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Picsel SmartOffice hitting TouchPad on Monday – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint editing for $10 56

by Derek Kessler Fri, 21 Oct 2011 4:44 pm EDT

If you’ve got a TouchPad, right now your document editing options are limited to Quickoffice (which mercifully just received an update that makes it mostly usable) and Google Docs (which is still somewhat of a pain). Come Monday, however, there’ll be a new player in the webOS space: Picsel SmartOffice.

Following the powerful response of the webOS community, Picsel decided to continue on with their development of a document editor for the TouchPad. SmartOffice is due in the App Catalog on Monday, October 24, and will be bringing editing capabilities for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents (we’re still waiting on PowerPoint for Quickoffice). Like Quickoffice, Picsel’s offering will sync with Dropbox and Google Docs, unlike Quickoffice, SmartOffice will include a dynamically multi-page view (as opposed to the current zoomed-out single column), full screen viewing, and analglyph 3D stereo if you’r into such things.

Quickoffice was included with the TouchPad and the editing update came free of charge. Obviously, since Picsel doesn’t have that same deal with HP, they’ll have to charge for their app. Thankfully, they’re being very reasonable about it will be asking just $10 for SmartOffice. Right now this release is only for the TouchPad, but given the fact that Enyo now works everywhere, Picsel hinted that a smartphone version wasn’t far off.

Update: Picsel has let us know that the submission process hasn't gone as smoothly as planned (when does it ever?) and they're expecting publication later in the week. Hang tight, it's coming soon!

Source: Picsel UK, Twitter (price), Twitter (smartphones); Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


Yes. Can I order it now and just have it download for when I wake up Monday morning? Please?


Me too! :)

Y'know, I just happen to have almost exactly $10 left on my HP price drop promo code. I may have to check this out.

awesome news !

This is a bargain. I'm there. Woot!


PreCentral guys should have a poll, how many people installed CM7 on their TouchPads, and how many would uninstall webOS completely given the chance...

Let's save that poll for Android central where people care

Not me. That's one.

I just sold my month old HTC Inspire because webOS on the pre3 is far more badass, even with the lack of apps. Just sayin.

Lots of functionality I am waiting to hear about. It views PDFs - does it support search and bookmarks? Does the file list support folders? Etc. Looking forward to screen shots.

But definitely good news to see alternatives. A little competition will get us a better feature set!

Please post some reviews of this app. Thanks!

Total win. With all the recent updates the touchpad just gets better. I guess the last thing people seem to complain about for some reason is a netflix app. If that app came to the touchpad/enyo devices I wonder what everyone would think then....

The only update that made it better was the release of CM7 Alpha... wondering about the giant hit that TouchPad's webOS user base will take once CM8 (ICS) is ported over...

To make it short for you: NONE

Even most CM-Users still say that they think that webOS is beautiful and that they do it only either because they like to experiment with such things or because of certain Apps and that they still want to keep webOS on their Touchpads.

Shut up and go to another site, sheesh! Had android for a while and I hated it. Not that it's a bad os, it's just that compared to webOS it's clunky and non intuitive. I've got plenty of friends who love it and I don't waste any energy trying to convince them otherwise, so why are you here trying to prove some point with us?

Get lost!


ICS is a nice step forward, but it's not WebOS. I went to droid knowing that Android would eventually add the better elements of WebOS much faster than WebOS would add the add the app support and hardware elements of the Android world. ICS is a solid step forward for UI, but still about two years behind current WebOS.

The fact that the basic app void is starting to fill in after WebOS's death is just further evidence of how disastrous HP upper management is.

That said, getting HP cheap hardware for the purpose of adding droid software is a novelty now, not a realistic goal. The hardware still has the same limits of Ipad. If droid is so good, they'll get the more capable hardware with ICS pre-installed. The elegance of WebOS, with basic app editing and other functions now available will keep the most devoted WebOS fan satiated.

