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Phoenix teams up with OpenMobile to Kickstart the ACL for TouchPad 85

by Derek Kessler Sun, 28 Apr 2013 1:30 pm EDT

Phoenix teams up with OpenMobile to Kickstarter ACL for TouchPad

Way back in 2012 we were introduced to OpenMobile, a company working to build what they called an "Application Compatibility Layer" for running Android apps on Open webOS. They've demonstrated it running in the webOS emulator, but what about on a real live functioning device? That's been elusive. And at CES 2013 we stopped by OpenMobile's booth, only to find no sign of the webOS ACL. Despite the dreams and wishes of many, we wrote off the ACL as not coming back. With webOS now open source and the property of LG and a release on mobile hardware that could run those Android apps looking less likely, why bother with the investment to finish the work?

But in 2013 we're looking a strange confluence of sites and services and people. The webOS movement hasn't died, and thanks groups like Phoenix International Communications there's even the possibility it could see a resurgence. And while they're working on building Open webOS for Android, they're not stopping there. Today Phoenix announced that they've paired up with OpenMobile to resurrect the ACL for the TouchPad.

In a four-minute video on Kickstarter (also after the break) they lay out the case for the ACL on TouchPad. In short: because they want to and they think you want to as well. Thus the Kickstarter campaign. In addition, the video shows off the ACL in action on a TouchPad. Essentially it allows the installation of Android apps as discrete apps on on webOS, including individual apps. There's certainly a bit of OS shock in that Android apps running under the ACL are in essence running a window of Android, complete with back/home/menu buttons at the bottom of the screen and the Android keyboard. The set-up actually is quite similar to what OpenMobile is doing for the Meego-based Sailfish OS, down to the Android 2.3 core to the ACL.

Phoenix has turned to Kickstarter to crowdsource the financing needed to finish the ACL for webOS. They're seeking $35,000 by 23 May 2013, with a touch over $1500 having already been pledged at publish time. As this is on Kickstarter, Phoenix won't get any of the money unless the $35,000 goal is reached by the deadline - if they can't reach it, they get none of the pledged funding. And, as this is Kickstarter, there are several levels of backer rewards, from a copy of the ACL for a $30 pledge to beta testing access for $250 to a trip to New York City for dinner with the leadership of Phoenix for a $5000 commitment (along with the ACL on a CD, a certificate of appreciation, two Phoenix t-shirts, and an LED flashlight keychain).

If Phoenix is able to reach that funding goal, they're anticipating having the OpenMobile ACL complete and available by July. Seeing how the ACL is running its current state on the TouchPad, that goal might not be too ambitious.

Source: Kickstarter; Thanks to @DeadTechnology for the tip!



I hoped to see at least a bit of skepticism in this webOS Nation post.

didnt ACL originally state they couldnt release ACL without co-operation from HP (or whoever owns webOS as they needed access to stuff not normally available)

it seems they got the interested parties needed for licensing after someone dropped the ball because it was promised a loooong time ago.

if they got the interested parties it makes it all the more weird why they didnt just add their ACL package to the HP App market.

Boo!!!!! Hiss!!!!!

I wouldn't give Open Mobile monopoly money to play with, let alone real $$$.

Their track record is thus: lie a lot about how imminent things are, smile real wide and act excited, cart around some demo videos of an alpha.

They have claimed on their website for months that ACL is "available today" for webOS, for MeeGo, for Windows, for Ubuntu, for Tizen... Read their website. Look at their Datasheets. Notice the present tense language of all that is a done deal, accomplished fact, usable product that you can have right here and now. Then try and find a product that they have released to an OEM or a consumer.

All just lies. Not marketing hype. Outright fabrications that bear no semblance to reality. They lie knowingly, slyly and maliciously. Boo!!!!! Hiss!!!!!

Shame on Phoenix International Communications for passing around a donation basket to hand to these hucksters.

Shame on anyone who donates one penny to this.

As they say: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."




Go to OpenMobileWorldWide and look at their site. Give it a long perusal and read the data sheets. They claim all this stuff is available right here and now and have been claiming that for months.

Then try and find a copy you can download. Try and find an OEM that has a product in the pipeline with ACL built in. None of that exists even while they claim it as an accomplished fact on their site.

Then explain to me how they are not lying.

