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Patching instructions in an app totally cool with Palm 21

by Derek Kessler Fri, 06 Aug 2010 8:17 am EDT

GPS Fix Patch Instructions Just the other day Palm pushed out a new app in the App Catalog called GPS Fix. The app, which aims to frequently ping the GPS system for fresh coordinates was designed to counteract whatever voodoo magic is preventing the Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus from providing accurate GPS data. The problem with those phones? For whatever reason, GPS is locked down on those phones, leaving VZ Navigator as the only app with unrestricted GPS access. Somehow, launching VZ Navigator (even without a subscription) magically enables other apps to access that GPS data.

Firing up one app to use another is obviously not an optimal solution, so that’s why developer James Harris whipped up GPS Fix. But even continual checking for fresh GPS data only can do so much before the phone craps out again and needs VZ Navigator to be launched again. James, being the awesome developer guy that he is, also whipped up a patch to supplement GPS Fix: GPS Fix for VZ Navigator.

The patch is fairly simple in concept and operation: it periodically launches VZ Navigator and then closes VZ Navigator. Due to the nature of webOS and VZ Navigator, a background session for VZ Navigator continues even after the app has been closed, allowing other GPS apps not authorized access on Verizon devices to piggyback off that service. Periodically pinging can keep the service alive, but even then it can still shut down without warning. Firing up VZ Navigator restarts the session and lets the ping-extending begin all over again.

So what’s the fuss about? James put the instructions for how to install the patch in his app, and Palm approved it as is. With all the caveats of ‘Palm doesn’t support or endorse homebrew,’ we supposed the Developer Relations team looked at that and said, “That’ll do,” and then fired up Preware and installed a few dozen patches. Okay, maybe it didn’t go quite like that, but do we need any more evidence of Palm’s continued acceptance and embrace of the homebrew community?

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So wgy can't preware just be an app so the general public can learn more about homebrew. My gf doesn't even think about homebrew at all.

well done James !

Keep up the good work bro !

Nice to see Palm Embracing Developers with warm fuzziness !

Great stuff!


I USE IT! and LOVE IT! First time I have been able to get an accurate GPS location on Verizon Palm Pre Plus. I actually wish they would charge for it! VZ Navigator is $9.99 per month; I would contribute to the developer that fixed what Verizon screwed up.

Do we need the patch also with the GPS fix app? I only need accurate GPS fix once a while as I live in NYC. Is using the GPS fix app enough for those few occasions or do I need the the patch as well?

Does it drain the battery, as it constantly opens and closes the Vz navigator. Can one fix the interval that this apps works on?

It will have an impact on battery life, yes. It's not too bad for most though. You set the time between pings yourself.

How about HP just calls up Verizon and says, "fix this crap"? Do android phones have GPS problems on Verizon? How about blackberries? Please just come clean on this Palm.

Don't blame Palm. Verizon has done this to other devices, this is not a first occurrence.

I don't think he's blaming Palm, just asking that they be up front with their customers about the situation.

I agree with one of the poster's above. An OTA install of Preware would be awesome.

Sorry for my ignorance, but does this mean Verizon Pre users have to pay an extra fee to use the Navigation app whereas we Sprint users get it for free? What am I missing here? Thanks.

Yes, that's true to a point. Navigation is included in the data plan for phones like the Pre.

If Verizon users want to use VZ Navigator, yes, they pay. But using VZ Navigator as part of this fix costs NO money. No subscription required.

I agree with one of the poster's above. An OTA install of Preware would be awesome.

The tlhIngan mu'ghom (Klingon Dictionary) app's help screen instructs the user to install custom fonts on their device.

While the app works w/o them, you'll see some "boxes".

The screen shots clearly show an altered device.

My own apps normally include screen shots w/ various patches installed (battery as percent...)

Even 15 weeks or so after finding out that my Verizon phone's GPS is gimped, I'm still almost too angry to talk about it. If I knew whose decision that was I would hunt him down and whip him with a rubber hose.

I'm a Verizon customer, and I'm getting a little overwhelmed by the wealth of "GPS fix" patches. I'm no longer sure what I should be running to make my GPS experience as good as it can be. Currently I have installed:

Enable Verizon aGPS Server for Improved GPS
GPS in Device Menu

Now there's GPS Fix, and GPS Fix for VZ Navigator, and there's also Auto Enable and Disable GPS for Maps... I can't imagine there would be a benefit to having ALL of these installed. Can someone boil it down and say, "You need this and this and that's it"?

That's EXACTLY the question I've been trying to find an answer for...

Sooo many GPS patches, fixes, Apps, etc.

I'm not sure which one(s) would provide my Verizon Pre Plus with the best GPS accuracy/performance.

If you've received an answer to this question yet, please let me know.


You've stated my question exactly, have you received an answer? Thanks.