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Patently false rumor of the day: Palm ditching webOS for Android 77

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:50 am EDT

Android Pre? Don

According to an anonymous tip sent in to Slashdot, Palm is planning to dump webOS in favor of Android. The tip claims to come from a yet-to-be-released internal memo from Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein. It reportedly states, “While Palm is incredibly proud of our engineers who spent timeless work and effort to bring us this advanced operating system, consumers simply have not caught on. To provide a better future for ourselves and our customers, the only logical choice is to transition our hardware and software to the Android platform.”

The tip claims that Palm’s webOS interface will be integrated into the Android platform, like HTC’s Sense UI, providing the unique multi-tasking and notifications management that makes webOS. Additionally, it’s claimed that Palm will be joining the Open Handset Alliance, the consortium behind the development of Android. The full memo was expected to be posted on last night, but never materialized.

To all this we have one thing to say: bull. We know, you know, and Palm knows that their single most valuable property is webOS. Not just the UI, but the entire operating system. There are so many ways in which this purported memo is patently false.

We’re as baffled as Palm are as to why somebody would even try to claim this. The engineering, marketing, and PR hurdles Palm would have to overcome in making such a dramatic change would be even higher and harder to clear than those currently facing the company. There are two things Palm needs to reverse their fortunes: better hardware (forthcoming, no doubt) and a better ad campaign (already underway). Explain to the public why they want a webOS handset and we have no doubt that customers will start to buy.

[via: Wired]

Thanks to pcdsim and drewkora for the tips!


Android-fanboy wet dreams

Palm is still a long ways off with their commercials. The new one is better than the others but if someone doesn't already know about Palm or webOS they aren't necessarily going to get the commercial. Look at the iPhone/Droid/Nexus One commercials - you see the phones and they explicitly tell you what you're getting and why their phone is the best. The funny thing is that with the majority of the commercials I see I think to myself : "My Pre can do that too". They need to stop trying to be abstract in the commercials and let people know why the phone is good.

I should add though however that I commute on the LIRR and through the majority of the stations I pass there are Palm ads up which is good.

well said, totally agree.

Perhaps, but I have SUCH a crush on the woman in the commercials, so I like them!!

You're refering to the woman in the new commercials right?

Hopefully not the older commercials..


Apparently some people don't have anything better in life to do then spread crap on the net. GET A JOB!


you mean GET A JOB, GET A PALM ;)

Never....Palm would not be able to compete in hardware wars.

Glad I dont have to wake up to that homescreen


But guess what? Not only did the memo not appear at the stroke of 12, but when we picked up the phone and actually spoke to Palm, they had a pretty quick response. Their answer? Our sources at the company essentially laughed when they heard this news, and they emphatically stated that there was no memo,

bull s!!!!

Journalism/blogging going south.

Two major bits of misinformation circulated about Palm in the last couple of days...starting to look as if someone is very eager to push the share price further down in order to make a killing.

I also noticed this on Engadget - and I've come to the conclusion that All Rumors should be checked on either Precentral, Engadget, or Wired first.

Everyone else is just else.

I also agree that they must be bored and all they have are rumors and no one is talking about what the heck. Hopefully we'll hear something soon from CTIA Wireless 2010.


it will be suicide for palm.

that would a terrible thing to do. While I will be dumping my pre for the Nexus One or the Supersonic. As far as Palm goes, WebOS is the only good thing they have going. Hardware is the reason people are not buying the Pre/Pixi. This would just be stupid. I don't believe it.

Dude... "only logical choice"? That's not how a CEO or his staff write a memo. That's a fanboi thinking he's a CEO.

mr. kessler why do you post stuff like this? this article should not had been even post. i think you like to stir things up or enjoy down playing palm with this bullshit you post here!!! STOP IT ALL READY!!!

He posts news and rumors pertaining to webOS. That's his job. It doesn't mean he agrees or disagrees. Let the man do his job and don't be so negative. Derek, I enjoy reading all your posts, as well as the other contributors to this site, and appreciate your devotion.



WebOS is the way to go. Down with the Android!

people are not buying the pre mainly because they don't know that it exist. Most people who see me using my pre say, "what kinda phone is that?"

