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Patch adds arrow keys to TouchPad keyboard, finally gives us a way to navigate text 46

by Derek Kessler Wed, 16 Nov 2011 7:37 pm EST

We’re TouchPad fanboys here, but we know our favorite webOS tablet has some shortcomings. But one of our biggest annoyances is navigation in text fields. Rather, the lack of navigation. If you want to place a cursor in editable text, you have to tap. Missed the mark? Tap again. And again. And again. It’s painful to get a cursor placed, especially considering that you can drag it around by holding down the Opt key.

As usual, the webOS homebrew community has delivered. If you’re editing text on a TouchPad, you can be assured that the virtual keyboard will be on the screen. So PreCentral forum member Maverickz decided to add to that keyboard, slapping left and right arrow keys on either side of the number row and putting a full complement of navigational arrows and home/end buttons into the symbols keyboard.

Installation instructions are at the source link, and, well, it’s better than what we’ve got now. It’s not the most elegant solution (we would prefer something where we can drag the cursor along with our fingers) but it’ll definitely do.


About time.
The copy paste needs to be changed.

X 10

I wish there was way to have @ and .com on all the time


am I too late

awesome. Now if they can put a thumb keyboard on there... I'll be mostly happy.

I miss the preware for my pre... so many great patches. If only HP hadn't killed off the reason for people to develop Preware to the size it was on my pre

There's thumb one since 3.0.2. If you look at the source link the arrow keys patch was derived from the patches for all different languages patches for the keyboard - the nice side effect is no auto correct when you don't need it:)

Actually, I don't know why Maverickz had to create a new thread when there's mine going for over two months.
Anyway, as you wrote, I've created the thumb keyboard back at 3.0.2. Head for the original thread for the installation instructions:

great job and thank you!

although if I have one real complaint... The lack of a coma is kinda rough.

If I remember correctly, there is a comma if you click the shift button and then the dot (.).



Super sweet. Launching the TouchPad without this was like launching it without a Camera app. Not needed, just too damn simple to overlook!

Whoohoo! This is HUGE news for me - I'm going to try it out right now!

I installed this a few days ago, it works great. The installation seems a little complicated when you read it, but it really just boils down to a couple of simple steps. Assuming you have already used WOSQI to install something on your Touchpad, then you have what you need to get this installed (which is not to say that you actually use WOSQI to install this).

It's nice to see this good work get front-page attention.

about time already!


if homebrew devs can do patches, WHY can't HP?

Thank you, bravo , your a champion. :D
this has been need for so long. this was the biggest dislike of webOS, now i very thankful and happy to have this patch. :D

AWESOME!!! I was just searching for a solution to this exact problem tonight. Thank you!

If only we had the edit menu on the touchpad as well. Why did they remove that? The click-hold to paste thing works horribly, when it works at all (hint: it doesn't for on the fly forms that many web sites use these days)

Thank you very very very much. One of the biggest problem about the interface is resolved ... Because of awesome devs. Again thank you !

This article mentions an Option key for the Touchpad keyboard. Where is that?

My guess is that was supposed to say "you *can't* drag it around by holding down the Opt key" which is how you move the cursor on the QWERTY WebOS phones.

My letter to HP in the comment section on their TouchPad survey.

I ordered the HP Touchpad so there was a significant (2 month) delay between my placing the order and receiving my Touchpad. However, considering the way the former CEO acted like an idiot this can be forgiven. I understand he stupidly ceased manufacturing of all Web OS products (a horrible decision by the way) and the TouchPad was difficult to come by. I want whoever reads this to know that I and everyone who has used my Touchpad has fallen in love with it. I hope HP has a plan for more Web OS products in the future because the software team has done a fantastic job. Please pass this message along to the Web OS software team and anybody else who is interested in an honest opinion about the Touchpad. There is a market beyond the iPad. I hope HP can successfully realize this before it's too late. Blackberry is failing and Android is a joke. Please HP...bring back Web OS and put your scale, marketing and hardware expertise behind the product. It WILL compete if given the chance!
- John

-- Sent from my HP TouchPad

Funny how Derek can use the term "fanboys" in his article but in the forums it is a four letter word!

what's with HP that they wouldnt have included this on their own?

the IPK install using webOS quick install method works quick and easy. I love my TP now more than ever.


could you pls give me very simple instructions step by step for this. I am not good with this and have preware on TP.

Help is much appreciated.

Thank you


Someone give this person a medal! This patch should be a mandatory push down from HP! What a major fail on them for not having this ability out of the gate. This just made me love my touchpads even more. THANK YOU!

We should give Maverickz a donation!! I'll look, but if it isn't set-up it should be. Thanks (it's the little things)!

OK. You can donate to Maverickz through the forum link in the article. Great.

any chance these will make it into the preware feeds? I am talking about this one and the one that isagar2004 mentioned above. And if not, why not? thanks.

It won't, since it requires a LunaSysMgr restart which kills every open webOS app and stops the patching process.

Jason has made an ipkg that can be installed via WOSQI

Could you tell me how pls. Thanks

So many said it couldn't be done...

Nice work Mav, this is HUGE. THANKS!

This is huge. Now, if we can get patches that recognise ad hoc networking and bluetooth networking (other than on phones that are no longer available), and if we can get SmartOffice to work with the keyboard patch . . . okay, and what the **** copy,cut,paste keyboard combinations, we'll be in great shape!

Would like to see a version of the Splashtop keyboard.

Thank you! This was driving me nuts. You'd think HP/Palm would have stolen the things that made sense from other mobile OSes like Android.

Not as easy as a Preware install, but it works great! Thanks!

Wake up HP. A "simple" thing like keyboard layout should be customizable by the user. At least so that it is possible to use different languages (German, Danish, French....) and of cause arrow keys.
THANKS Maverickz, Dimtry and isagar2004


I did the install via scp/ssh. Worked fine. No need to use novaterm. You can do it all wirelessly :-)

could you pls tell me how to wirelessly.

Thank you


"our favorite WebOS tablet"...what others did you choose from? ;-)

Someone please tell me an easy way to do this. I am new to this. HELP and THANKS

Stopped working on Webos 3.0.5. Tried to reinstall but does not work under new OS. Will you update?

Thanks. Great app.

split keyboards are also available. I recently patched a customized version for myself.