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Pixi Plus disappears from Verizon Wireless site 32

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 28 Jan 2011 12:21 pm EST

As we reported last week, it's getting more and more difficult to track down a webOS phone these days. The latest to fall is the Verizon Palm Pixi Plus, which is no longer listed on VerizonWireless.com. You can still find it and even the 1-year-old Verizon Pre Plus at HP Wireless Central, however.

AT&T Wireless still sells both the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus and ye-olde Pixi 'minus' is still hanging on a Sprint. We're guessing there are pretty small inventory numbers all around, though, so if you've a hankering for some 'classic' webOS phones, best get moving.

Source: Verizon Wireless; HP Wireless Central; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



And I'm totally glad that when I dropped my pre plus the other day it missed that slush puddle. Otherwise I'd have to wait for some new webos device to finally hit the big V.

Actually, my pre plus died around a month ago and Verizon sent me a brand new one in the mail (under warranty). Forgot how spiffy they look when not scratched up!

On the other hand, when I went to change something on my account yesterday, they told me my contract/phone wasn't up for free renewal until next September, but wanted me to pre-order a Droid X.

Hmmm "HP Wireless Central" Good name for a new website if you ask me... Just going by PreCentral seems to be kinda dated all things considered!

is this a good sign or bad sign?

I'm just sure it's just a matter of time before Asurion starts trying to rip us off...
Sure hope not, though.

About time... they need to clear out all that old Palm junk and start on a clean slate.

Come on... 11 days and counting... Who would buy a new WebOs phone before then?

Although I have a co-worker and Palm lover (he's had a palm phone for 10 yearsish...) who didn't know that HP had bought Palm...

But i doubt anyone who hangs out on this site would buy one.

11 days till an announcement. We still don't know for sure if this announcement will be for phones or just tablets. It may be weeks/months before they actually start selling the phones. Personally I'm not willing to go a few months without a phone, so I might get a replacement Pre for the meantime if mine broke.

Also like to point out this phone and the pre plus disappeared from the o2 site in the UK a few days ago too.

Well, in light of the word that new products will be available 'weeks' after they are announced and not months, this seems to provide evidence that the 2/9 announcement will include a new phone or phones.

Good riddens


The positive way to think about this is that they are getting ready to ship the new Palm devices in a few weeks time.

YAY! a new palm device that for as long as you own it will never recieve a major update!


Or at least simplify it a little bit. How the heck do you rate comments?? I see other people doing it, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out!

A moment of silence for this sad sad occasion!

Strangely enough, it seems a pic of the Pixi is still on the site banner where it says "Free phones"

Who cares what is disappearing and reappearing... Where is WebOS 2.0 or 2.1? Buying palm was the biggest mistake I have ever made when shopping for a phone. With all that is going on with Android, there is no way I would consider buying another HPalm product. When the HP event rolls around in Feb, they are going to roll out a tablet that is already light years behind the Motorola Xoom. I hope no one else waists their time on any more HPalm products!

...and??? Is this big news? Could have seen that coming when they were giving them away for almost nothing 6 months ago.

you could still keep ur phone if it dropped in the puddle. My launch day Pre minus fell into my dog's water dish (fully submerged for 5 seconds). I took it out, tore the battery out (never tried to turn it on or slide it open), shook it off, patted dry with paper towels and stuck it a bag of rice for 24 hours before I ever put the battery back in. Turned it on and it works just like new! Best tip i've ever learned about electronics. Try that with an iphone and you wouldn't be able to (non-removeable battery).

I've had the same pixi from sprint for over a year! Dropped it many times, only a few dings in the plastic edge. With govnah running, my phone is fast enough for my needs. And I surf the webs alot! I love this phone, so sprint folks, go get one! Last chance!

webOS on Sprint! Please give me a new phone by March/April!!! PLEASE

no free 3g hotspot phone at VZ anymore :(
I am waiting to get one on March upgrade. Now think to jump in android group.

we are waiting for Pre in Argentina ! Some of us are using unblocked GSM Pre O2 with SIM with carrier Personal and it works

@jlangfeldt I think you meant "wastes his/her time" rather than "waists their time".

Haven't been on here for a while. There has been such a massive loss of momentum for Palm it is sad. The fact that the old phones are disappearing before the new ones come out is just an illustration of how shite Palm/HP's business plan is.

Did the iphone disappear before the next version or updates. WebOS 2.0/Palm Pre 2 on Verizon? The pre 2 should have been the phone they released originally on Verizon instead of the pre plus.

It makes absolutely no sense to me what this company is doing.

I just checked verizon, no pixi or pre plus - I assume they will carry the palm pre 2? When I was shopping for a phone last winter, I really wanted to switch to an iphone... but being stuck with Verizon... I selected the palm pre plus because it was free, and had a mobile hotspot. It also had the best reviews for a phone that had both touchscreen and fingerpad, and the WebOS. I have to tell you I have grown to love my phone, and not sure I would switch to an iphone - I am saying this as someone who converted to mac two years ago and love it, I own and love my ipad and ipod. I think the palm interface and WebOS is beautiful... I hope it regains any momentum it lost from the switch to hp and emergence of the iphone at Verizon. Time will tell, I am due for an upgrade next year.

It is good for everyone.


It looks like I made my Verizon switch just in time - mom and I jumped ship from Sprint about two weeks ago, and picked up two Pixi phones for free. I've still got my old Sprint launch day Pre hanging around, but I'm looking forward to seeing, in person, what gets announced on the 9th. I'm not too terribly against buying the new Palm phone at full price to replace my new Pixi.

My Pre+ also disappeared from their website AND stores. They don't even have cases for them...