You've been duped along with a lot of other people. No shame to you. You thought you had a great story. The real story is in how OpenMobile conducts itself making claims of things that have not happened. Perhaps you could do some investigative journalism in that direction and you will get a real story instead of a bedtime fairy tale.

there is a difference in meeting people,having honest discussions, seeing in person how they operate. Rather than say everything is fake or vaporware.

I could comment more but that would get me into trouble. because unlike you I know more about the situation than you do

That in no way addresses the real fact that according to their website the product is "available today."

Their wording, not mine.

That is how they operate. That is the face they put on their company. They promise they have product that they do not have.

Personal charisma has naught to do with business ethics.

Meeting them in person does not change history.  What he says is all there in black and white if you choose to read it.  I just hope that you are legally covered.

So I am supposed to donate money to the possibility of being able to run apps for the over 2 years old phone version of an OS in a window on a tablet, on which I can run a much newer version of said OS already natively? And all of that based on a product, that has been dangled in front of our eyes for literally years with the promise that it's just around the corner, and at this point can only be called vaporware? Thanks but no thanks.

I already did my bit.
I'm willing to loose 30$ for a chance that it comes through.
It will mean an extra year of live out of my Touchpad :-)

I would have donated IF there were ACL for WebOS phones since I don't have a Touchpad.
I mean - there're way more WebOS phones out there than the Touchpad.

Pre 3 is my secondary phone which I use everyday. However, I didn't charge my Touchpad for a few months already. It's bit too big and heavy. Now it's the world of 7-8 inch tablets but only very few people own Touchpad to Go.

I will still donate a little but if webOS phones are supported I would donate double or even triple!

Haha HUGE news indeed. What a joke. Sorry friends but this is not what webos needs

Almost intriguing. Two years ago I had two hopes to preserve the WebOS experience. 1) Ability to download and run Android Apps, as if they were WebOS originals. 2) Transplant the OS GUI to be the faceplate of Android.

So #1 has a vaporous chance "in coming months". But, it's two years later. #2 still has functional value, I guess. My Pre hasn't been charged since Christmas and that was just to get a retail portal password. As "intuitive" as I like believing WebOS was, I actually had a bit of struggle getting it to perform.

Will it run also on open webOS(if this isn't vaporware)? in which case open webOS would go straight back on nexus 7

If you check the comments on kickstarter, you'll see this has been asked and answered by PIC. Apparently, ACL requires optimisation for specific hardware & kickstarter prohibits promises of future projects. Therefore, this campaign is Touchpad only and any future hardware can only be speculated at this point.

As a long webOS fan, I would be happy to see this come about. I have dual-booted my Touchpad in order to run programs that I couldn't get on webOS, so this is great.

One thing I will miss, though - Swype. Since this runs in the Android system and not as a separate program, I assume that this is not available for the standard webOS keyboard. If it can be developed, that would be wonderful!

I will be donating, because I believe in giving people chances instead of ridiculing them. Critics never built anything -

Show me NETLFIX!! :D


Wow at all the haters in the forums and in the comments. Are you guys TRYING to sabotage hope?
I mean, seriously, how lame is it to keep spending so much time complaining about news regarding an operating system that it seems most of you moved away from long ago?
If you don't like it, then please, just go away. If you are so certain that we webOS fans are destined for disappointment, then why stay here?
I personally am excited about ACL and have shown my support with my donation. I have many touchpad-toting friends and family members that would enjoy an infusion of apps.
Any progress is good, and webOS is stronger today than it was yesterday.

I am a Touchpad/Pre3 user who is skeptical about this project because of the history of ACL.  Rather than sabotaging hope, I am interested in avoiding disappointment.  ACL was supposedly ready for release 12 months ago.  Why so little progress in the mean time. Do yourself a favour and read the old posts on the subject. It is no coincidence that many of the skeptics are some of the longest standing WebOS Nation posters.

I'm a webOS fanboy until my TP and Pre3 lie rotting in the earth. I don't have a ton of money to spare but I'm down to contribute. The only thing that keeps webOS from mopping the floor with Android, IOS and every other OS is apps. If this only extends the viability a little, enough to convince LG or someone else to build a damn phone, its well worth it!

typed on my TP

I agree

I appreciate the effort, but it's too little, too late.

