???

Truthfully a camera on the back is not needed, how many ppl will be using this big A$$ slate as a camera, the front facing camera makes sense for video chat, etc.

Yes but do you hold your laptop/netbook in mid-air to do any type of video conferencing or picture taking? No, you also don't hold it in the air and touch the screen either.O let me guess, you're going to lay it flat on the ground or against a wall. No wait you're going to use a big a** kickstand!? A slate/tablet with an all touch screen is a completely different category in the mobile computing world.Also if HP is trying to compete, it would make sense to have dual cameras seeing as basically all 2nd gen android and ios slates will have them. These tablets are multimedia devices first and foremost. Hence the reason why the major players are using tablet specific versions of their mobile os'. If business is what your primary use will be. It would make more sense to carry a netbook/laptop. Also what if their smartphones have dual cameras? I sure hope their phones and tablets have competitive tech.

don't you want video/pictures of you looking at the HP Palm logo on the back of the tablet????????

What happened to Sprint?

Seeing as these aren't coming out until Sept..and Palm is making its announcement in Feb..Something tells me Sprint will be the launch partner...

No Way is HP and Palm making the same mistake announcing 7-8 months ahead of release and they need to be out before iphone5 in june...

Trust me Sprint verisons will problably be announced at the HP event, then released onto Sprint by April - May and in Sept the Verizon, ATT and Wifi will be avaiable.

why would sprint be the onboard carrier when they have shown zero webOS support in the past year? that makes no sense to me.

Too bad for Palm, it looks a bit like s PlayBook clone.... :-(

just like the playbook looked like a webOS clone.....hmmm

1.2GHz processors? released toward end-of-year?

can someone say outdated?


There, ya happy?

lol. yeah, now i'm happy

by september, steve jobs will have sold billions of tablets, have achieved global dominations, and all this while laying in bed hospitalized.

Going out on a limb here but... What if this is total bs? I know we want to believe it all, but really, how hard would it be for anyone to draw up 'renders' of a Pre related device? Especially not including a rear camera.

I don't know, the more and more I look and read about this thing, the more I feel it's not quite right.

Not to mention this from Rod:

@webosinternals - "Think you saw the latest on Engadget? Think again." - invitation update direct from HP. Gotta love their sense of humour.

Anyway, thanks for stealing my thunder, Derek!

All this great new hardware coming out and we'll still be stuck with the most crap-tastic version of Google Maps that has ever been made. My Samsung A900 from seven years ago could do way more on it's java version of Gmaps than my Pre ever could.

C'mon, Google, don't handicap our awesome new hardware!

To all you guys complaining about the $10 and saying ur going to Evo or Epic, know this: those phones already carry that price bump. After the 30th all smart phones will as well. I too do not like the bump, and also am thinking of leaving webOS for it's procrastination, but I want 4G, so either way if I get an Evo/Epic now or wait til Feb 9 to see what HP/Palm are gonna do, I'll be paying $10 extra either way. May as well give 'em one last chance before jumping ship.

Well seeing as I wanted to wait before buying a tab, sept is a great date for me personally, biz wise it sucks. Im sure its incorrect

Palm is way to slow. Announced February 9th but not out till September? They will be way outdated by the time they are released. Apple creates a buzz announce the Iphone in January for verizon and they get it February 10 or so. Palm better not rev up an engine and let it just sit there in idle or the fuel will be gone. Get it out fast it's been almost 2 years with the Pre. They have had plenty of time for research and development.

I own an iPad, and might be very interested in the iPad 2. HOWEVER: If Palm can do this 7" Opal right, and it is really targeted for premium audio, I'd love to see it become the solution I've been waiting for for my car stereo. The iPad is too big, and Steve Jobs pretty much says a 7" tablet is a terrible idea... but that could possibly fit perfectly as a head unit in a car. (I suppose it might be a bit too big to be double din if it has a 7 inch screen and that thick bezel). Still... it'd be more workable than that huge iPad. Just give me a digital output and I'm sold.

I was looking around at tablets lately for the same thing. That 7" would be awesome inside a car (carputer), and you could use a Pre to mobile hotspot and pick up internet radio as well.

I hope the documentation is old & that they are coming to Sprint as well

on the slide the last bullet that barely visible(makes life more easier)...

i believe part of the line reads; ..forward calls and text while phone charges, seamlessly move apps and content from phone or pc(possible netbook rumor) to slate

i believe someone in the forums had this as part of their "vision"

September 2011 and July 2012. That can't be true.. game over if it is.

I hope I'm wrong, because this is what I have been waiting for. But September....

Well, there is your "Think Big" and "Think Small", the only thing left is Think Beyond....

Why HPalm will fail:

Step 1: Talk about a great product coming with features that are comparable to today's technology

Step 2: Tell everyone it'll be coming "in the coming months! - just wait"

Step 3: *Months* later release a product announcement that says "in the coming months we'll have a super device!"

Step 4: Pull product off shelves or don't talk about them because they're outdated when they finally release them.

Step 5: Wonder why marketshare is 1.3%

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 through 5

Apple will definitely team with Big Red on their releases 2Q 2011. I had a premonition. Ver and Apple stocks will keep climbing. New iPad and iPhone will be backed by the red monster and the people will be touching themselves with their hands in their pockets drooling over the new shiny stuff. Folks will leave ATT for the redder pastures of Ver, since they already pay too much on the blue (albeit with shoddy service). HP can't trust Sprint to back them up in the same capacity, Ver will be lying in bed with Apple while throwing coins to its other phones because they aren't so silly to let those fall too far behind. Sprint will wonder what's going on, ATT will continue their efforts to compete with Ver and therefore probably be the best choice for HP if HP can't get the attention from Verizon it will need.
Well, unless somehow TMobile disrobed and got into the love fest.
I'm no expert...
Oh, and the WebOS catalog is sorely lacking, I can't see how the current state of it will be any good for a tablet release. I'd leave WebOS and come back when they were competing with Android and iOS, but its hard to quit. So, goodluck Palm/HP, I still root for you (like the band on the Titanic).

Wow, i'm SO impressed! FAIL! Hey you HPalm watercooler drinkers, start looking at what this company is: future vaporware. look at your baseline of love for what you have, an outdated hardware pile. Yes, the software ROCKS, but what good is it on a -500mhz- pile. Yes, mine runs at 1ghz, but still, it's SLOW. Ohh, look, a tablet. It has glass, it's black. and it comes in two sizes, what are we friggin sheep? Booooo! In order to be truly different, throw in a SD card slot, infrared, compass, gps, gyroscope, ability to connect to cameras via USB, fingerprint reader, inductive charging, two cameras, zigbee wireless (or comparison), wifi, am/fm, bluetooth, stereo out. hardware hardware hardware. get it? ohh, Webos 3.0 would be nice, you've had enough time, serisouly (at this point, prolly a new os even). While were at it, throw in the kitchen sink too. Make this device talk and walk, anything "Standard" is just that.

i must say I am having hard time trying to understand all these "I want one" cries... OK, you want one BAD, to do... What? Without any real traction in professional developers circles, no first-party apps... What's the point?

And in the specified timeframe??? Are they joking?? How long are they repeating "coming soon"??? Well half a year is hardly "soon", and I hear this song for erm, another year already???

There's zero credibility in whatever they promise. No wonder anyone resonable keeps looking Android.

Any decent new apps yet? No? 5000 after 18 months? Definate iPad2 killer.