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Picsel expands Smart Office support to webOS 1.4.5, qualifies as awesome in our book 38

by Derek Kessler Tue, 03 Jan 2012 8:10 pm EST

Say what you will about Picsel’s Smart Office document editing suite, but you can’t deny that they’ve shown quite the bit of commitment to webOS despite the fact that they didn’t get the special contract treatment provided to first DataViz and then QuickOffice. Picsel first released their PDK-based document-editing suite to TouchPad owners and shortly thereafter expanded it to webOS 2.x handsets like the Pre 2 and Pre3, providing document, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint editing support where the other two category stalwarts had failed.

Today Picsel took a step even further into the territory of just plain awesome with an update to Smart Office for webOS smartphones. This update did something amazing: they expanded Smart Office support all the way back to webOS 1.4.5, so practically anybody still running an original Sprint Pre and willing to part with $9.99 can download the app and nearly two-and-a-half years after the release and promise of document editing support finally do just that.

If you’re wondering how Picsel pulled off this feat, it’s actually rather simple. Smart Office is a PDK app and requires little in the way of API or framework support from webOS, while the solutions created by DataViz and QuickOffice were based on the Mojo and Enyo app frameworks (the former for Documents To Go and and QuickOffice on smartphones, the latter for QuickOffice on tablets) for webOS. Going PDK meant only minimal changes were needed to enable Smart Office to work on the original Pre. While we may not dig that being a PDK app means Smart Office’s control scheme differs from a traditional webOS app, we’ll forgive Picsel since it gives us what we’ve long longed for.

Source: App Catalog; Via: webOSroundup


Kudos to Picsel!

If only HP could care about their phone users as much as Picsel. People on 1.4.5 are needlessly missing out on hybrid apps because of a, quite frankly, stupid policy on restricting hybrid apps to 2.1 and above. They always give a stupid excuse why it won't be allowed. Even if an app demonstrably works as well on 1.4.5 as it does on later versions of webOS, they won't allow it. If HP cared as much as Picsel, 1.4.5 users would have a nicer selection of apps.

Anyone still holding on to a Palm Pre is essentially missing out on a lot.

Where the heck were these guys two years ago?!? They could have minted their own money for all of us who didn't have a document editing suite at all.

Kudos for them for not dropping webOS like a hot potato like it seems a lot of other developers have.

so true... :(

Do you have to purchase both versions, TP and Pre?


I bought it on my TouchPad and was disappointed to see it was another $9.99 to get it on my phone :( I don't have much use for it on my phone, so I don't think I will buy it, but I appreciate the fact that they're supporting my legacy device.

These guys are a class act in my book.
I'll reward them with my hard earned cash anytime.

This is cool, but if you're still rocking an old-school Pre, you're better off putting that $10 towards a new phone than trying to edit documents on it.

This is good news, but I've already doctored my vzPre+ to 2.1. I do have this app on the Touchpad, and it works well since the last update. You go Picsel!


I agree - kudos to picsel but if HP doesn't finalize something soon on what they're going to do with webos and opensource all of this is going to be moot.

It's been almost a month now with again no updates. My phone is scarcely hanging on and I'm running out of options waiting.

Switch platforms. HP has given up on phones, and the supply of Pre 2s and 3s (the only Palm phones anyone would actually want) on ebay has slowed to a trickle and 2.2 will likely be the final version of webOS that works on these devices.

I actually have a Pre 2 and am hoping a new version of webos (opensource) can run on it. I think this will help with all the bug issues I'm having.

Anyone happen to know if Picsel will read Open Office document format? My new work has people shuffling around both Microsoft and Open/Libre Office documents, and I'm having a nightmare.


Supported Document formats
Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007: .doc .docx
Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007: .xls .xlsx
Microsoft PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007: .ppt .pptx
Adobe Acrobat PDF 1.0 to 1.7: .pdf *
Images: .jpg (.jpeg) .png .bmp .wmf .emf .gif
Plain text: .txt
selected features of pdf v1.0 to 1.7 supported

I noted that support for Google docs is coming which will be great you can open a Google docs file but not save a new document there at the moment.