WHYYY!!! Android apps are awful

why not spend all this effort towards finding a way to port webOS to any phone tablet or computer.


Because this a a different effort.
Both, new hardware and "key-apps" are mandatory for webOS and both are lacking since long time, so this one will address at least one of the problems.
Feel free to start a kickstarter project for webOS porting to new hardware, I will support this as well as I will support the ACL project!
I am not missing a relevant number of apps in webOS (actually right now just one only) and I can not understand why some people are bashing so heavily on this project.
It's only a more or less nice technical toy, nobody lost any money in the past and I do not expect that you will loose your money in the future, if the kickstarter project fails, you do not have to pay anyway. So the biggest risc you will have is loosing 30 USD!

The mantra is the same now as it was two years ago. "Phone first". Until tablets become the perfect substitute of laptops, they will be an extension of our phone and mobile services for most of us. Fragmenting improvements and isolating them to tablets only, and only running a specific version of tablet OS, just isolates and disenfranchises the WebOS community again further fragmenting the remnants of the WebOS ecosystem.

Sorry phone users, sorry webos3 users, you can't come to this party. No fun, no joy, no dancing for you. And its still just a promise, not a delivery. No disrespect to the attempt and the excited fans, but this whole thing feels "over."

this is the ONLY post that make sense!

Ok...for argument sake, lets say that Open Mobile is in fact legit with this. I'm still confused by PIC's involvement with regard to the Kickstarter. Open Mobile's Kickstarter is intended to develop the ACL for the Touchpad. Isn't PIC's goal to develop a new webOS phone? What, are they going to try to port webOS 3.05 to a phone?!? If that isn't the case, what is the alternative? At the very least, it seems like there may be more to the story.

is everyone above actually aware that while you can run android apps with ACL, they havent updated it in the near 2 years they have had it, fully aware that you wont be able to just click a google play app and buy/download your required android app, they need to be sideloaded manually with a raw .apk file, amd ofc that its only android 2.x stuff you can run.

ACL would have been great had they bothered to improve it in any way in all this long time they have had it and promised it to every major and minor OS out there, id LOVE it to be real and truely useful.

if it is updated and running current apps and has a market app then they need to advertise as such, but it doesnt look that way atm, so i hope all the users enthusiastic and currently donating are comfortable with sourcing your fave android apps manually and installing them yourself.

tbh it looks like the "ready for july" app will just be their near 2 year old alpha build dumped in your lap.

I would think that each port to WebOS flavors afterward would become easier. I'd love to see a more up-to-date browser available via on WebOS. The only thing that I grouch about using my Touchpad or Pre 3 is the dreaded "Your browser is not supported" that happens more frequently as time passes.

My feeling is that this is a golden opportunity to affect the future of WebOS regardless of ACL's checkered past. If the kickstarter goal is met, it sends a strong message to LG, PIC, etc. that it is worth providing new WebOS hardware and software. If it isn't met, what message does that send? Seems like a no-brainer if you are a WebOS fan.

if companies like LG etc werent as cautious as we are they would just snap it up in a heartbeat, whats $30k to them? pitance, yet they dont, so what message does that say to you/us?

I do believe LG is watching this and seeing where things go.

Claiming LG is watching and waiting to see how this does is an odd statement. On what information is this based?


even an alpha/beta version of ACL, w/side-loaded apps, is better than what we webOS devotees currently have at our disposal.

nothing to lose here and (edit: potentially) something to play with in a few months...

have we los anything besides/except 30$?

You can dual boot into CM, right now, absolutely free, with just a bit of work and run ICS or JB.

TouchPad needs this the least of all the webOS devices.

The reason this is being trotted out is most likely because this Alpha is where OM left off after the firesale. A lot has changed since then... Yet this Alpha probably has not changed at all.

First I was very happy about the news, but that changed quickly when I realized that this money could be used way better!

They should use the money to get this running with Open webOS in the first place and make it better integrated than everything shown in the video... (You CAN'T see the top bar while running an Android app and this ugly bar on the bottom? Get the comands bind with the typical webOS look-and-feel!)

And why is the money used to build a propritary piece of software instead of getting this developed as OPEN SOURCE for an OPEN SOURCE OS?!

That way the whole plattform will profit from this.

I would imagine that this is in the plan but without any prevalent openwebos devices this seems a bit premature a request. I'm also sure that this requires some intimate interaction with the hardware as well, so it wouldn't be a no-brainer port.

