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Pixi (Plus?) front-and-center on O2 Germany poster 27

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Apr 2010 1:44 pm EDT

O2 Germany Palm Pixi Poster

There’s no getting around it, we love O2 Germany, and we don’t even live anywhere near Germany. Our love for O2 Germany comes mainly in form of their advertising, which has been worlds better than what we’ve seen on the North American continent, and tends to peak out early. Let’s not forget Palm fans in Germany, we love you too, especially when you take pictures of these peaking-out-early ads. In this case, it’s a rather large O2 Germany poster, with the Palm Pixi, QWERTZ keyboard and all, standing front-and-center before devices like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the Motorola Milestone (known as the Droid stateside), and devices from Nokia and LG.

Looking at the ad, there’s no indication whether or not this is a Pixi Plus or the Wi-Fi-less Pixi as seen on Sprint (there’s no Wi-Fi icon in the top bar, but this is stock imagery here). The folks at German phone reseller 7mobile.de may have the answer and then some. They have a listing for a Palm Pixi, complete with UMTS data and Wi-Fi. Then again, they also say it will support video calls and T9 predictive texting. Either way, we would be stunned if the Pixi Plus was not the device that made it oversees, as that’s the device that AT&T is getting (albeit with different radio bands). 7mobile.de also claims an amusing "hours" of standby time and "minutes" of talk time.

At this point we have little doubt that the removal of Wi-Fi from the Pixi was Sprint’s idea, and not something that Palm wanted to do. While releasing the Plus on every other network is little consolation to Sprint Pixi owners, it’s still better than nothing. And it is worth noting that when and if the Pixi hits O2, it’ll be the first time it’s been available outside the United States, some six months after the Pre first hit European shores.

Thanks to gizmo21 and Jens for the tips!


Can't be long now! I shall start my treo pro ebay listing...

O2 Ireland advertising for the pre is almost non existent, their helpdesk even refer to their data plans as iphone plans even though the plans are also for pre :(

I've seen quite a few full page O2 ads in the Irish Times over the last few months, but yeah, nothing on TV, and there's less Palm gear on display in their stores now.

Bring on Vodafone!


very nice. I love my pixi

very nice. I love my pixi

Anyone rolling out anything but the Pixi Plus would be an idiot.

So the vodafone rumors are false...they stick with 02. Sounds like a growing relationship. Good.

02 UK are just as bad but at least they now show it on the main 02 homepage albeit as a small thumb/link but nowhere near as big as the iPhone promo, it's also just tucked behind the Xperia X10 on their page for the Smartphones they offer... never seen a Pre advert on UK TV though :(

I haven't seen one for a while but they did have them on intermittently from launch in the UK.

I really hope Pixi Plus comes to O2 Germany fast,.. I'm starting to miss WebOS and don't want to get any plusless Pre / Pixi :)

i want a qwertz keyboard :(
haha its pretty awesome
although i wish this bad boy had wifi and a mobile hotspot along with 3D gaming and flash support, i still love my near-launch date sprint pixi :)

That's why O2 Germany started to import iphones from other European countries and resells them. So far o2 did a rather bad job in promoting.

So why does O2 in the UK no actually push the Pre/Pixi, they are still obsessed with the iPhone!

and precentral has ads for droid. What's that about

That's about conscious separation between the editorial and advertising branches of SPE.

Oh and i have still not met another Pre owner in the UK yet where are they all hiding?

It's like the Matrix all the phones people own are slowly turning into iPhone's, I am surrounded by iPhone owners in my office. I think Pre's and their owners are around however they struggle to be seen due to Agent iPhone replicating itself or scared in case they get found and are turned into an oblong slab!


Over here in Belfast, there's three of us....

That should be a Pixi Plus, due to the Gray button and numbers instead of the Orange button.

my sprint pixi doesn't have orange buttons

Only Pixi with orange buttons known in existence is probably the 4GB Pixi in Vietnam.

Let's hope it's the plus version and that it comes out fast! What are your price predictions for O2 Germany Pixi Plus?

Booooh! :) i'm waiting so long,
as soon as its avaiable i sell my pre and buy the pixi yeaaaaah! go o2 go!

You would sell a pre to go to Pixi? why? I love my pre I would only upgrade to the Pre+