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Phoenix looking to rise from the ashes of webOS 39

by Derek Kessler Wed, 30 May 2012 7:43 pm EDT

Phoenix looking to rise from the ashes of webOS

We've said it many times over the past six months since HP announced their intentions to open source webOS: open source is not a plan. Once the software is out there… then what? It's a question we've been asking for a while, and we've been hearing you ask the same one. HP CEO Meg Whitman said that they'll eventually make new webOS tablets, but we haven't heard anything since, and it doesn't seem like webOS is really a big priority for HP.

So what's an enterprising webOS fan to do? Take matters into their own hands, that's what. That's part of the beauty of open source: once it's out there, anybody can do whatever they want with the code. So a group of webOS fans - developers, designers, and engineers - formed a group they've named Phoenix International Communications.

The goals of Phoenix are both simple and attainable while also complex and ambitious. Unlike some of the other noise that's been made recently about webOS devices, Phoenix is taking a slow-and-steady approach and focusing initially on porting Open webOS (once it's out in full in August) to existing devices - not just webOS devices, we would assume. And they're not just going to take Open webOS and throw it onto other devices, as anybody with minimal skill could figure that out, no, Phoenix wants to improve upon webOS with new features and fixes. Long term, the folks at Phoenix hope to be able to bring new webOS-specific devices to market, but that's a ways off and dependent upon things like money. We've talked with Phoenix about their plans, and while there's plenty that they can't share at this point, we're confident that they're being realistic and optimistic about their goals here.

Right now Phoenix consists of a small team, but they're looking to expand. Developers and engineers might be able to make devices work, but in the end they still need designers, marketers, accountants, sales representatives, and the like to actually get their work out to the public. You could say that Phoenix is hiring, but in reality their hope for expansion at this point rests on volunteers. And what better place to pick up a few genius collaborators than webOS Nation? If you're finding yourself interested in pitching in for the Phoenix webOS effort, hit up the source link below.


This is great news! Just this past few days, I've encountered four people asking me about my Pre 3. All of them saying how much they miss their orignial Pre's. HP really messed this up. Hopefully, once OpenWebOs is released, we can get it working on new devices. Pre 4 anyone?

This is great news! This just made me think of a bunch of possibilities. I'm going to try see if they will want my help. :-)

Hopefully open WebOS will be as successful as cyanogenmod, it sounds like a similar plan.

Thank you Phoenix! I have been losing faith and needed this...

It's posts like this that keep hope alive for me. I sincerely hope to see openWebOS 1.0 on my VZW Pre2, though I won't be holding my breath, heh.

I'll definitely do anything I can to help, though I admit that it's probably not much.

Well...alright then...thank you Fawkes!

This is awesome!! I'm down to help!

So no mention of who is in this group? Guessing maybe some folks we know?

I expect that webosinternals would have similar intentions once Open webOS is available.

I just got interested in webOS too bad I'm only 13 I have tons of ideas

Hey Boovish,

It doesn't matter whether you're 13 or 30 to contribute to things like this. Indeed I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you have MORE to offer than the rest of us, simply because you're younger and have more time. If you're interested, then e-mail these people and ask what you can do to help. Regardless of what developer skills you may have, you will have something to offer. Age is totally irrelevant - passion is what matters.

Good luck with it!

Stu :-)

Don't let that discourage you, start easy by learning something like Visual Basic, and move your way up from there by learning other languages like Java, C++ or HTML. Try to take some courses in your school if they're offered, that's what I did.

I want webos dualboot on my iphone 4s.. please and thank you! :)

I miss webos soo much.. HP

To be fair, you can't just blame HP. HP certainly messed up their attempt to fix it, badly, but you have to remember without HP there was no second try. Basically webOS died in the hands of Palm (who also messed up their attempt), then HP "saved" it only to kill it again.

HP's big mistake was seeing dollar signs immediately and trying to make a profit on webOS immediately. If HP was smart about webOS they'd realize that they'd probably have to be willing to lose a lot of money for a few years before they could really start reaping the benefits.

And I'm looking forward to this idea. Now maybe I can buy an actual phone that's good hardware wise and put webOS on it. I also have more faith in the modding community to fix up webOS than I do in HP or hell, even Palm. They higher ups didn't seem to understand what's important.

"If HP was smart about webOS they'd realize that they'd probably have to be willing to lose a lot of money for a few years"

That is not smart it's dumb considering HP was and is having serious financial problems. If they had to lose money they NEVER would have bought it. That's the problem. They were never going to just sit back and take losses. That's utter fantasy. They didn't have the cash to do it.

It's not dumb at all. Google has just shown they were losing hundreds of milions of dollars from Android for a few years. Microsoft has been throwing money like crazy at WP7 to get it going. If you think that a mobile OS can come out the gate making money then I'd guess you're just like the idiots who killed off WebOS in the first place.

if your company is hemorraging money it's the height of stupidity to keep spending it on something that's not now or in the future turning a profit.

Microsoft has a huge cash position to burn not to mention it's a software company licensing a software. It's not a hardware company. HP is hardware company, with no cash to spare, trying to sell hardware and software in one and not licensing it to anyone. They are NOT close to the same situation either financially or business-wise. Google, also unlike HP is a software company, that makes its money off advertising that can fund all it's android stuff. Google has a huge cash position. Plus Google did it when there was no competition in the market other then RIM and apple. Now there are many more players and a mature market. Google has it's own ecosystem already in place. HP doesn't.