Just pledged USD20 - keep up the good work, PIC!!

Really admire your perseverence and dedication to webOS.

Waste of money.. Dual boot for free... Something just doesn't seem right...

the skeptics are numb-skullls...

All those of you with quick negative judgements: DON'T SPOIL it for the REST of us who are willing to invest.
I gladly spent the 30 Dollars on this and I am willing to settle for only a bit of extra functionality.

I know the iPad and of course Android on my TP. Of all tablets, WebOS is farout the most userfriendly OS I have seen. I am only using Android occasionally when needed. I rather use Splashtop to connect to my PC though.

I also like the unique wireless charging of my TP on my touchstone and the 3:4 iPad-like format. With ACL I would not have to reboot to run an app I need for the moment.

So please shut up and let us get the 35 k together.

need ~$1000 per day. not sure if we're going to see the goal reached...


exactly my thoughts. very little to lose here and much to gain if the cynics would just close their mouths.

plus we need webosinternals to back this and call for support. gets me upset that he's been sponging off the community for years and only now decides to be a d!%k about backing PIC on this project. what has he done for us lately?

You prove that your opinion is worthless (unlike the opinion that you criticise) by these offensive comments about one of the largest contributors to the webOS community.  And what have you done for "us" ever?

Good to see you agree with yourself. No points on how this app is even close to being worth $30. Just name calling. Buyer beware.. U can do the same thing for free. Just dual boot. This is a joke.

An idiot with 30 dollars in his pocket... How about full disclosure? Do you have any interest in phoenix? Open mobile? Or what makes you need this stupid app so bad? If u came out with a browser for the touchpad that was pure webos I could see the interest.. Any guarantee this will be updated for open webos? No its a fricking cash grab..

now 2 idiots, one with a brand new user account. talk about smelling a rat...

no affiliation bimbos. just see real value with webOS ACL and the demos prove its feasibility.

"If" the funding goal is met and "If" ACL is released, remember to not install the software.

I don't see a reason for the argument. If you want to back the project back it, I did. If you don't, don't. No reason to poo poo it.
I'd rather spend $30 hell even $100 to be able to run some of the Android apps in webOS. Dual booting sucks for me. To each his own.

Personally, I see this as a way to help keep webOS relevant and potentially entice someone to take a chance at building new hardware if the app barrier gets breached. Well worth it to me.

It's not that cut and dry...

OpenMobile's track record is very bad. They have made promises to community after community about supporting their OS of choice and have delivered exactly ZERO to any consumer anywhere. Meanwhile they crow about all they have accomplished and outright lie about how their products are "available today."

If webOS is to be supported great.

However, if OM has duped PIC and they (OpenMobile) fail to deliver yet again - it tarnishes Phoenix horribly and damages the little bit of effectiveness they might have as a start up.

I LOVE webOS and want to see it move forward. I loath OM because they just never do what they say they can and then claim afterwards that they have. A very dishonest company. I hate to see them squeezing money out of the community I care so much about.

For what it's worth - OM's ACL is not the only method of getting Android Apps on another platform. There are many other methods that work and are actually available currently. Blackberry developed their own Android Runtime, Bluestacks is currently available for free and runs Android Apps in Windows desktop, Myriad Group's Alien Dalvik solution was recently adopted by Jolla to help Sailfish launch with an ecosystem from the start.

I applaud Phoenix International Communications and their desire to support webOS. OpenMobile, however, is not the only path to that particular solution and has an abysmal track record to boot.

From the comments posted it appears the integrity and reliability of OM is in question, with regard to ACL.

If so then I agree PIC are indirectly staking their reputation on this single Kickstarter project. If they are unable to deliver the "ACL Project" then I can't see how PIC will ever be able to raise funds again.

I'm willing to bet on PIC delivering the "ACL" so much so I have now TREBLED my pledge, especially as right now there are hardly any alternative new webOS developments that appear to be made available soon to us the WebOS community (hope I'm wrong though as would love to see OpenWebos on a new smartphone).

I really like WebOS, use it daily and I can't imagine the day when I won't be able to anymore, unless of course another smartphone system adopts most of the webOS features.

And who are you?...

I think it is that "cut and dry".

