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Pixi Plus now available as pre-paid option on O2 13

by Chris Patrick Mon, 11 Oct 2010 11:10 am EDT

Palm Pixi Plus As best as we can see, there aren't a whole lot of reasons not to buy yourself a smartphone, especially one running webOS. Maybe we’re a little bit biased, but that’s just how we see things. And seeing how prices seem to keep falling on Palm's current offerings, the list of reasons why not to just keeps getting shorter.

Of course, we can empathize with those who don’t want to get tied into a long-term contract. Fortunately, if you are in the UK and have been tempted by the Palm Pixi Plus, you can scratch contractual obligation off the list. O2 UK now is offering the Pixi Plus will on Pay & Go for a mere £109.99 upfront. So you can now get your teeth into the remarkably tasty webOS pie (mmmmm...) without having to worry about any monthly fees. Not only that, but O2 will throw in a limited edition Artist Series battery cover (worth £29.99) for free.

If Pay & Go is not your style, then fear not, the Pixi Plus is now free on £25 a month contracts with it's big brother, the Pre Plus available for free on a £35 a month contract.

In true O2 UK style, they haven't publicized this new offer very well, with no mention of it on their website, even though it was supposed to be available online from today, but it has appeared on a number of sites including the Palm UK Facebook page, so you can either pop down to your local O2 store or wait a few days for it to appear on their online store.

Source: Palm UK on Facebook


great news

I like this. I would buy a another webos smart phone in the USA with they were offered here pre-paid. But if the pixi is better then the pre-paid competition in the UK and the rates are good I think it will do well

If anything a customer can do alittle hacking around and you have a pre-paid mobile hotspot :)

This offer should of been plastered all over the o2 website. O2 UK is to obsessed with iphone cant wait for Webos to come to other UK network.

I agree Palm has to drop O2 as a carrier, they are only interested in the iPhone. Even when the Pre first came out they did not push it that hard witht he marketing.

Got an email from O2 last week from the "O2 Guru" explaining how to set up email on your smart phone, it had links for Apple, anrdiod and Nokia but no mention of Palm!. They have no interest in WebOS.

unfortunatly mobile hotspot app isnt available to uk customers.

If Pay & Go is not your style, then fear not, the Pixi Plus is now free on

I want something like this back in the states.

I have an original o2 Pre! I love it! But I am tempted to buy the Pixi Plus for me g/f now! She needs a new phone, she has this shabby Android handset that is pants!

I do however wish that o2 would put the Pre Plus up on pay as you go! I think that

The Pre Plus is selling at

It's on their website now at

Pretty sure they are sold locked to o2 but there is the nextgen server unlocking service for 40 euro. I. Intend to get one and use it on Orange.

this is the main question for me too. Does anybody knows something about it?