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Pitching open source webOS 44

by Derek Kessler Sat, 17 Dec 2011 2:22 pm EST

Are you a mobile device maker?

Do you need a robust and web-based platform for your next tablet?

Do you have a massive stack of patents that you can throw at Apple's face while you run away?



hahaha, that was awesome, Derek!! Very well done.

Magic stuff Derek, love the subtle toaster bit. If the toast had come out with an impression of a webos notify icon...

Great segment. I'll pass on the link if it's OK with you..

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Awesome video.

I took my touchpad back for the 600 dollar refund and since then haven't been able to buy one, this video just put a fire under my **** to go get another touchpad.

Yes and this is why I am getting back into WebOS development. ahem, too bad sprint doesn't have anything for the phone side, guess My old EVO will be getting some WebOS love soon from me.

Thank you Derek, I needed that today.

Excellent! Well done, Derek. Do NOT underestimate the creativity and passion of the webOS Nation! Great times ahead . . .

It's an interesting pitch, but there's a couple pointers to make. I wouldn't be pitching anything as open source quite yet. We've heard plenty from HP about this will be happening and that will be happening but it has taken way longer than it should for virtually all of it.

The question of "Do you need a robust..." followed so closely by "Do you have a massive..." sounds like you want them to say no to both.

And the usage of the camera's mic is driving me insane listening to this. The traffic, the reverb, the inconsistency.

But I still like it!

***The question of "Do you need a robust..." followed so closely by "Do you have a massive..." sounds like you want them to say no to both.***

You caught that too, huh?!

Not bad though.

webOS nation should round up programmers from it's members and develop it's own build of webOS ;) that would be nice...

That is what I picture in the future. Everyone "tinkering" with webOS and creating their own version, and then a "webOS nation" or " webOS internalz" approved version for companies to use and know that it is not some crappy version.

Nicely done Derek!

Dodgebusta; I too pray we will be able to put this on other devices. My Nexus S 4G would be awesome with webOS.

Umm...That maybe my 2nd phone I do if I get the EVO working.

From Best in Show at CES 2009 to this in 3 years.

This video is great. I hope webOS really succeds in this new chapter. I'm glad I decided to go and stick with webOS even after hp decided to pull the plug back in August. I love my Touchpad and Palm Pre2 over my wife's Bionic. =)

Besides the poor audio (and partially video) quality - it's awesome - Derek, you summed it up in two minutes - very well done!

We should start a contest like the CEO Contest where all the "Why is webOS superior?" success stories could be told - that would certainly convince all device makers ... ;)


Keep the creativity coming webOSNation!

We need a few more of these ads to get the news out there.

Intoxicating indeed.

Nice! But, why are you having to do this? Where is HP's pitch to devs and manufacturers? Somehow, I think if HP failed with this sort of pitch, this community doesn't stand a chance. I saw the same thing when people were convince that the TP was not selling because it was being sold wrong. There were grassroots efforts to make ads for YouTube, and even go into stores and become personal ambassadors for the product.

Even so, nice video.

Because every other multinational corporations, they keep every business discussion open for competitors and the general public to watch every move. . .

Give it time. HP's announcement-to-action interval is measured with a calendar (or two), not a stopwatch. It's going to take time for HP to package it for open source. And we don't know what the final form will look like when they're ready to release the code.

Derek's presentation is so slick and warm, it might persuade HP to building hardware for WebOS. "Hmm, it did all those things? What were we thinking with the boxer and chick?"

In all seriousness, WebOS was so advanced, HP should have made an infomercial about it. Thirty seconds never did it justice.

well made :D

Love it D awesome vid

really good on a limited budget. The music could double in a porno though!

Sweet and thanks for Derek! Sorli...

Way to go Derek! Nice job my friend. WebOS will have a bright future in the right hands for sure.

I love the enthusiasm of this nation. Great job Derek!

Never give up, never surrender!

Nice film! I give u a lot of credit for both making it and being creative about putting things up on the website. Because there ain't going to be anything exciting to write about for a long time. Sad but true. :(....

Great job on the video!

Speaking of webOS promotion, yesterday I was VERY surprised to see a commercial for one of the large TV/Phone/Internet companies and they clearly showed an HP TouchPad. I called my wife over because I was surprised and happy to see the TP represented when typically it's the iPad or an Android device of one flavor or another. AND on a new commercial! Hey, it's something! :)

I think you should have recorded a seperate audio track and overlayed it dude (voiceover?)
Very compelling otherwise !

Very nice Derek, I can't believe this is where we are at. A couple of weeks ago my wifes pre plus speaker blew. She complained about the phone all the time. You know the little problems with the pre plus. Most of all it was the width of the phone. She had a Venus before and loved the phone. I had a up grade available in a few weeks. So she went back to the Venus and hated it. Missed the pre plus. But thought it was time to move on since HP decided not to make any more devices, we got her the Driod incredible 2. After a week she gave it to our daughter. I had a old pre plus so she went to that. Come to find out the speaker was going to. So I took the parts from three pre plus's laying around and put one together.

Palm has had the same stupid problem with the headphone jack going back to the Treos. It's pretty bad when you can't engineer your way out of such a persistent hardware defect after so many years. Palm deserves to be out of the smartphone business.

Get a pre 2 if sticking with webos. Cheap now on verizon if there are any left or ebay. After a brief thought about moving to android, I am stubbornly holding on to webos. Pre 2 is faster and more solidly built than Pre + and I'm pleasantly surprised by the difference over an overclocked pre+.

Bravo Derek!
Accurate, clever & sweetly done
the little mobile operating system that could
as great as webOS is for tablets, it is even better for smartphones
webOS was developed by a smartphone company (Palm holds the patent,) designed for smartphones & works much better than any other smartphone OS
smartphones are critical to webOS' success
HP built two superb smartphones for it, but pulled back from the fray rather than engaging to their strength
hopefully HP will recognize their folly & unleash webOS' full potential
as good as it is on a tablet, webOS is even better on a smartphone

brilliant. We're going to need pitches like this to bring more lambs to th.. Err developers. For the next vid I recommend you end with:

I don't always program for open source operating systems, but when I do, I choose webOS.

WebOS = Pontiac


I have a question. You detailed in the recent podcast that one of the issues with webos was that it's written in java and web language thus you couldn't just graft cards onto your android os, ios, blackberry os, etc where you looking buy webos or use the open source stuff.

The question is do you think that language issue made webos less attractive to come buyers specifically a google, apple, microsoft? My thought process being that they can't just pay a billion for webos and get cards and synergy because to work on their platforms, android, ios, wp7 they'd have to be rewritten? The same reason they may find little use for the open source project?

Awesome all around, Derek, except, as I'm sure you know, the audio. Getting good audio can double the hassle, depending on technique, but it makes all the difference.

Specific goodness includes: concept, location, humor and editing.

Enjoyable and clever! Thanks! It shows off WebOS better than any AD ever did.

Let's hope somebody does something significant with WebOS before HP stops supporting existing users. We're dependent on the cloud. Hopefully that's at least 2 years away.

"How well does webOS multitask? Better than you can, tough guy."

I absolutely love it! Great video!

One thing that might play out interesting. The courts recent filling in favor of Apple over HTC running Android in the U.S. Hey HTC how does webOS look now, for that matter that question goes out to all device manufacturers. For the moment no matter as I have a touchpad and pre3, love 'em both. I have an HD7 with WP7, when I go to that find myself missing webOS.

Except they already had a workaround ready in case they lost.

Really, companies do think ahead sometimes. Imagine that!