PIC is trying to make something happen. I am sure they assumed some have moved on but I doubt they imagined some would actually lobby against their efforts.

People are free to back what they want. It's my money thrown in as well as whomever feels the desire to do so.

If you don't want to, simply don't do it. Not exactly complicated.

It certainly is withing your rights to contribute all you want and lobby for the idea.

Just as it is my right to point out the very deceptive practices of the company that will receive the funding, so anyone considering the idea may have a more informed opinion when deciding whether they wish to contribute...

seems like the haters of OM don't understand their business model. it's not to sell directly to the consumer, but to the OEM (taken from their website). as such, they may be having issue signing that first big client, but that certainly doesn't mean short term they should start giving away or selling the technology piecemeal to end-users. I'm suspecting PIC was able to cut a deal here based on the fact webOS is dead-in-the-water and possibly as a proof-of-concept to lure in other bigger fish.

business 101 folks.

There are too many instances on their site where they use language targeting "consumers" for it to be a slip of the tongue.

Which webOS and MeeGo OEMs are they targeting then? There are no OEMs for either...

From their ACL for webOS Data Sheet:

"Available today..."

"Consumers have the ability to download ACL for specific, supported devices already in the marketplace."

They repeat the claims for MeeGo, for Tizen (which has no devices in the marketplace yet), for Windows, for Ubuntu.

How does the phrase "Consumers have the ability to download..." not promise immediate, individual access to a functional product?

Read the Data Sheets - read the website. They make separate reference to OEMs and Consumers. The marketing clearly targets both segments of potential customer. Nowhere does it state that consumer access is limited to be via OEM. They consistently promise consumers can directly access the product immediately.

"OpenMobile's ACL for is designed for both OEMs and consumers. OEMs in the mobile device industry can embed ACL on their devices and ship with a full Android App ecosystem from day one. Consumers have the ability to download ACL for specific, supported devices already in the marketplace."

"could be" that one follows the other. you guys "might" be reading it wrong, which is a fault of how OM's marketing people have phrased the sentences.

"could" be read that a) OEMs enable/license the ACL technology which then leads to b) consumers having the ability to install ACL.

Who here has been ripped off by OM? Have they accepted a dime from any of you and not produced? You can call whatever you like into question but its all conjecture. They have not ever been accused of stealing peoples money.
Its lame to make the assumption.
It seems like there are some Android fanboys that fear the motive more then they are genuinely concerned about anyone's investment.
only people interested in contributing need be concerned about the outcome.

Most of the people voicing concerns here regarding Open Mobile, are in fact......webOS users. I suggest doing a little background research before making wild assumptions that everyone is Pro-Android and Anti-webOS.
geekpeter, pcworld, RumoredNow, johncc, are hardly members that I would label as Android fanboys, and they have been the ones most vocal both here and in the main thread in the forums.
The communication that Open Mobile conveys.....which is next to nothing, has been for the most part, very shady and very untransparent. If 99% of the people are reading their website wrong and misinterpreting it and they truly are genuine, maybe they should have thought about why that is the case, and have a look at why it is they seem so misleading to most. 
As for "fearing the motive"......sadly, there's nothing to "fear". Personally, my TouchPad is dual booted in CM10, I use a SGS3 as my daily driver, I have bought quite a few apps over the past year and to be perfectly honest, something like this would be useful to me, but I have yet to contribute. There are still more questions that need to be answered, and more information given. I have followed along Open Mobile's "effort", which I use loosely, since the beginning, here, on their website and on Twitter. Their "actions" have not been enough to sway me in their favor.

OK call me whatever.. So this is good to go and cleared thru the play store?.

Nothing I've read has led me to believe Play Store will have anything to do with this.

Ruby is going to come back and he is going to be pissed.. LOL

I'm just saying .. Doesn't the guy that is suppose to give us the new browser for the touchpad have an open mobile signature?.. Maybe I'm wrong.. But no maybe not

No. Completely different. That's OpenMobl Systems.

No research required.
If you don't trust OM and do not want to contribute, you have nothing at stake.
What difference does it make to you if others want to? This isn't politics.
If we are all getting duped and ripped off, that's on us.
I doubt anyone is going to go bankrupt over this. If they do, shame on them.
The idea that this is some huge hoax is laughable. They obviously have a version running now.
If it is, you have nothing to lose or gain by not participating. Seems strange anyone feels the need to try and convince people not to back the project.