But if you're the type to buy a Honda Civic so you can swap in a Hyundae motor that's hard to start but makes 5hp more while leaking oil, then keep being a dumb@ss in a WebOS forum. You're a disgrace to both communities.

That will be practically a zero percent hit. A few will try, but even that is a tiny tiny percentage. But most won't stick with it. Android runs like **** on most tablets it comes installed on. I will try it again but unless you want a crazy amount of apps, which I don't understand (do you have 500 apps on you pc?), most people won't think it is worth it.

I don't even run android on my archos tablet

I think should be renamed because despite the years of effort, webOS practically never made it out of this category in terms of market share.

I know that's right, but it's a shame to think it's an 'other.'


Does Piscel's built-in spell-checker
have "HIGHWAY ROBBERY" in its dictionary?

$9.99 seem like a more reasonable price.

LOL nice

It's just a shame that the QuickOffice update still does not fix the bug I opened over a month ago with viewing landscape documents. I hope their is a trial version or something of SmartOffice so I can see if I want to spend the $10 on it so I have something that is actually useful (unlike QuickOffice)

I hope there are options to change margins, layout, ect..

can't wait. must, but it will be a long weekend. if there were a way now to get touchpad to connect via pan/dun, it would be magnificently helpful to me. the need to limit it so as to sell pre3s seems like a thing they can remove now at no loss.

picsel office looks amazing and my bet is that it will be the best $10 i ever spent.

This will make this device a certified work-house.

Keep it coming!!! PLEEZZZZZZ !@#@!

Dead set doubled my devices worth.

I'm pretty sure this app is a PDK app, so this has absolutely *nothing* to do with Enyo!

So what if a PDK app. Should I be mad b/c it's an PDK app. So what is point. Help me understand.

The point is that the facts in this article are wrong and the editors have no real clue what they are talking about...

My non-programmer take on PDK is it's easier to port to webOS devices (think iOS games that only need minimal modification to run on webOS devices), has a unique interface rather than standard Enyo elements(sliding panels, buttons, etc). If it works well, it works well so I wouldn't worry. I would expect PDK apps to run very fast. I don't think we have seen too many PDK productivity apps. PDK probably takes longer to write than Enyo apps but if they wrote it first for android then much of hard work is done.

I'll buy it for sure. In fact, I paid a lot more for quick office on my Treo 650 and was happy to do it!

A good high functioning app that really lets me work when I want to is like gold.

Sounds like a must buy.

Talk about timing! I sent a note to the development support team last night asking when this would be

Now for the update they told me they were also working on.....pen input ala "inking" in MS Office. Now THAT feature would make this thing almost a must have for anyone that uses lists on their TP's

I've been excited about this app for months! It makes me warm and fuzzy that they kept their promise. Slightly disappointed that this, like QuickOffice, doesn't use Text Assist though.

Wow. I had just decided that webOS was finished and thought I would be forced to install CM7 when it goes beta, and now within the same week HP sends out 3.0.4 and we get a real office suite - and just for $10! C'mon HP, get webOS in capable hands, or renew your commitment to it. It's not too late to save it!

this makes me smile even more since I bought HP keyboards for my 2 TPs. I find the on screen keyboard difficult to use. I will buy 2 copies.

It is not clear that you will be able to print MS Word and Acrobat docs from SmartOffice like you can from Quickoffice.

