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Picsel Smart Office now available on webOS smartphones, praise to Picsel! 50

by Derek Kessler Fri, 02 Dec 2011 8:21 pm EST

Are you ready for this, webOS Nation? Document editing has finally come to your webOS smartphone! And it came from not-officially-affiliated-or-contracted-with-HP third party developer Picsel. Take that QuickOffice and Documents To Go!

Picsel said when they launched their tablet version of Smart Office that they would be working on a phone version of their flagship document-editing app, but we certainly didn’t expect it to come this quickly or this awesomely. Like Smart Office on the TouchPad, the smartphone version is a PDK app with its own unique interface, right down to text selection (which, for what it’s worth, works much better than stock webOS) and back actions (there’s no gesture area support, which takes some getting used to).

Also as a PDK app with native coding, Smart Office on our Pre3 is supremely fast and smooth. In fact, we’d say it’s even creamier than you’ll get from Smart Office on a dual-core TouchPad. Certainly, it’s noticeably smoother than the built-in webOS apps (just try getting Calendar to swipe around this cleanly), and it definitely bests all third-party apps in the “this feels awesome” department.

We haven’t had the chance to put Smart Office through the paces on the Pre yet, but a quick walk through reveals that this shrunken version seems to have all the functionality of its full-sized counterpart. There’s just one hitch: it’s a separate app – “Smart Office P”, which means if you want document editing on both your TouchPad and your Pre, you’ll have to fork over $9.99 twice. Still, not a bad price for something we’ve been waiting for for nearly two and a half years.

Source: App Catalog; Thanks to DannyDanger1989 for the tip!


bah getting constant app purchase failed atm on my pre3.

Yeah me too.... :(

Closing and then relaunching the app catalog solved the purchase failure problem for me.

hasnt the app been there for like weeks now? It is having a black friday sale too

That's the TouchPad version...

Hail Picsel!
Not appearing in the 1.4.5 App Catalog, but I've learned how to deal with not having this capability for 2 & 1/2 years... No skin off my teeth.
Still, I'm very happy Picsel continues to support webOS!

Yeah not a fan of having to buy the app twice. pass.

same here. will not pay again for this.

I've bought it once, not again. But that's just me.

Well, that's cool...but I'm gonna wait before I purchase. I jumped right on the Touchpad app, and have had nothing but red screen of death ever since. Unless of course the phone version doesn't have to deal with the same online licensing verification as the TP version...

Hi, update to version 1.8.4. They have resolved the red screen problem with this release!

2.5 years and still nothing for the most sold WebOS devices. Pre is the only Palm device to not get such a basic capability.

It helped kill WebOS. HP was gonna fix it, they didn't, and it cost them 3 billion dollars.

Text books are being written.

They probably wanted to get support all the way to the original Pre, and wanted to work with HP to iron out any possible kinks, but HP absolutely refuses to work with developers to get apps on 1.4.5. In my case, they keep stonewalling my efforts to bring one of my apps, a hybrid app, to 1.4.5 phones, and I've been trying and trying literally since the day they announced 2.0 would not come to older phones.

Oh well, this is just the legacy of Richard Kerris: a broken Developer Relations system.

It's sad, Treo, a successful, capable platform.

Pre2/3/TP, a capable product.

Pre is the bridge of failure between the two. A failure Palm and HP refused to fix.


If only the folks at HP cared about their phones that much...

Picsel for sure gets a +1 in my book. If I ever switch to another platform, theirs will be the first app I buy.

I paid for it on my TP and get a red screen. Not worth it.

I don't know why, but if you're on a network the red screen goes away and the app works like it should.

For some, but not everybody.

Just bought it. Looks good so far. Supports landscape view, 'Cover-flow'-style page view, and 3d just like the HD version. Links with Dropbox and Google Docs, BUT... the login box does not support either the Sym button or cut/paste. I can't log in to either service because I use symbols in my passwords for both! Picsel, please fix this!

Still a bargain at $10 for the full suite (How much did DocsToGo used to charge for their Palm suite? $50 - $70? ...for EACH major update!). Picsel, if you can address this one bug I'll be your best friend! You've FINALLY delivered where DocsToGo and QuickOffice didn't.

I'm happy to buy it twice! I'll be testing it out next week for sure.

good news! It may have flaws, but I have no issue buying from any developer who is still actively making useful apps.

