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Picsel Smart Office now available for your document editing pleasure 22

by Derek Kessler Tue, 25 Oct 2011 5:48 pm EDT

When the app review process proved to be an obstacle for getting Picsel’s Smart Office document editing suite into the webOS App Catalog, we were told to expect it in the latter half of the week. We could be mistaken, but Tuesday doesn’t fall into the “latter half,” but we’ll take it anyway. Picsel Smart Office is now available for download, with a price of $10 for the TouchPad document editor.

Picsel comes chock full of features, including viewing support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and images, editing support for the first (and big) three, syncing with Google Docs and DropBox, formatting support for colors, fonts, alignment, images, and more, the ability to send as an email directly from the app, smooth zooming with page reflow, new document templates, and much more. Our only real hang up we can foresee is the not-webOS interface; only time will tell if we can get used to it.

You can grab Picsel Smart Office right now from the webOS App Catalog on your TouchPad for just $10.

Thanks to depscribe for the tip!


Does it have spelling auto-correct while you type? A must when using the soft keyboard.

Also, does it have undo and redo? It's hard to imagine using it for serious work if it doesn't have those features.

It has

it does have an undo function (top right icon). There doesn't appear to be either auto or manual spell check which is very disappointing

No auto correct... 'tis a shame, that. In that regard, it's like QuickOffice. Oh well, it's only $10. Might as well get it.

Thanks for reporting on that missing feature.

I could actually really use this right now at this very moment, but the app catalog seems to be down.

Oh good, it's not just me.

Given what I've read so far from everyone else, the undo feature is nice to have, and is something missing from Quickoffice, but a spell checker would be a cool feature.

And the Catalog is back up...downloading Smart Office now!

im thinkin this will pop up on the webos newsletter this week..holla!

Already bought it, submitted a review focused on the PDF viewer part which is head and shoulders above QuickOffice. Haven't had time to try out the rest yet but glad to support Picsel for supporting WebOS!

I will get it if it has one feature, support for reading password protect .doc files. Anyone know if that is supported?

Looking very good so far - but doesn't seem to have installed itself as the default handler for .doc, .ppt, .xls etc. files... anyone got a suggestion for how to do that?

I will be buying this quite simply to support a great Scottish company - there aren't many in this space doing such great work.

If you live in the UK, buy it and support our developers! :-)

@picsel: Please, make it available for the Pres as well! Or all of the webOS smartphones - including Veers and Pixies.

I will get released for the Phones. I just am not sure if it will support the Pixi and the Veer though... It might be just too litle screen space to really work (even though they are using the screen space very well).

Fantastic, hopefully this will come to Pre3 soon, Mine is on it's way from eaby! Regarding Picsel, deffinately will support them, especially if they change their website front page to also include WebOS as a supported OS (iOS, Symbian, Android are shown, but no WebOS).

Does the pdf viewer have fixed zoom? Does it keep the zoom you set initially through all the pages?

Yes it does.

It also loads all the pages in advance, so scolling is smooth and ten times better than the Adobe-*stutter*-pdf-viewer.

Doesn't support printing. Does anyone know how you insert functions in the spreadsheet. The manual doesn't help. Perhaps I can't see the forest from the trees.

Nice looking app, but I need both style sheets and the ability to track changes for a doc editor to be truly useful. Maybe in a revision.

does anyone know if this works for .docx (Office for Mac)??
the developer has not responded.