Although I absolutely respect their work and hope they keep developing it I still think it's an unfinished product. I'm not talking about a bug here and there but I'm talking about missing key features like no copy & paste from other apps, no special characters...real dealbreakers. Because of this PSO is more a viewer than an editor.

I have read in some of the reviews that there is access to special characters, or more specifically, the Sym and "Shift" (grey or orange) key do work, it's just that you have to keep them held down while you press the key you want. Has anyone who is using SO had this experience? Can you explain better than I? Well, that last question is a softball!

No, the "SYM" key does not work...checked and double checked. The only characters that function are the ones you see on the keyboard. For every other character I need a desktop computer..very annoying.

You do have to hold the "Shift" (grey or orange) key and press to get the numbers and characters - it doesn't work quite like native apps. As the previous response noted you are limited on the access to symbols - no £ sign for me then which in the UK is a bit of a frustration!

Fantastic and great to hear. Wow what a. Huge compliment to the PDK architecture. Way too go Picsel and looking forward to continued support. :-) Sorli...

I think it's great that Picsel are still supporting WebOS. Shame I couldn't get it to work on my Pre3 due to some registration glitch that left me with just a "red screen of death" :-(

Then the uninstall didn't work either so I had to doctor my Pre.

No reply from Picsel either, sadly.

I can confirm that Picsel does work perfectly fine on my Pre3. You should be able to get it to work?

Must say cracking job by Picsel - I use Google docs on the TouchPad as its mainly a home device in compliment to the PC so most home documents are on the PC and I do minor edits natively in Google docs through the browser.

For on the move on my phone though its a total bargain!

I don't even need to do document editing on my Pre-, but i'm going to buy this to show support to Picsel for being so awesome.

Amen, Bro! :-)

Best Regards... B)

Wow, I have been wanting this! I'm on the verge of getting either a Pre2 (if my office will allow it) or some other phone that will surely be nice, but likely will not make me smile as often as a webOS phone. So I will buy this app if I get to stay with webOS.

Thank you Picsel, you folks are special and we appreciate you!

is there still life in this platform? If only other developers and hardware guys give a shot... I might just buy this to show my support.

The program was actually in the app catalog a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded it and it is a little quirky but at least i have document editing now on a Pre-. Big time kudos to Picsel!!!

So, ex Palm/HP employees who were active participants in the development of webOS and were often profiled on this site are coming out of the woodwork and making comments on what transpired over the past few years.

Aren't there any thoughts on these statements worthy of the front page?

I can't think of too many devices that I can make a spreadsheet and power point presentation from the golf course. Picsel is a beautiful thing.

BTW, any way to show a slide show in SO powerpoint from the Pre? I know this has been asked in the past, just wondering if there is a way...I used to hope I could do this on my HandERA330 or my Tapwave Zodiac2...and there was some CF card (and maybe later, SD card) device that you could plug into some Ipaq and some Palm devices that would transmit (wirelessly maybe?) to a video projector. I believe it was called Margi Systems Presenter to Go.

Oh, and hurry up with that powerpoint presentation...I'm in the foursome that is waiting for you to clear the green on Number 6! ;)

I am going to buy this just to support them, whether I use the app or not.
update: done!

I see from my patched app catalog they have 1,580 downloads. So Picsel has just made $11k (70% of their share). I hope they've passed their breakeven point for the effort (however minimal) it took to port it to the phone.

I sincerely appreciate Picsel's efforts, but I wish they'd make it a priority to fix the non-functioning Google Docs sync. The app is beautiful, but basically useless to me unless I can write back to docs I've opened and edited.

Google Docs support is noted as being in the 1.7 version - coming soon!!

Has anyone tried the current versions 3D support? Need special glasses.

I love that things are moving forward. You guys do a great job! I was in Staples and they tried to sell me an Adroid. Then I showed them what I do on my Palm pre and they backed off so fast you all would have apploauded. Look, I am not looking for a gameboy. I am looking for an efficient working tool. I dont want to sit around and deal with speed without all those dumb I want a tool..and the Palm pre is a great tool.. Iuse it every day and love it...You guys...I will join whatever you want me to to communicate to HP they need to support this great tool and wnderful phone! The palm Pre..yeah, I hvve the original...and love does 2 of my professional go HP!

Waiting on sale to buy for my TP.