I have to agree as I was at a birthday party this Sunday & took some video. 3 different people I showed the short clips to said what awesome quality it was & asked me what phone I was using. The father carrying his 1 yr old around on his shoulders loved that I could edit & e-mail the video to him immediately.

this is so true. I feel like an unofficial embassador when using my pre. I had to go to huge explanations of why webos was better than the other phones. The sales people at sprint were telling her to get a blackberry. She wants a simple phone. We ended up going to radioshack and they were doing the same thing, but after I explained the phones to them the employees became converts. Hell if I know at the time how easy webos was to use, I would've gotten my grandfather the pre instead of his annoying instinct... My sister got the pixi

I do think it's unfortunate that the reports on here seem to indicate that Palm is trying to buddy up to iPhone developers and trying to make the SDK's and such as much like Apple as possible, rather than trying to appeal to the Android crowd. Give the open platform and Linux base of Android, it would be much better to try to be more Android-compatible than iPhone-compatible.

An Android version of WebOS just seems to make sense as long as Palm gets paid for it and doesn't give up on the original OS. Giving up on the original WebOS would be sad and doesn't seem likely at all but think of it this way. Some people have Windows on their Mac computers so it's not unprecedented that two operating systems could team up. Exploring Android compatibility at least, if not a full Android version would be a good idea imho or maybe I have just read too many "Google should buy Palm" articles.

Maybe this was a early April Fools joke of someone. Ha Ha I think it is very funny.

I think it's a good idea. A hybrid of WebOS and Android. I don't think either operating system is better than the other. They both have their upsides and downsides. If you merged the two it'd be great. Plus you'd get access to the full Android app catalog, which frankly blows our app catalog away.

I like how the pic of the phone is a pre plus and the reflection is a regular pre

Good catch! Ha!!!

lmao i just noticed that. mister eagle eyes :)

Wow, that Pre just looks gross. It's nauseating! It reminds me of why Android is not what I want.

AHAHAHAHAH! Too many people on crack!

I am going with someone trying to manipulate the the stock price. They type of thing has been done before.

Doesn't make sense to me, it's like downgrading from a Porsche to Toyota.

I would have to disagree and say that the "patents" Palm owns is their most valuable asset. WebOS is their prize possession.

First thing that come to mind of this marriage .... Charlie Foxtrot.

I'm really curious... What kind of fuckass would think that Palm would sacrifice the best mobile OS in the world for some fragmented Andriod garbage that is Palm's competition? I can't imagine why that person would remain anonymous... Oh wait...

Rubinstein would so say "the only Logical choice..." he looks like a Vulcan =)

Yea, its probably from an Andriod fanboy's leaked Apirls fool joke. WebOS is Palms golden goose. Its what they really have going for them.

What they should do is make some over Hardware'd phone like everyone else. Put some "Cool" name on it like Blaze, Inferno, Steel or Tornado, etc. Put out some too snazzy for you Ads and let all the "cool" guys in the media and blogs do the word of mouth for them. Let them pull in their friends and family to Palm. Mom, dad or little brother might not need the Super Palm, but son or Daughter might get them one of the other palm models, Pre or Pixi.

I think the Pre and the Pixi are just right in terms of hardware and price. But they seem under equiped compared with the competition.

A girl at work has had the Pre since Dec and she loves it. She didnt know about Theming or Patching. She got all excited when I showed her Precentral. Would be nice if Palm could make things like that offical.

Nexus One whith WebOS execelent convination ...WOW....

Rumours are rife at the moment. Take a look at UK site Trusted Reviews regarding production.

I agree. This should not be a post at all. This guy who started this is getting what he wants. To stir shit up.

only a dumbass would think this is true.


Does anyone know why MPG files will not work on the Palm Pre when trying to open a downloaded movie clip?

Thank you,

it has to be mpg4. Just download a program like popcorn (mac) or doubletwist (mac/pc) to convert the files for you. Or just settle for watching all your porn on the pc. Lol

Why give this nonsense front page space on pre|central? debunk the BS and provide thumbs from Palm (posted by Wired and Engadget). Sorli...

Explain to the public why they want a webOS handset and we have no doubt that customers will start to buy.

Yes. But they need to do it before all the other phones copy everything and Palm is no longer unique and special.

The article is hilarious by the way.