Only issue - it doesn't show up in the app cat for my phone? Is it 3.x only?

It's for 2.x

works on my TouchPad but right now won't complete purchase on Pre3. Probably too much demand for the old tired Windows NT Server left running App Catalog!

Thank you, Picsel!! Nice interface, user friendly and more feature packed than Docs2Go ever was! Finally can edit my spreadsheets without Classic and on my Pre2 even. Slick!!
Excellent price.. I gladly paid twice.

So, can I get this on my Launch Day Pre+ VZW? It sounds like it's not showing up in the app catalogue for 1.4.5 devices. Has anyone successfully loaded it and run it on your 1.4.5 device?

By any chance, does it read/write open office/libreoffice documents? Seems like no, but who knows...

Are we really expected to pay again ? Especially when I bought it at full price for it then to be discounted.

Why would I pay this way when apps that I bought for my phone appear on my TouchPad but not the other way round ?

It's good but it's not that good. Only had one update since it came out and you can't have multiple documents open and swap between them in stacked card view, which is a real pain.

I'll pay for it but will never love it until there is support for the gesture area.

Any way of getting this to work on WebOS 1.45?

I'd buy this if it worked on my Pixi plus?

Epic screenshot!

ok download app. Option button seems to be disabled. Can't enter numbers which means for me anyway that I can't link to google docs or dropbox! Looks like Picsel put this out a little too soon.

Option key works, but you have to hold it down and then click the other key.

Why did somebody down-vote you?

Yes... you have to keep it pressed in order to enter numbers etc. I don't think this is a Picsel-issue. I had this since my old Palm Pre when trying to enter Numbers in Galcon. I guess it's an PDK-issue which never was a huge thing as there were no PDK-Apps where you would enter much text...

It's been asked at least 2 or 3 times, but I still can't tell for sure...can this be downloaded and run successfully on a webOS 1.4.5 Pre or Pre+? Does anyone know this yet? It doesn't show up in my App Catalog, but someone above mentioned they have installed other apps not in our, I'm wondering. If I could use this app, I will buy it.

No you can't. You need at least webOS 2.0 in order to buy it. The best solution would be a Pre 3. Or you Meta-Doctor your Phone to a higher version.

Is this available for the 500 Pre 3 users only? No Veer, no 1.4.5 devices... How bout the Pre 2?

It's available for Pre 2. I got it on my Pre 2 with webOS 2.1.

I bought the app and it will not load my Google docs. The interface looks smooth but functioning is clunky at best. NOT WORTH IT!

To enter Numbers or other special things (which you probably have in your Google-password) you have to keep the grey key pressed, it's not enough to press it once before you type on the button.

Can you press the grey key twice to 'lock it'? That is the typical function of the grey key.

No. That doesn't work. You have to keep the key pressed while you press the other keys.

OK, that gives me an idea for a new product...a Palm Pre2, HP Veer, HP Pre3 grey button clamp, for those pesky times when using Picsel Smart Office where you need to keep the grey key pressed for extended characters of typing.

Think it will sell well?

after buying it for my touchpad, I have to buy it again for my phone? Wait, what?

Yes, they actually want to earn money with their work. How greedy of them!

Instead of being happy that there finally is someone doing the first text-editing App for a webOS phone you are upset that it's not for free for you.

I'am not even sure if this will pay off for them. But I have to say "THANK YOU"!

I was waiting so long for this.

It's not available for Veer :(

WHY is it not available for the Veer? Last time I checked, I was running 2.1.2 - what OS is required for Smart Office? & btw, I cannot believe how underappreciated the Veer is in what is left of WebOS nation. It is a beautiful design & a joy to use.

It would have been nice if they first got the TouchPad version working for many of us who are stuck with just a red screen, before they start ripping of people with a phone version.

I have been using Smart Office on a TouchPad for taking notes using a bluetooth keyboard -- version 1.8.4 added left and right arrow keys, which have been helpful. However, I hope that Picsel will support pressing shift key and then arrow key repeatedly to select several characters. Also, when you have a bulleted list, using the tab key should indent to the next level of bullets.

Big ups to the first person who posts a video of this running on a hacked webOS 2.x Pixi! Now THAT would be hardcore webOS fandom right there.

I haven't spent much time playing with Smart Office, but it won me over with its understanding of folders. Quick Office ignores my folders and just shows me all of the files in one, giant list.