(beware of bad spelling)For me daily use of my pre- ended on Christmas 7 months ago with htc EVO as a presant :o . I didn't ask for it but when you have one it was like what the **** I still bust out my launch day pre here and there to ding around with. At first getting to know the ins and outs of android is a little overwhelming. And rooting so I can do as I please with my device is not as convenient as putting webOS into developer mode. But once I did I the real fun started (like it did with unlocked webOS) and jumped right up to Sprint Gingerbread 2.3.3 and also 2.3.7 for a while via cyanogenmod 7.1 stable but that was sort of buggy and besides 720p video capture was not suported so that didn't last. But when going from Fryo2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3+ the refienments are very nice. And after seeing the fact that android has added what seems to be a card/window view in there 4.0(ice cream sandwich) multitasking portfolio by simply holding the home button for a couple seconds it's on. Can't wait and sorry webOS I have to move on. 4.0 is just sick, updated for more syncing and face recognition to unlock your phone, awsome!!!!(what if you get a black eye or something, opps no phone? I wonder better watch your face). As a die hard webOS fan and I mean to the end die hard the card view to me was the only thing that made it superiour to Android in my opinion. That along with my wave launcher app and it's pretty much webOS with widgets so it's beter. I rarley even have to open apps because everything I really use frequently is just right there. Also skype and facebook already sync seemlessly to my contacts via android settings accounts&sync. It's not synergy but it does the same thing. It was even able to tell my brother luke was same person as lucas from facebook and skype and not add extra contact which is something webOS didn't. What it also boils down to is stability, with android I don't worry about the OS going extinct(not to say it isn't possible if not inevitable for any OS) and losing my apps I paid for down the road. Lucky for me Gameloft allowed me to redownload when I made the switch(castle of Magic I miss you come to Android). Again I well miss webOS and well forever owe it my graditude for changing they way I think phone OS should function but unless you get your act together and add widget function when apps are in card view I think this is goodbye and I'll miss you. Oh yeah you break promises to I waited and waited and waited for f-in flash player.

So hard to read... put in a few paragraph breaks and use your spellchecker and I'll read it all.

Not trying to be a snob, but in today's digital world there's just no excuse anymore.

Sorry I got of the articles topic but I did mention what if a OS becoming unsuported by anyone. :) But I had alot to say about the switch and why I decided to stay.

bring it to the phones. But was it really an enyo app, or was it a pdk?

it's PDK

I'll definitely buy it if it works better w/ Excel documents. Will there be a free trial as well ? I'm not going to shell out $10 for it unless I KNOW it's better.

The features will basically match the Android version as Picsel use the same core on all platforms, so you can read the Android reviews to see what you'll be getting into:

Picsel Smart Office reviews on Amazon

Picsel Smart Office reviews on Android Zoom

Picsel Smart Office reviews on Android market

Ya know, it's funny. We literally line up with wads of cash at HP's front door to spend on anything webos related, when the reality is HP doesn't even want our business. This whole slow motion demise thing is very surreal.

I agree. Without a doubt this is the strangest thing of which I've ever been a part. HP clearly dosen't care about us and yet is still releasing updates. When they killed webOS was when apps really started to come to the catalog. Just recently we've been getting great updates OTA and I for one keep hoping HP will change their collective retarded minds and bring webOS back... Even though I know it's never going to happen.

It's really weird, HP's actions and my own...

Hmm, I wonder which Monday.

I have Picsel on my TP in the Android boot. I like the word and ppt way better than what we have here. However, the pdf viewer, although you can zoom and is sharp, is a slow as ours and I could not get through either the Chicago or Detroit Sunday papers. Also it has trouble rendering some images and they look like color negatives.

We still need a good PDF viewer. I have two others on the Android side but all seem to bog down. However, ezPDF displays all images well and can be used to put notes on the pdf.

starting to wonder- which Monday?- it's about halfway thru the day and I still see nothing. Oh well, been waiting for 2 years for descent editing, what's another half day (if it's this Monday they are referring to) Hey PreCentral, what's the word? Update?

UPDATE: Just saw Twitter post from PiscelUK that said there is a delay and it's looking like the 2nd half of the week.
I'll probably check App Cat on Friday

how do you Apply your HP $50 credit to apps? I never used it

Just buy the app. When it asks you to confirm there'll be a couple of choices, choose "use promo code" and that's it, download it for free.

still not available yet??? how much longer?!!

Another broken promise, Zinio.... now Picsel?, way to go HP!!!!

it's now in the app catalogue. i bought it, have used it, and it's great!