Yet another piece of rubbish (as would be expected) from Slashdot :-(

Here's what really happened:

After this horrible weekend, Jon and Ed were kicking back a few dirty martinis Monday night, trying to drown their sorrows and trying to brainstorm ideas to get the company back on track. They knew they needed to get good word of mouth about Palm and WebOS out in the media.

Ed said, "Here's an idea! Let's tell everybody that Palm is going to switching WebOS for Android! Everyone in tech will scream, 'What are you doing! WebOS is the best thing you've got going for you!'" Then, Jon said, "That's perfect! We'll get tons of publicity for WebOS, and then we can come out and laugh it off, and say, 'Guys, guys, don't worry! Of course, we would never get rid of WebOS! It's the best Mobile OS out in the market, just like we've been saying all along.'"

Then, they finished up their martinis, and Jon pulled out his Pre and drafted up a fake memo and sent it to Slashdot using his fake Gmail account that he setup while he was working for Apple to send out "annonymous tips".

Very astute and clever take...

You know, that would be great marketting.. maybe even "marketting genius".

BTW, with all the negative press PALM has been getting of late, they COULD theoretically capitalize on it to get maximum mileage out of good news and advertizing.

You know everyone is watching everything with a microscope...


My suggestion would be to increase programming compatibility between the two Linux-based OS's (more apps)... But definitely gotta keep WebOS as WebOS. Open Handset Alliance-type of cross-compatibility would help the struggling Palm.

That's not a terrible idea. I love that we are seeing some apps making the jump from Cupertino to Sunnyvale, but I'd also like to see more apps make the jump from Mountain View to Sunnyvale (like Shop Savvy, Woo Hoo!).

However, I've heard some grumbling on other sites that Palm should consider doing an Android device in addition to WebOS devices. That would be suicide by fragmentation! IMHO the worst thing that Palm ever did was start making Windows Phones. The last thing we need is another OS taking up the time of the precious few people we have up in Sunnyvale.

Ahhhhhhh, yeah right!


DaHui623 yes he is doing his job. doin his job to encourage potential webos owner to think twice about purchasing the pre. look, i don't mean to be harsh but, when i watch there show or podcast episodes, all i see and hear is negative stuff about palm and all what there lacking compare to the competitors. where are positive motivation for palm. i don't ever hear how great the phone is or what a privilege advantage we have over the competitors. that's a positive attitude. that'll bring more new pre owners. i am for palm to succeed. whatabout you!!!!!!

lol... yeah right... that would be like Volkswagen deciding to ditch their own cars and sell BMW... ;)

Hmm, VW or BMW; BMW or VW. Which is more appealing? Hmm, that's NOT a difficult decision.

VW! cause I drive one ;)

what wallpaper is that? I like it. Don't like android, but I like that wallpaper. Can't seem to find it, anyone got a link?

WebOS on Android would be an improvement.... for Android.

not really

Yes, really. Apparently some people have a hard time thinking towards the future. Sure, Android is the cool techie mobile OS right now, but it lacks the vision and intuitiveness of webOS. The principles that webOS is built upon lay the foundation for the way everyone will interact in the near future. My unborn daughter will look at a feature phone like we look at the bag phones of years past - as an interesting antique of the old days. Culture is changing towards the cloud. Social networking web, mobile internet, digital organization and media are going to define the world, and webOS is just part of the infancy of a new age.

At what point did anonymous postings by readers become news? Shouldn't slashdot relegate that to the paranoids on their messageboards instead of making an article out of it?

In other "news", Barack Obama just decided not to sign the healthcare bill, stating; "Aw heck. I was just having a little fun with you all."

Anyone know where I can get the background picture used in the picture at the top? I really like that! :)

When 43% of the owners of Palm stock have it on short sale, they will be spouting negative rumors because the worse the stock does the better they do.
Then you have all the fans of other phones throwing in their foolish comments. iPhone user on another article today stated that apple held the first smartphone patents.
It is too bad that all these negative reports are really hurting, what is possibly the best smartphone operating system.

i wish this was true. don't be a webos fanboy and smell the upgrade

of course palm would ditch their well-engineered, beautiful, intuitive platform for that fragmented, disjointed, inconsistent monstrosity of a mobile os, android...

WebOS may be Palm's greatest strength, but it's also Palm's greatest weakness. The lack of low level programming support prevents the porting of applications written for other platforms. The relatively small market penetration of WebOS makes it harder to attract major developers. And it's still really feature limited compared to Android, and major upgrades are very slow in coming.

