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Patches return to webOS 3.0.5, WebOS Quick Install gets AUSMT update 8

by Derek Kessler Tue, 31 Jan 2012 7:10 pm EST

It wasn just a week ago that the WebOS Internals' Auto Update System Modification Technology was close to deployment. The set of protocols is designed to make it easier to safely update patches and themes, and now it's out and about in the public. The most obvious sign of the deployment of AUSMT is in Preware, with the reappearance of dozens of TouchPad patches. As of right now there are 76 patches available in Preware, bringing back plenty of homebrew favorites.

Additionally, desktop homebrew client WebOS Quick Install has seen an update to enable AUSMT. The update to version 4.4.0 adds AUSMT for .patch files. Theme Manager, currently in beta, has also received a AUSMT-packing update, bringing the improved updating tech to themes.


already did. Woot!

ps. First! :-)

Is it just me or has updating/patching become really, really slow?
No criticism there, just saying...

HP changed the way that a lot of its apps are stored which forced Homebrew developers to make more changes, including the above mentioned AUSMT technology, to get the patches to run properly. This was the reason for the delay.

Uberkernel (up to 1.8 now) and disable search engine display are back and already installed. Uberkernel is amazingly fast!

I'm glad to see them back up and running.

ohhh, I was wondering why there were so few patches for the TP!

Thanks boat loads!

This may give me the confidence to tweak my TouchPad like my trusty old pre which is still kicking! thanks