See i'm smart enough to understand the market. WebOS was not gonna be profitable for one reason. Nobody outside of this forum was asking for it and nobody outside of these sorts of forums bought devices at full price. And what happened was exactly what was destined.

But it's nothing but the height of naivete and senseless thought to think a company with declining profits and little cash should throw tons of money at a proven loser. That you think it proves how little you know about running a successful business.

Being 13 is hardly a bad thing where webOS (or anything else) is concerned. In many ways, novel ideas will be worth more than some of the older ones being thrown about. You're never too young to contribute. Get involved and look into coding if that interests you (I started around that age).

@ toofast:
Is a little bit of respect or decency too much to ask?

As opposed to...just ending? If not for open source path...there is no path...there is no furthering of furthering a word?

Your fear may come to pass, but don't you fear there IS no open source of webOS too? Because without that, what is there for webOS future?

So, OK, how about some details -- what actually makes this different from any of the other half dozen or so people who've brought up this exact same thing?

i already went to the link and emailed them :)

I have sent an email too.
It will be an honor if I contribute in any way possible.

+1 from Barcelona.

I'm the owner of (a website) and would love to get on board helping them create a new device and helping with some of the business side of things. (just dropped them an email.)

I miss webOS so bad, I bought a Pre 3 on eBay just 4 days ago!

Any evidence this group exists beyond one person and a single static webpage with no information on it?

Who's behind it? Who are the key people? What are their skills?

Replying to myself, I'll not use his name but this seems to be a one-man band based around a guy who runs a pipe-cleaning and laying business.

I think he has a garage though...and if you ask some entrepreneurs, and band members, that's all you need to start! At least that's what Bill Gates said. Although, having his Mom bring out some Totino's pizza rolls and a Mountain Dew on those late night wiring and coding sessions did really help.

Don't diss the vision man, let it fly and be free. It might crash and burn...which isn't such a bad thing for a Phoenix...but let it do its thing. Don't be a 'Debbie Downer', K?

I've always hoped there might be the ability to have (Open)webOS on a non-webOS smartphone.

In fact I have an android phone too just waiting for this :)

So the fact that Phoenix International Communications (great name by the way) is embarking down this road makes me very happy.

I shall happily email to see if I can be of service even if in a small capacity.

Long-live webOS!
Cheers, from the United Kingdom.

were living is wonderful times I tell ya

the grass is growing green on our side of the fence

I was very glad to hear that someone will be carrying the WEBOS torch! I truely, deeply miss my Palm Pre and Touchpad. My contract was up in December and had to make a choice - so I opted for an Android (which was the closest to WEBOS). But I am not happy! I wish HP or whoever, had taken WEBOS to the next level...IT HAS THE POTENTIAL!!!

Every person that sees a WEBOS device - begins to love it because of its capabilities and ease of use. The problem with HP's thinking was in the pricing of the Touchpad. If they had just made the tablet more affordable - it would've flew off the shelves (ie. Kindle Fire).

I have been using Android since December but still come back to this webpage to read WEBOS news :) WEBOS still draws me. And when reading about Phoenix International Communications --- it gave me hope that one day WEBOS will come back!

Therefore I would like to volunteer my talents to Phoenix and see how I can help them.

Thank you.

How is this not being treated with the same derision that Chriswilliam´s proposal received?

One Chriswilliams stated that he had working prototype of webos on a samsung device. But then when asked to provide some evidence he couldn't. Then the story started to waffle a lot. Regardless. i'll believe such things when i see them come to fruition. The forum is full of years of people formulating grand plans that amount to nothing but long forum posts. That said i don't see why someone couldn't do the part about porting open webos to existing devices.

I beat them to it, having named my TouchPad "Phoenix" on the first boot.

Yes! I've had my HP Touchpad for a little over a year now, and watched WebOS die. But now thanks to amazing people such as these we can finally begin to breathe new life into WebOS. I believe WebOS died way before its time, It has so much potential, and if I can contribute in even the smallest of ways than I'm going to. I'm going to send them an email.

Well, maybe not over a year (the Touchpad began selling in July 2011), but I know what you mean.

I use the Touchpad every day; as do many in my family. Love it! Would love to upgrade my Pre2 to a newer hardware and port Open webOS to it eventually.

Yes, here's hoping it's not another C. Williams thing.

Not even in the same league. These guys are talking about porting webOS to existing devices.......not nearly as fantastical as having some prototype phone that will be shipped for September with webOS loaded on it.

Then after getting shuffled off here, a month later same story, only it's going to ship with Android on it.

Entertaining Twitter feed if nothing else.

Blue blazes, this is awesome! The Phoenix Force is coming to our planet...

I emailed Phoenix also. It would be so cool if I could help out in any way.

Fantastic news! But in the meantime I just bought a HTC One S running a modified version of Android ICS 4.0.3. Honestly the combined elegance of the sleek hardware and fairly refined software is the best that a former Pre and current Touchpad user could hope for. It even includes a card like interface to swap amongst recent apps.