In truth, the biggest weakness of Android is the interface. The biggest weakness of Palm has, at least recently, been its hardware. I'd jump on an Android 2.1 (or higher) device with the build quality of a Hero or Droid and the WebOS user interface.

i'd argue that google's inability to control which version of their platform their integration partners use is a pretty big weakness as well. the fact that the codebase for android is constantly in motion, adding new apis and new methods for things that don't exist on older versions makes it tough for developers to leverage new feature sets on every android-powered handset. the interface can be improved by using a ui wrapper like htc's sense ui, but you can only bandaid things so much.

Dear Palm,


Why does Android remind me of Super Mario Bros.

Its not the OS that is causing the Pre and Pixi to be sluggish in the marketplace its the shitty marketing, its the fact the original comercials were a waste of money and its that first impression that makes the product

WebOS is Palm's saving grace.

This is, obviously, "horsefeathers"

You know, I wish this WASN'T a rumor. I'd take it a step further and say, "why not a choice"?

I think the best thing for a smartphone these days would be a choice of operating systems. Think of it - if you like WebOS (and what's not to like), go with WebOS. If Android's more your thing, go with Android.

This way, you can gauge the market by what people like. With Android, Palm can ride along with the marketing Google's already established.

If more folks buy a Palm device with Android on it, so be it. It doesn't mean WebOS is bad. Palm already has devices that run WinMo so why not Android? They'll be the first company to have a solid device that can run two OS's.

webOS needs something like Google Sky or Stellarium.

I certainly like the WebOS interface better than the Android interface (not to mention having a fairly complete Linux environment and terminal on my phone, and now an increasing number of SDL games and other native Linux apps), but I've been watching for an unofficial Android port to the Pre so that when Palm goes under -- and they will, whether in the form of chapter 11 or being bought; it's just a matter of when -- my phone won't be an orphan.

Of course, having been with Sprint for something like 12 years, I get to pick a new phone on June 6 if I want to. If someone releases a clamshell Android phone on Sprint this summer, or even the Lenovo LePhone, it's goodbye Pre for me. Maybe even something like the Samsung Moment with less broken speech software and Android 2.1 would be enough to get me to switch. I can develop and distribute Android apps outside their store without having to pretend they're "beta versions", and that's a big deal for me.

I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing a variation of this rumor manifesting. Basically, I'd want webOS to remain in tact, but the addition of all native google apps (i.e. visual voicemail, maps navigation, goggles, voice, buzz, wave, widgets, the ability to modify, personalize, and alternate home screens/scenes, etc...) gives me a bit of a stiffy (I'm not being literal here, but I do get excited just thinking about it). It seems that google is seriously dragging their feet to develop any native apps for webOS the way things are now. Not to mention the thousands of apps in android's app market. Adding all this, while maintaining Palm Synergy, webOS style multitasking, notifications, and closing of apps. Last but certainly not least, they'd need to maintain the ability to play current and future 3D games (because apparently, android is seriously lacking here) would make me a very, VERY happy man. Essentially, Palm would only use android to have the right to use their best apps and features. I think they could integrate rather easily being that both derive from Linux.

Imagine all of the new customers that would hop on board then. Palm would almost instantly be resurrected. Add all of this on a device that matches or exceeds (really hoping here) the specs and build quality (no more USB covers please!!!) of the HTC EVO 4G, and Palm would INSTANTLY skyrocket to the top of the smartphone mountain.

Maybe Palm won't even consider it, but they should at least consider a deal with google to license these things. Maybe as an incentive Palm could add a caption to all their new phones. Maybe on the startup screen, or paint it on the back bottom of the phone. It might say something like:

Powered by:
Palm webOS
with Google (this would be in like a 2pt font and grayed out)

They could try to make similar apps and programs, but why reinvent the wheel?

I know Jon is a proud man. Anyone able to run a company of that size has to be. But fret not Mr. Rubinstein, in the end most, if not all of your customers would love and thank you for it. Besides, it'd still be webOS and it would show that you care more about your customers and their experience/needs more than being able to say you did EVERYTHING "on our own". In a sense, it would rape (please pardon the expression) android for it's best features. Seems like pimping android would give a little added satisfaction. I'm begging...make it happen. PLEASE!!!