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Pixi overclock to 900MHz possible, and coming soon 29

by Derek Kessler Tue, 12 Oct 2010 4:38 pm EDT

Palm Pixi Overclocking Palm Pre owners have been enjoying ridiculous overclocking benefits for some time now, while our Pixi-toting friends have been left to look in from the outside. Thanks to the work of WebOS Internals, that’s changing, with the possibility of the 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7627 processor hitting up to 900MHz. This is all thanks to, of all groups, the Android community’s hacking of the LG Ally, which uses the same processor. Who says we can’t all just get along?

Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals let us know that they’re still working on getting the overclocked Pixi kernel up to its full potential, but a recent teaser screenshot posted on their Twitter feed shows they’ve already broken the 800MHz barrier. Homebrew developer WartHog Kernel is taking the lead on development, which bodes well for the Pixi kernel. Further testing is in order, and for that more Pixi devices are needed.

As always, WebOS Internals provides all of their awesome kernels, services, and patches free of charge to the community, relying on your donations to stay in business. In particular, they’re looking for donations to help finance the purchase of a few Pixi devices to give the new kernel a thorough testing. So if you haven’t donated before (or are a Pixi owner with dreams of overclocking dancing through your head), head on over and give a few bucks to further the awesomeness they bring.

Thanks to Rod for the heads up!




wooot ive been waiting for this!

Wonder what the Pre Plus 2's 1GHz TI OMAP 3630 processor will be able to be overclocked to?

I am sooo gonna donate to these ppl when I get paid this wk... They deserve it!!!

Very Nice work!!! I will do my best to get you some donations over shortly....

Love the 1.2ghz Kernel for Pre and the Uber is fantastic

did you see how hot it got get out of here I don't want to cook my hand with that shit

how hot did what get? The Palm Pre overclocked at 1.2Ghz? Mine doesn't get hot... Oh wait I forgot I have a mysterious Palm Pre that doesn't get the same problems as everyone else.. Forgot... Lol.. Internals just keep up the good work

hot? at 34 C? what are you running at? 34 C is normal run temp on a pixi.

just donated $20.00 USD. Hope it helps. I have Sprint Pre minus but I've talked some coworkers into getting pixi's that I put preware on. I'd love to overclock them too.
And as a sprint Pre - owner, I am happy to have a Pre 2 with 1 ghz processor, webOS 2.0 and 512 Ram. I'd take that in heartbeat. Superpimp phone will be out later...

from all the donations I've seen they've gotten more than enough to get a pixi actually like 5 pixis. Anyway now it's just giving them a few dollas for their efforts.

They have to do a lot more than just a phone, like maintain servers and patches, and that requires real money.

I would hope that Palm will gladly give you guys FREE devices if asked, due to your time/work keeping users like myself and others happy.

^ agreed!

Ask them to fork some over, you know they got more on hand then they will ever be able to sell..

show your appreciation HPalm!

Gotta love that webOS and Android are both based on Linux. Definitely makes them both hackable.

from all the donations I've seen they've gotten more than enough to get a pixi actually like 5 pixis. Anyway now it's just giving them a few dollas for their efforts.

Man i love those internal guys. I put my money in today...abeit it was a small donation, but hell, I'm trying to buy a house and get married over here! :)

HPALM give webos internals some damn free pixi to test, thats what I would call supporting the homebrew community!

If it wasnt for webos internals, the PRE would be crap, patches makes the slow outdated hardware liveable, while we wait for the super device!

+1's for everyone who donates!

true say my friend! true say.. i cant use my phone without some of the patches. i am just looking forward to some of the patches that come out when webos 2.0 is released

pixi in definet need of speed increase. I could use it over pre if faster and had wifi

Mmmmmmm I donated my 5 bucks (hey some of us are the little guys in the totem pole. thats all I can afford!) last night as soon as I saw it linked in twitter!

I love my Pixi and this may be able to hold me over for a Pixi 2

PLEASE RELEASE A PIXI 2 WITH THE PRE 2 OMG I don't want no stinkin software keyboard super phone that will be at CES

Same thought. I only wonder what happens to my Pixi 1 Battery when i go in direction of 800...

it's arrived too late. i'm already getting the samsung epic because of the pixi's sluggish hardware. great OS, terrible hardware. i imagine i'll enjoy my epic just as much (if not more)

^you're going to come crawling back. Android is horse shite compared with webOS.


If it's from the Android Community they can keep it!

I'd rather stick w/ a device that I need to take to the Doctor once a month than accept anything from the enemy!

...Haha just kidding! Rock on Internals crew!

It does make me a little sore that our guys didn't figure it out first but nevermind that 900mhz here we come!!!!

I thought it was already possible to overclock the Pixi...I've seen a video on YouTube of a guy overclocking his Pixi with Preware. Maybe this is just a better kernel? Idk. Someone inform me?

They can overclock a Pixi, to a study 600 MHz.. So this will make the Pixi look like a lightning bolt to that old patch!

@ jwinn35, I take it that you're included in that group. (The ones that have donated)

Webos internals staff do a wonderful job and they deserve any donations ~ from everyone who benefits from their hard work.