Consumer advocacy has it's place in the discussion whether you want to hear the points raised or not...

This community can ill afford a fiasco whereby an unscrupulous company that has delivered no product to date extorts money from individual consumers who are webOS fans... Even if they do deliver, the expected price tag for ACL will be $20 to $35 a copy.

That's egregious considering that in May of 2012 OpenMobile publicly promised it would be released by Q3 of 2012. And in June of 2012 they stated that ACL would not be very expensive. $20 for an App seems pretty expensive to me.

Don't forget: if this comes to pass, ACL for webOS would be OM's first ever product release. It seems like the webOS community is being asked to shoulder a very large financial outlay for what ACL will actually do. I don't like this kind of money grab from a company that has never proven it can produce a single product.

wow...I'm a little surprised at the vitriol toward this project...

I understand some skepticism, but it sure looks like they have enough of a product to have a good chance of bringing a good thing to our community. Those that say they haven't delivered anything yet may be correct, but they also have been targeting OEM's, and engaging consumers in pursuit of public support to advance their product. And its a good product concept to me, given the saturation of Android, for companies that may not be able to break into a new ecosystem without massive investment. Even if it isn't actually in production yet, and like any such product, requires investment from somewhere to bring it to market, I don't think that necessarily proves any duplicity on their part. Yes, they have been unable to garner the investment required to deliver an actual product, and if we have an opportunity to make a very small (for this type of project) community investment to deliver something that our community could benefit from, I personally think its worth participating. It may not make the goal, and I've lost nothing. If it does make goal, then I have the opportunity to help bring it to its first market and benefit by it. If it turns out that they cannot deliver, then I've risked an amount of money that will not take food from my children's plates, and I'll be disappointed and sour on those involved. But I think too many are overreacting in their negativity. I'm cautious, but willing to take a reasonable risk give them the chance to deliver on their promise, and if they do, I'll be very happy to have this functionality without having to dualboot. We wouldn't have this community if not for the generousity of the community, homebrew, internals, ports et al. And I will continue to support their efforts regardless.
I don't need a ton of android apps, and even if they run in a 2.3 ACL, most apps will function quite satisfactorily this way. (Isn't cm9 technically a "phone build"?) It seems to run well enough on my TP when I need to. (I know, CM9 is ICS) But remember, we're not talking about 2.3 for actual OS level functionality. Only a Method for running an app in a better OS :-) I havent done exhaustive researh to know what apps will function acceptibaly in 2.3, but I suspect I won't really care if jelly bean style notifications are in there, if I still have webOS notifications. It's running an app, not your primary OS. And that what I want to have access to without haven't to reboot for that handful of apps I can't get in webOS. If you really MUST have the latest Android for your apps, then you should invest in Android. But if you want a choice, then I think this is an excellent way to keep webOS valid and functional for those who wish to keep their investment in webOS. And whatever future there is for open webOS, until LG takes on the world with webOS and developers flock back, this is the only reasonable hope at keeping us viable and relevant for daily use devices .

I hope that there are enough people like me to give this a chance. Its not like we haven't been disappointed in the past right :-) At least this is the best opportunity we have right here, right now, so I at least will give it my chance. I say "Damn the torpedoes" and let's give it a run.

(edit: I apologize for the Android keyboard used in this post. I definitely should have booted back to webOS for this :-( )

PS. OpenMobile hasn't exactly then a successful business model, to date, but then again, HP sold us a bill of goods and then dumped us, so you could say their duplicity has been far greater to us than a voluntary choice to support this project :-)

I would donate because this can help webos flurish definetly

WebOS has been sold to LG.

I am a die hard webos fan and I enbrase this idea its all that webos needs man i think that if we all enbrase this we can really help webos just imagine all the possibilities I mean we all know that all the followers of android and IOS dont know what a smart phone is and if you really think about it they are all ideots. and this is why this has failed to all other OSs but now its knocking harder at our door so I say we enbrase it its what webos needs

Consumer advocacy? Haha
How many of you set the price for the latest Iphone? Or a new car? Lol
whether you think ACL should be less expensive is immaterial. Its not your product.
You get to choose whether its worth it to you, nothing more.
OM has not ripped anyone off, so to imply that their website advertising is misleading is also immaterial. You try to create this devious plot to steal your money where there is none.
HP promised to put webOS on printers, computers and countless hardware. Maybe the pitchforks should be for HP instead.
The potential for good far outweighs the status quo for the bad.
This is low risk high reward IMO

Lot of skepticism here. I am donating for this project. I don't know if I need any Android apps on my TP, especially if I can't have them on my Pre3 at the same time. And sure, I'd rather have new webOS hardware. But I join in all the same, just to show dedication from our webOS community. If this is made possible by our community, other projects might be as well.

