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PDK Hot Apps winners unveiled, Angry Birds and Glow Hockey Free win $100,000 29

by Derek Kessler Fri, 29 Oct 2010 9:16 am EDT

PDK Hot Apps Winners

Palm's PDK Hot Apps competition came to a close a few weeks ago, but it took Palm a little while to get through all the tallying and stuff to get a final list of winners. Unsurprisingly, Rovio’s ridiculously addictive Angry Birds came out on the top of the paid apps category, while Glow Hockey Free nabbed the top spot in Free Apps. That first place standing isn’t good for just bragging rights - the developers of each app will be getting $100,000 in prize money. Congratulations to Rovio and Natenai Ariyatrakool are due, so congrats, and enjoy the cash!

Palm tweaked things a bit from the Mojo version of the Hot Apps competition, so there were eight winners in the $50,000 prize block, four paid apps (Need for Speed Undercover by Electronic Arts, VisualBoyAdvance by dtzTech (with part of the winnings benefitting the open source warriors at WebOS Internals), Crusade Of Destiny by DVide Arts, and UNO by Gameloft) and four free apps (Raging Thunder by Polarbit, Pixi Dust Particle Simulator Game by WizardApps, Saber Ultimate by Draeger IT, and Natural + Electronic Drums for Pixi by EvilAnanas).

Another thirty apps (fifteen paid and fifteen free) netted their developers a $10,000 prize, while one hundred more (again, split between paid and free) gave the winners the option of $1,000 cash, or a brand new HP Envy 17 laptop computer.

Unsurprisingly, professional mobile game developer were scattered the PDK Hot Apps list just with their sheer numbers. Both Electronic Arts and Hexage had eight apps apiece make the list, while Glu Mobile had ten. But it was Gameloft that really dominated, securing twenty-five spots, all in the paid apps categories.

Again, congratulations to all of the developers that had winning apps. HP and Palm, more of this please. It’s fun, and this is the kind of stuff (along with pushing more units into hands) that’s going to help get developers onto the webOS platform.

Source: Palm Developer Center


How many of them is small developers or Webos only apps (not a port)? I don't like that angry birds won, they already got thousands of dollars...

They deserve it. I can't thank them enough for bringing that amazing game to webOS. I feel a little less "app-inferior" now compared to my iOS and Android friends.

Maybe they'll take that money and use it to develop more apps for webOS, realizing the power and size of the webOS market.

they do deserve it the game is fun. But, you know what we deserve for helping them win the 100k... The damn update to angry birds and halloween pack. They get a 100k and the money from us buying the app and we get the shaft. Damn Ijunkies.

both good games... id like to see some more nongame apps that are truely awesome. a friend of mine last night who has a Droid Incredible showed me an app that gathers every mag and newspaper from like every stated and country into a nice menu, and it's free. webos needs more stuff like that. im sure the dev support will come eventually with the release of the hpalm phones and once devs are done making all their apps for the other major platforms and have some time on their hands.

I agree. Should they have another competition, the contest should have some eligability rules.

EA got money? They have stock options for Christ's sake.





I have them both.. But when are new levels of Angry Birds going to be available? I have 3stars in every level and all golden eggs unlocked... And what's with a couple that are just a pic that when you tap the pig or the eagle beak they just move a little bit?

Try pinch zooming on it.

I had spent 3 months of my life working on what I thought was a rather ingenious app, only to find out that there were some Mojo bugs and a solution would have required a PDK/SDK hybrid which aren't available yet.

It appears that with the integrated SDK-PDK limitations at the time, the competition was most beneficial to game developers. To develop the game solely using the PDK would have required writing/finding a completely new set of UI elements.

At least, those were the issues I faced.

Oh.... and congratulations to the winners!! I particularly love both winning games and believe they truly deserved it.

I would've liked to see Smiles win.

they got it right in my opinion. Both of these games are outstanding. I now also put rockband in the same class,,outstanding.

I though one developer could only win in ONE category which ever was more money. Did they change the rules for the PDK ? If they did, I wish they hadn't.

I also think that lite and paid versions should NOT win together only one of them should win at a time. This is like double dipping EWW.

what's the point of giving prize money to wealthy companies???

Because it means the five or six guys on the development teams who wrote those games for said "wealthy companies" are probably going to get nice, fat bonuses for it. If not, they should.

All of this software was the result of work done by regular joes who just happen to work for big name studios. But the games are all written by different teams, usually only consisting of a few people, sometimes only one or two. Their work represents the company, but they do get credit for it in one way or another.

Well now that we showed Rovio some platform support, they should give us some new levels. I saw the ios platform got a special Halloween version. That would have been fun. Hopefully the mighty eagle update will come soon.

ok, so did the number one iphone game really deserve/need $100,000 from Palm? Seriously, look at how many PAID downloads they have on the iPhone app store.

...and it wound up becoming the most requested game to be ported to other platforms (webOS, Android, etc.) because of that. The fact that it was on iPhone at first just meant they got a LOT of exposure in what was otherwise a very, very saturated market (200,000 fart apps, oh yeah). Just because they were big before they got here doesn't mean they don't deserve to win. They deserve it because they broke out.


I really like Gameloft's selection of 3D games. I have Assasin's Creed and H.A.W.X. for now, but I definitely want to try more games. From the top 5 paid apps, I think VBA should have won. An app like that would never ever get approved on the Apple App Store.

I doubt EA needs money from palm for porting a game over; some of the bigger name companies shouldn't be eligible for these

On the contrary, having the big names up on the board like that shows a few things:
- webOS is a viable market despite what analysts and doomsayers predicted. People want those awesome spectacular ultra-graphics-intense and super-fun games that are only available on iPhone or Android, which means more sales for them.
- It gets the company exposure to people who might not otherwise be interested in their products. To see a game or application appear so high up on the leaderboard means a lot of people want it, which can attract the attention of people who want to know what the fuss is all about.
- Despite being "big name companies," each program is developed by a single team consisting of only a handful of people. Some of these companies encourage internal competition of their own, and one team (or even one developer) seeing their application at the top of the charts earns them respect from their peers, and probably a few extra bucks in their next paycheck.

There's no reason these big market companies shouldn't be allowed to compete in these contests against independent develoeprs. Independents or homebrewers who surpass the big guys get automatic respect from the market. And, as cited by the guy who brought us NaNPlayer, if an independent developer earns the respect of the consumer, one of those big time companies just may recruit them. It's win-win.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Regarding an app like "Angry Birds" winning a prize, maybe this will encourage more companies to port their software to webOS?

Derek, notable mention Gameloft pulled in $137000!!

Go Angry Birds! They really deserved it. Their game is not only fun, but it's perfect for all ages and has a great story.

Angry Birds for webOs is addicting, but I Halloween iphone version is so much better. (my son has it) If we voted them #1 why couldn't we get the Halloween version too?