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Phone-formatted keyboard dug up in Open webOS 13

by Derek Kessler Thu, 25 Oct 2012 10:08 pm EDT

Phone-formatted keyboard dug up in Open webOSTuesday brought tweaks to Open webOS courtesy of homebrew maestro Josh Palmer (known 'round these parts as @ShiftyAxel) that made the tablet-sized operating system work better on phone-sized display of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. He was able to dig up and implemented rounded corners, bigger icons, and bottom-aligned notifications - it's like the webOS of old!

Palmer continued his digging, seeing what else might be hidden in Open webOS. He came across an alternate layout for the keyboard (specifically in Src/ime/PhoneKeyboard.cpp) that provides an on-screen keyboard that's more suitable for phone-sized screens. That means taller buttons for your beefy thumbs, a slightly altered layout, and the loss of the number row (there's only so much screen real estate to work with, after all). Notably, the keyboard's lacking in a full skin, instead it's mostly composed of an offset grid of white letters on black. We'll be honest, it's kinda hot like this (especially on the Galaxy Nexus' AMOLED screen with its inky deep blacks).

We haven't been able to try out the keyboard yet, though Palmer says that's it's "very ergonomic despite the lack of keys." There's no timeline on when we might be able to play with the keyboard ourselves, but we're looking forward to it. Really, we are - the shrunken-down TouchPad keyboard that we played in the current alpha port for the Galaxy Nexus isn't that much fun. Maybe our thumbs are too chunky.


Looks there an option and symbol key? I don't see one...

That's pretty cool find, hope they find a phone launcher too!
Wish the keyboard was more Palm like though with the option Key and Sym key instead of that typical "123" button.

that photo looks like an all touch palm Pixi!

That looks sharp! It kinda reminds me of the Windows Phone keyboard, and I've always thought that looked great.

I like the full TP keybooard with numbers row... I kid, I kid! Would be nice as an option. ;-)

I'm sure some damn company is working with HP like LG to make webOS a device. I'll give it another yr. if nothing then I'm over it n f|_|ck HP

Goooo WebOs full speed ahead!!!

Yay! It's about time webOS had a virtual keyboard for phones! Glad to see that even though HP has focused so much on tablets, phone-specific things like this were still kept in mind. =)

Oh, no number row? I hope numbers will be directly accessible as alternative values on the first line (qwert etc.) otherwise it would be rather unusable for me. Also I hope one day the webOS keyboard will have Swype support. I do not like virtual keyboards very much, Swype is the only thing which makes them usable for me (besides the number row ;)).

Why skin it? I actually like the white on black minimal styling of how it is now, I would just leave the space bar as it is and make it all black. When the keyboard comes up from the bottom, it will look more like the bezel is expanding to incorporate more keys (and the card is getting smaller), rather than the keyboard just appearing on top. Fits the design language more IMHO

Here's another great reason to use Galaxy devices to port webOS - looks like touchstones are on their way!

So the lesson here...execute poorly and everyone will steal your ideas...:(

Not only execute poorly, but pretty much bungle everything so that defending the intellectual rights, value and character of your product (or purchase, depending upon how you look at it) is the least of your concerns.

Sorry...hate to keep harping, but as I've said students at colleges will be assigned case studies in how companies can screw things up so badly and HP will be the subject. The recent LG development is the first potential good thing that HP is working on related to webOS...and I'm not even sure they can handle that!