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Pivot out, Featured Apps back in 21

by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Dec 2011 6:14 pm EST

Back when the HP TouchPad launched in July (was it really that long ago?), HP promised us a revolution in app discovery with an App Catalog-specific magazine titled Pivot. It was unique in the mobile space, and good enough to garner a finalist spot in the 2011 Digital Magazine Awards. But things have gone south for Pivot in recent months, starting with the complete absence of a new issue through all of October, with the "Sports Issue" finally landing in November. We're now well into December and without a new issue of Pivot, and opening the App Catalog on the TouchPad is any indication, we might not be getting a new issue any time soon  - or ever. We're now halfway back to square one, with a Featured Apps screen viewed on launch as we were before the first issue of Pivot arrived, but at least with multiple Pivot-like pages. It's no magazine, with nothing in the way of editorial content - it's just a few groupings of featured apps including Shopping and Games sections. Hopefully we won't have to sit and stare at these same featured apps for months on end this time...

Update: HP has confirmed: Pivot is dead. Well, "on hold", which is corporate speak for dead.



Somewhere in California, there are a bunch of unemployed hipsters who know how to party and look intense while holding sporting equipment.

anything to get rid of those creepy "sports" girls!

The Pivot was a good concept...and it really was well designed and written. However, after you've flipped through it once, it really served no purpose the rest of the 30-60 days. I like the idea of a "Featured App" publication -- as long as it is kept fresh. Of course, having new, exciting apps to talk about helps also, right? ;)

I like this featured apps better than Pivot. Like Mapenn said in the comment above, after you read through the issue, it serves no purpose. It was always annoying to see the cover of Pivot every time I open the app catalog.

Besides, most people only cared about the featured/free apps. This just gets straight too the point without all the fluff. Even though Pivot was well done, if it get's replaced with this feature apps thing, I won't be disappointed.

In the Australian App Cat se are still waiting for the October Sports Issue........"Coming Soon"........another broken HP promise.

"Hopefully we won't have to sit and stare at these same featured apps for months on end this time..."

Hey, beats having to look at hipsters flopping on a beach or worse, jailbait.

Wow! I'm impressed! And I just love how they parade that White TouchPad around.. looks very nice!

Thank God!

Still "Pivot" in Canada...

Even if things had gone well, Pivot was never a sustainable idea. HP became a content provider and realized just how tough that gig is.

Didn't really see Pivot as relevant for me as a user, but to motivate developers maybe.

Still good to see HP with some new apps for those lucky enough to grab them. Sorli...

So how long until HP shuts down the App Catalog, too? A few weeks ago I predicted it would be gone by the end of the year (at the same time I said the Sports Pivot would be the last). If the catalog doesn't make money they won't keep it open.

Those of you that got the $50 credit to spend in the catalog should probably use it up before it's too late.

I logged it just so I could downgrade this comment. The app store is not in any immjnent danger of being shut down before the touchpad is eol'd.

I hope there's a Kindle Fire under your Christmas tree this year.

I now must wipe my afternoon coffe from my computer monitor (very funny...I needed that)

Isn't there a time limit on that credit anyway? I thought it expired by the end of the year.

I like the "new" Feature Apps home page but I do miss Pivot. I did enjoy reading the magazine.

is there an opportunity for a community generated magazine to take it's place?

Still waiting for sports issue in Ireland :(

Promo codes ALL gone.

This "promo code" stuff is getting more like Black Friday every time - unless you're one of the first few people, you ain't getting nothing. A complete waste of time - all this accomplishes is destroying what little credibility the Touchpad still has.

"Hopefully we won't have to sit and stare at these same featured apps for months on end this time..."

Of course we will