LOL, I love coming to the ol' webos site every once in s while to see what's up.

BTW, the editor of this site is writing for imore, if that gives you any idea of whether or not this is going to work...

1) $35k? A little lofty, don't you think?
2) my year old phone has more pixels (not ppi, total) than the touchpad.
3) no part of this makes any sense. No Swype keyboard, no modern Bluetooth hardware, bulky, cracks, no accessories... the hardware wasn't good when it came out (spec wise, yeah, but build and design sucked)
4) everyone has moved on... the only reason this site even exists anymore is because it still is at least revenue neutral, and that won't last much longer... Symbian anyone?

I don't care much for all the negative comments. I still use my Touchpad and Pre3 daily for work and personal use and I love them and the hardware works perfectly for me and with all my accessories, I especially like my Touchstone II for the Pre3 :-)

I'd love to see the ACL come to fruition and hopefully i can get in on the beta testing to see what works currently. Unfortunately Kickstarter is down when i finally decide to head over there to donate... I know it's a total coincidence, but with KickStarter being down right now as I try to donate, it's like the entire web community was in on stopping webOS from succeeding...

The entire kickstarter was down, luckly now is all up again!!!

Nothing can stop the webOS community, man! :D

It appears they will hit their goal.

no question this will be funded. big donor just came through.

Over $35K!

We will get chance to see what PIC can do with the ACL ... my Touchpads can't wait.

We have a truly amazing community here and I'm glad to be part!


Please allow me to introduce myself as the Director of Product Management and Content Platforms at OpenMobile World Wide. I have been with the company for just under a year now as both an employee and as an angel investor. As most of you already know, OpenMobile is the creator of the Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) software, which enables any supported non-Android platform to seamlessly run Android Apps.

First and foremost, I want to make sure that everyone understands how much we as a company love webOS and the loyal community (that’s you) which surrounds it. A startup - and more specifically a product manager like myself - couldn't ask for more to help ensure success and product-market fit.

At the same time, please understand that as a for-profit company OpenMobile must answer to our shareholders and investors. A number of commercial stops and starts with potential business partners forced us to adjust our strategy for ACL for webOS several times in 2012, ultimately resulting in us shelving the project. While we are prohibited by non-disclosure agreements from discussing details publicly, we acknowledge and realize that our communication to the community via our website and otherwise grew inexcusably stale during this time period, resulting in mis-set and unmet expectations. As a company we take full responsibility for this and are in the process of updating our site to better reflect the actuality of the situation, and are joining this forum to initiate more open and direct communication.

Secondly, questions have been raised about Gingerbread vs. Android 4.x support. We understand how critical it is to include Android 4.x in ACL for webOS; the development work to integrate 4.x is a major item on our own ACL product roadmap. However, we will not have this work completed in time for the release we’ve defined with the PIC team. Commercial details need to be finalized, but it is our goal to introduce Android 4.x support post-release and offered to existing ACL for webOS users as an upgrade.

Finally, we are very happy to be working with Phoenix to bring this project to fruition. Our engineering team has spent countless hours porting ACL to webOS for the Touchpad and testing apps on the platform. We as a company believe in both the platform and in all of you - the loyal users - and we feel quite fortunate to have the project come alive again due to the efforts of the Phoenix International Communications team.

I am personally looking forward to hearing the feedback from this forum once we release ACL for webOS - and yes, I mean both any praise as well as any constructive criticism.

Thank you for your time and understanding,

Howie Hecht
Director of Product Management and Content Platforms
OpenMobile World Wide, Inc.

Thank you for the honest reply. I had a question though. If another company decides to make a WebOS phone(be it LG, or whatever), would you license the android compatibility layer to them so it can be there out of the box?

That would go a long way towards reviving webos, if we could import all of those android apps.